Trackmania Turbo’s Upside-Down Roads & One-Car Co-op

I remember this year’s E3 as showing a fine spread of games, but in my memory most of them smear into one (very exciting, if incoherent) grey-tinged murderfest. The one standout from that is Trackmania Turbo [official site], a celebration of speed and colour and driving on the ceiling (oh what a feeling!). Nadeo’s time-trialling arcade race ’em up is such a joyous series, and I’m glad that Turbo is again unifying all the race types and styles in one game – splitting TrackMania 2 into the separate Canyon, Stadium, and Valley games was a mistake.

Anyway, here, come watch a new gameplay video showing a few tracks.

Creative director François Alaux and Ubi IP chap Tommy François rock the mike like vandals in this vid as they show off the Rollercoaster Lagoon race type, with buggy racers and a whole lot of driving upside-down. First they race a track, then they look at a randomly-generated level, before going for some multi-lap action, and finally trying to control the same car together with the co-op, which seems such a ridiculous mode idea. Good. More ridiculousness in racing, thank you.

Trackmania Turbo is due on November 27th. That’ll brighten up autumn and winter a little.


  1. Pich says:

    Oh, it’s coming out for PC too? i thought it just was a renamed and reskinned Trackmania 2 for consoles.

  2. Sp4rkR4t says:

    I’m liking the new design language, any word yet on the handling of the different car types?

  3. Awesomeclaw says:

    I’ve heard that there will be no dedicated server support for this on PC, meaning that most of the community will probably stick with Trackmania 2.

  4. Zankman says:

    I’ve always liked many things about the Trackmania games: the cars and the tracks, both in terms of the graphics/aesthetic/visual design and in the terms of gameplay (aka how the cars control, the arcade-y nature, the unrealistic and loop-de-loop tracks…), various other things like the sense of speed…

    But oh my how I am indifferent towards the “ghost racing” and the checkpoint-only races.

    If only it was normal racing, both in sense of the opponents being there and it being a circular, lap-based track.

    • Frings says:

      Same! Any racing game that makes me think of that NASCAR Racers cartoon from the 90s is bound to get me excited enough to look into it. But then: everything you said (plus Ubisoft).

      • Zankman says:

        I vaguely remember that cartoon; it was quite weird when you think about it, especially once the protagonists used their cars to fight terrorists in some jungle or something like that.

    • Oreb says:

      Trackmania Nations has a 60-lap track, but it is not a perfect circle :)

  5. scaramoosh says:

    Looks like a shit dumbed down Trackmania for consoles to me.

  6. TheAngriestHobo says:

    “…a celebration of speed and colour and driving on the ceiling (oh what a feeling!).”

    I can’t be the only one who immediately thought of Collie Buddz when they read that.

    • Al__S says:

      Christ no. The reference was much more simply
      [youtube link to

      • TheAngriestHobo says:

        I’ll admit that one went over my head. :D Never been a Lionel Ritchie fan, I’m afraid!

        btw, how do you prevent youtube links from showing the video in the forums? All I wanted was a link.

  7. rocketman71 says:

    Dual driving looks idiotic.

    80’s arcade thing looks.. not very bright.

    New environment and car look great.

    Having finally all environments in one game.. Huge win (and they should do it for TM2 as well).

    ManiaPlanet should be an external program. It’s proven to be an incompetent frontend for the games. So it’s nice that it is not here this time.

    But Uplay.. oh, Nadeo. The piece of shit that is Uplay completely destroys everything you are trying to do here.

    Sorry, but Uplay means no money from me.

    What a pity.

    • kumat2000 says:

      yeah no , uplay work as intended, a digital distribution service no more no less, i know people like steam but with that attitude valve is actually becoming worse and not giving a fuck, steam is a monopoly.
      i like to have different options, i like for publishers to have their own digital distribution, so eventually games get cheaper since 30% cut of steam is removed~

      • Frings says:

        I’d say I agree, especially when it comes to avoiding monopoly in distribution and whatnot, but U-play is notorious for absolutely terrible servers that keep you from playing (even single player games, oh joy!). It’s not really just an alternative distribution point; it’s a terrible one.

        After how much I’ve suffered trying to play every single game I have that is unfortunate enough to use U-play… I’ll pass.

        (Rest in piece, Child of Light. Will I ever finish you or go back to twirling endleslly in one spot just to watch Aurora’s hair float up? We just don’t know…)

      • Artificial says:

        Yeah, can’t get enough of those cheap games on Origin.

    • dsch says:

      Dual driving looks hilarious.

  8. Baines says:

    Looks pretty enough for a Trackmania title.

    But I don’t like the magnetic/reverse-gravity bits of inverted track. Or how it switches the camera whenever you reach those parts.

    I know Trackmania is all about time trials and such, but I really wish they’d add vehicle collision at least as an option for races.

    • Caerphoto says:

      But I don’t like the magnetic/reverse-gravity bits of inverted track. Or how it switches the camera whenever you reach those parts.

      If past TM games are anything to go by, that camera switching is entirely down the the track author putting in a camera change trigger point – the game won’t do it otherwise.

    • Phasma Felis says:

      Upside-down tracks these days just make me sigh for how hardcore Nitronic Rush was about the physics of wall/ceiling rides.

  9. Boozie says:

    Stopped watching when I saw Ubisoft mentioned in the video.


  10. JimDiGritz says:

    Whose the total bell-end interviewing the developer????

    • JimDiGritz says:

      “Who’s”, not “Whose” of course… damn lack of edit button!

  11. FreeTom says:

    All this game needs to be a massive success is a free, multiplayer-only, Stadium-mode-only version that perhaps reminds players that they might like to buy the full one when they quit out.

    I’m amazed they haven’t made these for the newer games after the triumph that was TMN.

  12. philosoaper says:

    I’ve been a long time fan of Trackmania games and I have them all… but.. their website is plastered in UPlay logos.. and frankly, being forced to use either UPlay or Origin these days is enough for me to tell the game, and it’s makers to FUÆK OFF GO DIE PISS OF JUMP OFF A CLIFF etc…. I’ve really had it with shoving all these platforms down my throath..

    So.. If on steam or standalone maybe, if Uplay is a requirement, the game will have to be bloody goddamn fu*king fantastic, or I will never touch it!