A Tall Glass Of RTS: Etherium’s Free Full Trial Week

Etherium [official site] is unlikely to work its way into anyone’s list of strategy favourites but if you’re a fan of traditional RTS games, its short bursts of action might be as welcome as a cool pint of H20 during a drought,” said our Adam in His Wot I think. Now, I’m not too good on logic, but I believe that means that this game is just the ticket on a hot muggy summer’s day. Perhaps pour a splash of Robinsons orange squash over your computer too – this is Wimbledon time, after all.

You can test that logic for yourself, as the full game is free to try on Steam all week, and half-price if you want to keep it.

Etherium is made by Tindalos Interactive, the folks who made Stellar Impact and are now working on the please-be-good-please-be-good Warhammer 40k tie-in Battlefleet Gothic: Armada.

It’s a base-building RTS with a strong focus on territory, where you only have a limited number of production slots in each bit you capture and therefore need to make decisions wisely. It’s got problems (don’t we all!), but seems worth a punt for free a least.

Until next Monday, July 20th, you can play Etherium for free through Steam. It’s the full game, so you can get stuck right in. If you dig it, it’s half-price until Monday too, down to £7.49.


  1. Borodin says:

    For those like me who were unable to play Etherium for free, I recommend that you stop and restart Steam. Iy will install just fine. Note that that involves checking the notification area and Action Centre erm, dudes

  2. Alastor says:

    Thanks, it worked just fine after doing that.

  3. Emton says:

    Is it any good?

  4. Arona Daal says:

    Looks like it has the Same Problem as (sadly dead) Stellar Impact.
    Good Multiplayer Game,choked to Death by nonexistant Playerbase.
    But with the free Week the Servers should be full,…for a while.

  5. hollowroom says:

    Is the single player any good?