Action-RPG-y Minecraftbut Trove Launched

If you fancy a game that’s like Minecraft but action-RPG-y, perhaps have a gander at Trove [official site]. After a stretch of open beta, Rift developers Trion Worlds released their own Minecraftbut this week. It’s like Minecraft but more of an AMMORPG (as we agreed we should refer to MMO action-RPGs), with character classes, abilities, dungeons, loot, and so on.

It’s free to play, available from its site.

Trove does also have the nice touch of letting folks build a ‘Cornerstone’ home base that will travel with them from world to world. Beyond that, yeah, it’s a voxely online world with crafting and building and killing and friends. It’s more like a conventional MMO with its classes and dungeons than many Minecraftbuts.

With the game now launched, Trion are plotting what’s next. Their plans for Trove include PvP, more biomes, new and bigger monsters to fight, expanding the economy, and a Mac client.

Monetisation-wise, it sells things like fancy mounts, character classes, costumes, and whatnot.

Here, have a launch trailer:


  1. Awesomeclaw says:

    I gave this a go when it was in beta and it seemed reasonably fun, except that it was super laggy and looked like it’d be a massive grind to get anywhere. I tried it again shortly after launch and was confronted with a 30 minute queue when I logged in, so I gave up.

  2. RianXD says:

    The que’s for this game at the moment are awful how ever the game and content is awesome! there is literally so much to do and collect if you like looting you will love this game!

  3. geldonyetich says:

    Trove isn’t bad, a bit kiddie grade in focus. I’m mostly hung up on the brand name right now. Trion was once a great and very promising company, Rift was one of the truly successful WoW clones that pushed the market. Then along comes ArcheAge, a port job several versions behind what was running in South Korea, and with that version lag were a ton of cheats and exploits. I ended up paying over $160 for a game ruined by Trion’s inability to combat this. It’s left me with some bad feelings for the company.

    • nearly says:

      You chose to pay a lot of money for a game that you didn’t know was going to be ported properly. I have sympathy for not getting what you expected, but that’s a lot of money to drop on an expectation.

      But, hey, online games get updated.

      Also, now that I think of it, didn’t they start offering/charging for lifetime subs to Rift right before it went free to play? Or is that a different game I’m thinking of.

    • Cyrius says:

      That was because the update in Korea removed/changed features that western gamers wanted.

    • geldonyetich says:

      You’re both missing the point. It easn’t the money I spent not the missing features that bothered me, but rather the catastrophic mismanagement by Trion that allowed cheats and exploits to ruin the game, wasting my money and my time, and squandering my consumer confidence for the brand with it

  4. RealityJones says:

    40 minute wait to get into a game? Make an offline version, morons. #lostinterestalready

  5. Freud says:

    I get that the games industry is one that borrows and steals. I think it’s a good thing for the most part, building and improving on what has come before. But when a game is so derivative as this one is, I have a hard time taking it serious.

    • Flopper says:

      Is it bad that I like Trove more than Minecraft? =( Womp womp.

  6. drussard says:

    I found trove to be fun for about 20 minutes and realized I had delved as deep as this game goes. From there on it was simply rinse and repeat for more/better gear and building stuff, WHICH IS FINE but this was incredibly shallow for me. New zone pops, race to claim a plot and race through dungeons, drop to home world, new zone pops, race to plots and dungeons which are identical but slightly harder(but nothing offered a hint of challenge). There is promise here but there is no depth currently.

    And 30+mins in a queue to play it is outrageous.

  7. Baines says:

    Their plans for Trove include

    I’d guess that Trion’s real plans for Trove are more cash shop items, less bug fixes, and letting the game gradually decay while they move on to the title.

  8. trashmyego says:

    It’s really depressing what Trion turned into once they went purely F2P. Non-existent customer service, terrible server support, no quality control. Just a train wreck. I feel bad for anyone who gives them money these days.

  9. Harlander says:

    Has anyone played both this and, uh, I think it’s Sky Saga – how do they compare?

  10. Ashcrack says:

    So… cubeworld with updates? Count me in