Smite World Championship 2016 Details

Developers Hi-Rez have announced that their 2016 Smite World Championships will be taking place in Atlanta, Georgia from 7-10 January.

The prize pool for the Smite [official site] event won’t exceed $1m (more on why – it’s very interesting – here) and the venue is the same as last year – the Cobb Energy Centre. It was a decent-sized venue actually, on a par with Benaroya Hall which was the venue for the third Dota 2 International. They both have that Goldilocks thing going on – not too big and not too small.

The competing teams will be drawn from North America, Europe, Brazil, Latin America and Australia but it won’t be until the Fall Split that exactly who that is gets decided. There will definitely be a new name to engrave on the trophy, regardless of who qualifies as last year’s victors (Cognitive Prime) switched organisations and joined Cloud9.

In addition to the PC tournament there will also be the Smite Xbox One Invitational. It’ll be cool to see how the metas for each version have diverged by that point.





Oh goodness. I’d forgotten exactly how cold Atlanta in January can be. If I end up going out there to cover this I might ask Santa for some kind of belted slanket I can wear for OUTSIDE TIMES.


  1. jrodman says:

    Is Atlanta actually colder than England in the winter? They barely ever allow snow.
    (FD: Ignorant of England; grew up waiting for buses for school in -10C; currently living in SF, CA, USA where january varies between 5C and 20C, much like other times of the year).

  2. Enkinan says:

    Jan/Feb are definitely our colder months, but most people from anywhere north of us laugh at what we consider cold. I’ve seen 70’s in January for brief periods but it can get below freezing as well.

    • jrodman says:

      Does “70s” mean that you’re a USian, or does England actually use the Fahrenheit as well? And if USian, does that mean this a statement about Georgia (the peaches version, as opposed to the asian version)?

      I suppose I too would find below freezing to be “cold”, now that I’ve grown used to 50F winters.

      SF has taught me that the real measure of cold is the temperature indoors. When your insulation is crap and the indoors is 40F (5C), then it’s cold. If your insulation is great and then outdoors is 0F (-18C), but the indoors is
      68F (20C), then it’s fine.

      • jrodman says:

        P.S. I usually say “yank”, but it felt odd in the context of Georgia.

    • Premium User Badge

      Philippa Warr says:

      Just checked and it got into the low 30s. Then you add in wind chill.

  3. Enkinan says:

    I am a USian from The Peaches Georgia and therefore totally forget that others use Celsius for measuring temperature. Sorry about that.

  4. JimmyG says:

    Yeah, it was national (US) news a few years ago when Atlanta got 2 inches of snow and that was enough to shut the city down.

    About the finals, looking at that list of participating regions — it’s interesting to see a MOBA without a competitive presence in East Asia. I wonder how that absence affects the meta.

    • darknerd42 says:

      As a person who spent 12 hours driving on the road trying to get home in the Hothlanta February 2014 event (instead of a more typical 40 minutes), I can tell you that it’s not the snow that’s the problem, it’s the fact that it almost always gets just warm enough to melt the snow, and then let it refreeze before it evaporates, creating ice EVERYWHERE – roads, powerlines, trees. Add into that the amount of urban sprawl we have causing almost everyone to be driving at the same time, and it’s a recipe for disaster.

      We don’t get snow often, but when we do, we can’t deal with the ice that almost always follows.

  5. Jorum says:

    China are taking part too. I think RPS maybe left them off by mistake?
    There were Chinese teams involved in the Season 1 final if I recall. Was interesting to see how distinct their meta was to EU/NA.

  6. Jorum says:

    I think the divergence between XBOX and PC will depend on how many people play using controllers compared to plugging in a mouse/keyboard. Controllers make certain gods better/worse in the meta.
    Although I would have thought that competitive XBox players will want to use mouse+keyboard. In which case I’d expect there to be a quite distinct difference in meta between casual play and higher ranked play.