Explosions Galore: Just Cause 3 Gameplay Trailer

A relatively tame screenshot, by Just Cause standards.

“Stop hitting yourself!” I can imagine Just Cause 3‘s [official site] demolition man Rico giggling as he uses his destruc-o-physics tether lines to force a giant statue to demolish itself with a mighty open-handed slap to the face. “Why are you hitting yourself? Stop hitting yourself!”

A new narrated gameplay video shows off the build developers Avalanche Studios took to E3 this year – the one our Adam got to play, the jammy git. It’s filled with explosive antics and shenanigans, and has made me laugh like a drain. Come see:

It’s the edited highlights of something clearly a bit scripted but dang, just look at all that! The petrol station explosion is splendid, and it’s good to hear they’re now structures that’ll respawn, rather than being one-off demolitions. Using the grappling hook with the wingsuit to yank yourself forward and gain speed looks far smoother than Just Cause 2’s grapplechute movement. The sports car’s turboboost is perfectly silly, and I do dig how it causes actual damage as it ploughs through fields of flowers. The airdrops seem a lot simpler than JC2’s tiring black market. Wingwalking! Destruction! Stop hitting yourself!

When Adam played, he got to fiddle with the developer menus to spawn vehicles and weapons, teleport, and turn on Jesus Mode (“It’s not quite God Mode, but it’s close” said Avalanche – that would be an ecumenical matter, I think). Hopefully that’ll either be available to players in the final game, or at least not be too hard for modders to uncover. Avalanche have said they plan to support modders, and that would seem a strong contender for the prize of First Mod along with ‘bigger explosions’ and ‘hairy cock and balls parachute reskin’.

Just Cause 3 is due on December 1st. There’s a choose-your-own-explode-o-adventure version of the vid too, I now see, which does literally say “stop hitting yourself”:


  1. Freud says:

    I had a lot of fun with Just Cause 2. It was ridiculous and over the top and that’s why it worked.

  2. dangrak says:

    Well, they do destruction physics better than anyone, but I’m not holding out hopes that the driving physics are much improved, or the general liveliness of the setting. I’m still gonna play it.

  3. Love Albatross says:

    I really hope there’s more structure to go along with the carnage this time.

    Had a blast in JC2, but once I was done tethering stuff together and antagonising the enemies it got boring quick. A compelling, optional, reason to play through it beyond wild destruction would be nice.

    • Kollega says:

      I don’t know if the released info will encourage or disappoint you. From what I understand, Just Cause 3 is highly sandbox, with comparatively few scripted missions and an “on your bike, go wherever you like” attitude towards the player – but it was not revealed yet if there is a system in the game that gives you a sense of structure in liberating Medici, or if there is none. Signs point to “yes”, since there are destruction and wingsuit challenges (structure for game’s base mechanics), and you are even going to earn weapon and gear mods by completing those. But there’s nothing concrete yet about the game offering up suggestions for where to go and what to blow up next.

    • gunny1993 says:

      I really miss the house capture missions from JC1, they were sort of in JC 2 but in #1 the houses were linked to different vehicles and there were a few that were only available from certain safehouses, gave me good reason to go round and unlock them all.

      Random rare vehicles were absent from #2 as well

    • LionsPhil says:

      I found the side missions of JC2 provided that. The main one was kind of a token excuse, but many of the side missions were “look, here’s a cool setup, and we’re going to cue you to one AWESOME way of doing it, but if you can come up with another that’s fine too”. Which is absolutely how the explosive-action-film-inspired sandbox should work, to me.

      At one point I was doing a downhill slalom on snow-covered hills in a limo. The game was fine with this.

  4. Eiv says:

    Hope the first mod is a multiplayer one. Some of the best sandbox fun I’ve ever had is in the JC2 multiplayer mod.

    The new destruction looks amazing, especially the bridge. Wingwalking also looks interesting, cant wait.

  5. Kollega says:

    Okay, most of this trailer was livestreamed during E3, so I already saw most of it – but it was a multi-path community-choice sort of walkthrough with several pre-recorded possibilities, so the man-versus bridge part is entirely new, and the final part is actually cut together from three different approaches, from what I understand (the original options for the attack being a minigun, a tank destroyer, and a parachute assault). And another interesting point, that wasn’t brought up in the video but was brought up by Alice regards the turbo-boost and rocket jump – they can be applied to all cars, and turned on and off if you find them too overpowered and want to “play fair” with the military.

