Safety Car On Track: F1 2015 Released

Codemasters’ Formula 1 racing games hit a bit of a bump in the transition to a new console generation, meaning that here on PC we saw F1 2014 towards the end of the racing season, as ever, but F1 2015 [official site] is arriving a lot earlier this year. Today, in fact. It’s out now (and that’s after a one-month delay. You can buy it and play it right now.

A fair few folks are grumbling about poor performance and crashes, though.

The new version looks prettier and brings the new season’s racing and all that, but what about those tweaks to the core game that an annualised sequel should bring too? This year, Codies are talking up many improvements to their physics-based handling system. F1 2015 also includes the 2014 season’s content, but is missing features from the previous year’s game like a career mode and co-op. It’s a bit wonky too.

Many Steam user reviews are complaining about poor performance and crashes. Codies dropped a patch this afternoon but it doesn’t sound like that fixed everything.

F1 2015 is £39.99 on Steam and whatnot, but looks a bit cheaper to buy in a box.

Arriving earlier in the season seems to make more sense to me. Who wants the F1 game at the point when your favourite drivers and teams have already blown it, and tracks are tainted with the memories of everything that went wrong there? No, come to them fresh, when you’re still full of excitement and hope. Okay, so F1 2015 comes a few months behind the start, but better now than later. I wonder whether Codies will stick with an earlier release next year, or slip back to their old September/October ways.


  1. FurryLippedSquid says:

    “Safety Car On Track”

    Nope, because they removed that as well.

  2. redsox78 says:

    Long time listner first time comment…

    I’m, not sure the reaction to F1 2015 is very ration, or, particualy reflective of the maturity of gaming (PC?).

    I’ve been playing it since arriving this morning and I think it’s a lot of fun. Generally good graphics (very smooth on max settings on my PC) and ‘feels’ fun. I don’t think it’s super-realistic, but it’s not arcade (do people remeber arcade racing?!). I have PCars as well, and have played racing sims back to the Crammond days, and I think F1 2015 is enjoyable, espeically for the £28 I paid from Amazon. In terms of what people are moaning about, I wonder if PC sim racers need to calm down a bit and accept a game is supposed to be fun as well. As for the complaints…

    – Too much of an arcade game, poor driving model and damage? Well, on my XBox one pad it’s got a nice feel if I leave traction control one off full – push to hard I spin, feather I don’t – and it feels suitably twitchy. In terms of damage, if the cars were as easily damaged as real ones it would be no fun, IMHO. I don;’t think driving games should be ‘realistic’ in a technical sense, buit they should ‘feel’ like one would expect. And this feels like a ‘fun’ version of drving a F1 car.
    – No Safety Car? But of a loss, but when tried before I find them unsatisfying, espeically in trtying to replicate the pit strategies arouind them. To me they are akin to handballs in FIFA. They never quite work.
    – No Career Mode? Good. I think career modes in sports games are vastly overated. Mainly becasuse from my perspective I just don’t have the time, but also because they can’t possibly include all the variables that occour. To me the daft emails from your manager in career modes just don’t work and don’t provide replayability. I’d muhc rather have a well reaslied season (say with updates during the year, if liveries change / drivers change etc). Replaybility can then be provided by random weather / failures, increasing challenges of winning in lesser cars. Maybe, then, more historical seasons?

    I particularly like the idea of a game out about now with this and last years season; the old F1 games were, I think, too late in the year.

    So, overall I think this is fun, pretty realistic (for a game!) and well worth 2.5 Odeon cinema tickets.

    P.s. Dirt Rally is stunning…I think! :)

  3. redsox78 says:

    Sigh, first post, typo heaven *shrugs*.

    But, it’s fun! And, not so realistic that I have to loose 10 lbs from sweat at Malaysia and/or put up with a German trying to rile me (or, people accusing me of tax dodging). But, what do I know? I’m the kind of sports/racing gamer that wishes someone would figure out how to finally match GP4’s method of replicating the evolving damp track, and remake Looking Glass Studios ‘British Open Championship Golf’ (i.e less breadth more dept and feel of realism). I’ll get my coat…

  4. scaramoosh says:

    The game is a blurry mess, I’ve tried every setting and it still looks terrible, nothing like those screenshots!

