Rockstar Investigating Grand Theft Auto V FPS Loss

Grand Theft Auto V‘s [official site] patch 1.28 brought new vehicles, weapons, and clothes to the open-world murder simulator as the second part of its Ill-Gotten Gains update, but it seems a few undesireable elements may have tagged along too. Rumblings and grumbling are going round about the game running slower since the update, and Rockstar are looking into it.

A post on Rockstar’s support site (ta for spotting it, PC Gamer) replies to itself, “We have received reports of lower framerate in GTAV and GTA Online after Title Update 1.28 on PC, and we are looking into these reports now.”

Right. Okay then. There you have it. May be a problem. Or not. But they’re looking into it. I dare say Top Men are at work. Top. Men.

As for what might’ve caused the drop, that’s a mystery but people are, naturally, speculating.

Some say the game’s scripting engine is running a lot slower. One group of modders point the finger at what they’re taking to be anti-modding code, though that’s purely their intepretation of some changed code – Rockstar haven’t confirmed or even mentioned anything like that. It could be anti-hacking changes, or goodness knows what else. Don’t take that interpretation at face value, I’m saying.

Why not savour the little mysteries in life? Perhaps you might like to imagine Rockstar have added systems to make the skies rain confetti, fireworks, and dollars bills on your – and only your – birthday.


  1. montorsi says:

    Hows about they also investigate the five hour loading screens for online play while they’re at it? Pretty please?

    • Asurmen says:

      This. It’s put me off playing online, especially every time their servers/my connection goes wrong.

      • montorsi says:

        Terribly disappointing, isn’t it? GTAV is a fantastic coop experience but I just don’t want to deal with all the issues.

        And on that note, I believe that they lack dedicated servers and it just shifts around to different users. I say this because you’ll occasionally run into someone who’s clearly hacking (invincible, can kill anyone at will, etc) and can boot people at will from his or her node. But I’m pretty sure it’s a host only type thing, and there’s no easy way to report these people.

        • TheRaptorFence says:

          I don’t even play anymore just because of this BS. Loading screen for Rockstar Social Club, obligatory intro loading screen, loading screen to get into Online mode, loading screen to start a job, loading screen IN the job, loading screen when someone drops out of the job and sends me back to host, loading screen to get back INTO a job and start the whole thing over, loading screen when you finally get into a job and finish it, loading screen back to host after 5 minutes of gameplay, loading screen to CONTINUE THE HEIST YOU JUST FINISHED A JOB FOR.

          With each screen averaging a minute at best, it’s what I call a broken game. I can tolerate even the frame rate of Arkham Knight over this. At least that game the hiccups are microseconds long, not minutes long.

          • Sgt_Big_Bubbaloola says:

            It’s the same thing putting me off playing more. On top of everything TheRaptor said, the amount of times i’m in a session with a buddy, we do a mission/race and when finished it dumps me out into a completely session from them. Cue another 10 minutes of loading screens.

            Given the extra development time they had for the PC port (which I respect them deeply for), the optimisation for online connectivity is shocking. I have an i7 4790k, 16GB RAM and an SSD for chrissakes. Nothing should take that long to load these days.

  2. Choca says:

    The game has been running slower every patch since launch. It’s also getting less and less stable every patch.

  3. Laurentius says:

    I’ve noticed some FPS drops, quite heave in places that weren’t presnet before patch.

    Rockstar ! /shakesfist

  4. dangermouse76 says:

    Raiders of the Lost Arc. Yes !

    Never have I taken so many trips to Nvidia control panel than with this game.

    Down with that sort of thing !

  5. phelix says:

    Will they also fix the launcher shenanigans?
    As in, the launcher downloads a 350MB update every time I start it, gets to 99%, then tells me the “Rockstar servers are unavailable”, with no option either to try again or quit?

  6. James says:

    I’ve noticed framerate drops when I fire weapons or when cars crash, more so than usual. Normally, firing a minigun would bring me down by a few frames, but never the 10-15fps it is tanking at the moment. It leads me to believe that I have a particle effect issue. Some people seem to be reporting similar drops under similar circumstances, so it could be that. Though I’m not how the latest update could affect that sort of thing.

  7. Fersken says:


  8. Dread Quixadhal says:

    Well, haven’t played this in a while. I guess I won’t start again any time soon. If they want to stomp on hackers or mods for their online game, all well and good… but when it impacts the single player game too, what’s the point?

    Like most copy protection, this punishes the legitimate users who don’t have or even want mods, and the hackers will find ways around it anyways. Pointless.

  9. TheSimplyEpicGuy says:

    Yep, Ill-Gotten Gains Part Two definitely messed something up. Happened to walk into Ammu-Nation to check out the new weapons and got immediate frame-drops to literally 1FPS. Yeah…

    Shooting and driving are also causing a jarring drop when performed, especially whilst using a shotgun. As James above has said, particle effects seems pretty likely.

  10. hollowroom says:

    I haven’t played this for a while as it went and got all summer.

    Looks like I might be waiting until winter before I start again…

  11. frymaster says:

    on the bright side, they finally fixed the game so it launches properly when your documents is on a network share :)

  12. Doothewop says:

    I would gladly and willingly take a frame rate drop if it meant they could get rid of the constant fucking hacker harassment…