    But really, massive explosions, wing-walking, and rocket cars are not the main reason I am waiting for JC3. The main reason I am waiting for JC3 is the absolutely gorgeous and enormously huge game map. On December 1st, a Mediterranean island with pine woods, grassy plains, lavender fields, quiet lagoons, caves, hills, mountains, Italian architecture, and vintage vehicles, where you can go to any point in a densely-packed 1000km2 world, is going to be one hell of a vacation.

  6. Sagan says:

    There is also a choose your own adventure version here:

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      Ah! Ta. AND it says “stop hitting yourself.” I knew it.

    • Kollega says:

      Thank you so much. I was waiting for the JC3 team to release this trailer in full, and now we can finally see all the options (because the E3 public and then the E3 journalists always picked Stop Hitting Yourself, Chop Chop, and Overkill is Underrated).

  7. Solidstate89 says:

    That looks absolutely incredible. That wingsuit seems to add more in the way of mobility than I originally imagined. Love the way you can just seem to transition from paraglider to wingsuit and back again. That looks fantastic.

  8. zarnywoop says:

    Rico is Supergran…. he’s Batman, Spiderman and Superman all rolled into one! Awesome!

    • Kollega says:

      And he’s pushing 50, so it’s not entirely unreasonable to call him that.

  9. TheAngriestHobo says:

    “Alright, so with the statue destroyed, and Deetereeterwillio’s tyrannous grip on the town of Alba not quite so tight…”

    Dude. You destroyed one statue. One INANIMATE statue, that didn’t even have laser eyes or anything. It might be a little early to start hanging the “Mission accomplished” banners.

    • LionsPhil says:

      He also destroys the local gas station for fun, and at 3:30 kills at least one civilian by blowing up their car in a head-on collision.

      Rico isn’t actually a good guy.

      • Kollega says:

        I would say that Rico is a bad guy with good intentions… and an almost infinite appetite for screwing around with total disregard for anyone’s safety.

        • SuicideKing says:

          I suppose the game’s name isn’t entirely free of deliberate irony.

  10. PopeRatzo says:

    Something tells me Just Cause 3 is going to take one hell of a powerful gaming PC to run. I was hoping my rig, which does so admirable a job with Just Cause 2, would be sufficient.

    I hope I’m wrong.

    • Tacroy says:

      JC2 is still one of the best looking games ever made period, and a lot of that is due to the fantastic use of color and careful application of detail where it makes the most impact – it ran extremely well even on average contemporaneous systems.

      If Avalanche can keep that up, you might be able to get a surprising amount of performance out of your computer on JC3.

  11. Banks says:

    I love the wingsuit.

  12. vlonk says:

    “Set the world on fire” is the correct marketing term I’d say.
    Rico’s superpowers this time around seem to be: immunity to explosions, immunity to shrapnel, immunity to flames and fire, immunity to G-forces, partial immunity from gravity, the special “debris immune equipment: parachute”, strong back muscles, lightning reload.
    He also has mastered the astounding feat to start an airplane on about 5% of the usual runway length. Going by the low safety standards of exploding cars he probably has some feat for car safety & endurance.
    With all those superpowers (and probably some more unmentioned) I really hope they left some challenge and drama. If you cannot fail, there will be no tension after you realize your godlike status.
    I remember that aerial battles got a bit boring in JC2 after I found a surefire way to destroy a near infinite amount of helicopters in a row.

  13. Unsheep says:

    I thought Mainstream Media wanted ‘deep’ and ‘meaningful’ storylines in their action games, not senseless action.
    So I’m confused why this game is even covered.

    • SuicideKing says:

      …RPS isn’t mainstream media.

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      Sometimes I want deep, narrative driven experiences that make me think about the world and my place in it.
      Sometimes I just want to make things explode*.
      I think the above are true of at least some of the RPS team.

      (* intentionally explode that is, otherwise I’d just play KSP)

    • Thants says:

      If only we could talk to the explosions.

  14. SuicideKing says:

    Avalanche and Bohemia Interactive should team up to make the next Arma. At least the engine will run better.