    It’s like they put a Chromatic aberration effect for some weird reason.

  5. redsox78 says:

    It looks like those screenshots on my PC. Yes, they probably could have added more flexible PC AA settings. But, I prefer it to Project Cars’ whihc to me is clinical but looks too robotic.

    Maybe they could have done with a version of the Witchers AA/Sharpness. But, it is not a ‘blurry mess’.

    it’s most definately not chromatic aberration.

  6. Phinor says:

    It’s maybe a bit blurry on my machine as well despite 2560×1440 resolution and all that. That’s not a major concern though, right now I’ve two issues I’d like to see addressed and/or would be happy to find a fix. The force feedback on my wheel (Fanatec CSR) goes from stiff to loose, loose to stiff, good to almost non-existent every time I start a session, reset to track, use flashback, start a race, basically anytime I do anything besides keep driving. Seems like sometimes it recognizes the wheel properly when I start driving, at other times it thinks it’s a gamepad or something. The other issues is the crashes, I’ve had couple of those in less than two hours of playing.

    But other than that, quite enjoyable. Steam reviews at mostly negative sounds pretty harsh but maybe it crashes for everyone, not just some of us.

    • scaramoosh says:

      For me on the 360 pad, B and X both are accept, even though it says B is back, so I cannot go backwards lol. Also there is some weird delay in the analogue sticks, like if you have Vsync turned on, only I don’t.

  7. scaramoosh says:

    link to

    Again look at all the blur in the background, that’s like Motion Blur, DoF and both forms of AA off.

    • scaramoosh says:

      With* not Like.

    • Asurmen says:

      Struggling to see what’s wrong with the pictures tbh.

      • scaramoosh says:

        I don’t understand how you can’t see it? It’s blurry, like they added some chromatic aberration effect and they wont let your turn it off… horrible and unplayable, reminds me of games with FXAA and how it just ruins them.

        • Asurmen says:

          Only a tiny bit on the pit crew of your first picture but it’s only noticeable if I’m trying to look for it. It’s honestly not something I’d notice if I was playing.

        • Iain_1986 says:


    • dsch says:

      The texture on that car hurts my eyes.

    • samuelwpannell says:

      not experiencing any problems? see image below
      link to

  8. oueddy says:

    Unfortunately while it looks really pretty, it wont work with any of my controllers at the moment (even 360 gamepad) and I’m not playing with the keyboard. Bit disappointing as wanted to play it this weekend, wont be getting the pitchfork out just yet

  9. Simplisto says:


    I bought F1 2012 in a box on release for £20. What the hell is going on with PC game prices recently?

    • sizza says:

      well i paid £16.60 from a key code site for F1 2015, so if you look in the right places there is no problem…

    • bill says:

      I bought Tie Fighter Collector’s Edition for 49.99 a year or two after release in 1996/7, so I’m not sure I’m seeing the problem.

  10. Nemesis44uk says:

    I thank the baby jeebus I didn’t buy this. I was tempted, as the graphics looked amazing in videos. I’ve previously purchased 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013’s versions. My playtime on each has become progressively less with each iteration. I didn’t bother with 2014 because I saw the lukewarm reviews.

    My steering wheel recently went west, so I am forced to use an Xbox 360 controller. 2013 seems to be have an on/off switch when it comes to throttle and brake. Not good.

    My previous experience with Codemasters is that they will not fix the bugs. There were some bloody awful ones in the first few games, some were even present in multiple titles, such as the terrible penalty rules, wet weather tyres being a disadvantage in the wet and AI posting identical times wet or dry. That the same bug(s) are allowed to exist in titles years down the line indicates a certain amount of DGAF on the part of the devs.

    By all accounts, 2015 sounds like an absolute grease fire, with problems that should never have seen the light of day. So glad I kept my wallet closed for this one.