Ronin Data: Way Of The Samurai 4 Out July 23rd

I hear that Way of the Samurai 4 [official site] is an odd game, the sort that is wobbly in places but still wins some people over simply because it’s not quite like anything else out there. Set in a fictional Japanese port town, it focuses on the conflict between pro- and anti-government forces, and the pesky foreigners (us lot) who are stationed in the settlement. As a customised samurai, you’ll be able to involve yourself in all of that rigmarole, or muck about in the minigames on offer. And then you can do it all again, dealing with the consequences of your previous life.

I know people who love the series. They’re the kind of people who find it very hard to articulate what it is about a thing that they love, repeatedly pointing out that it’s “really weird, yeah?” and “some weird shit happens”. This will be the debut of the series on PC – it launches July 23rd.

More than anything, I’m pleased to see these 19th century hipsters in the trailer.

Bet they only drink bottled beer and think anyone who goes for draft is an embarrassment.


  1. Freud says:

    Those screenshots look too Gamebryo for comfort.

    • Anthile says:

      Yeah, my first thought was Oblivion as well. The epitome of uncanny valley in video games.

  2. zxcasdqwecat says:

    I didn’t get a thing other that dudes swing things

  3. TheAngriestHobo says:

    Is the entire game played through a fisheye lens? Or did the video editor and/or director simply decide to stick it in the trailer for no reason whatsoever?

  4. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    Draft beer is fine, so long as you don’t use a sprinkler.

  5. Harlander says:

    If you’re wondering how seriously the game takes things, the lady in the gargantuan vambrace is called Melinda Megamelons in the English translation.

    • son_of_montfort says:

      I almost didn’t believe you… but then I found out that the character is a nineteenth-century FEMALE commander of the British Marines in Japan (who apparently dresses in Final Fantasy cosplay). So that names sounds about right.

      • Orillion says:

        The fruity pebble in the cyan shirt is Jet Jenkins, as I recall. The entire European half of the cast is like this.

        • Llewyn says:

          Jet Jenkins appears to be played by Chris Packham.

          Aside from the apparent crassness of Melinda Megamelons, I do rather approve of this sort of portrayal of the British.

          • