Nuts, Bolts, Wheels, Guns: Scraps Is Out Now

After three years in development, vehicle construction and combat game Scraps has entered Early Access. The initial response seems positive (Steam literally says “User reviews: positive”) and that’s understandable: Scraps [official site] allows you to build vehicles that are more or less made out of cannons, and when those cannons fire, the recoil is liable to cause all manner of physics-driven shenanigans. The video below shows a variety of vehicle types, and the final shot demonstrates that spherical cars are the only thing better than galley-shaped cars.

Obviously, I want to recreate a war rig and just about every other vehicle in Mad Max: Fury Road. Hell, I just want to recreate Fury Road in its entirety, although the Doof Wagon might be a bit of a stretch even with Scraps’ versatile building tools.

There’s a singleplayer mode as well as online multiplayer and LAN support, and the latter is compatible with the demo so you’ll only need one full copy of the game if you’re hooked up to a local network.

The press release mentions scavenging for parts, which sounds great. I’m often deterred from experimenting with construction modes in games because I’m easily overwhelmed if I have access to loads of parts straight away. A built-in way to earn parts sounds ideal.

During Early Access, extra parts will be added, as well as new propulsion systems (such as tank tracks), and improved AI and physics.

It’s almost obligatory for me to mention Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts, and then to briefly wonder if I actually enjoyed that game or if I just enjoyed the concept of that game. Either way, Scraps seems very much like the concept of Nuts and Bolts stripped down to the essential pleasures.


  1. Niko says:

    This looks very similar to Robocraft action gameplay-wise, but vehicle building is slightly different. I hope they won’t implement Robocraft’s F2P model, though.

  2. KDR_11k says:

    Banjo-Kazooie was really ahead of its time. To think how much people hated it…

    Me, I think I’ll stick to From The Depths for building crazy gun-infested creations. It’s one of the few that actually make weapons a construct of several different blocks to your own specifications instead of prefab blocks that you glue to your selfmade vehicle. So if you want a very powerful laser you’ll often end up dedicating most of your hull interior to the power accumulation systems. And gun turrets are large and vulnerable without proper armor including correct sloping and all…

    I think it looks cheap when you have rows upon rows of identical guns on a modern vehicle, like that row of machine guns on the rear spoiler in that trailer, this seems like it’ll end up with Terratech-style walls of guns.

    • Niko says:

      From The Depths looks interesting, but judging from the screenshot, all vehicles are very big, requring a lot of blocks. Is there a sense in making smaller vehicles in that game?

      • KDR_11k says:

        Yeah, especially when doing missions or the campaign because you have very limited resources in those.

  3. Llewyn says:

    Hmmm, all this makes me think is that I need to dive back into Besiege at some point soon…

    • JB says:

      I was thinking exactly the same

    • LionsPhil says:

      If you haven’t since its initial burst of popularity, they added half a second continent a while back, with a bunch of interesting new challenges. (You’re going to have to learn how to fly.)

  4. Chaz says:

    When they say it’s been in development for 3 years, I’m guessing that means by 1 or 2 folks in their spare time as oppose to full on full time development?

    Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to knock what they’ve done, I’m just curious as to how long all this stuff takes.

    • Phasma Felis says:

      Yeah, it’s just two guys, and one of them was hired late in development to do AI and netcode.

  5. cloudnein says:

    Looks like the closest I’ve ever seen to a computer game of Car Wars.

    • Phasma Felis says:

      I’ve heard good things about Dark Wind, which bills itself as “turn-based 3D persistent-world multiplayer car combat.”

      (Also there was the old Autoduel game from the mid-’80s, which was pretty fun even if it did look like boiled ass.)

  6. SuicideKing says:

    I’ve played the demo. Fun enough.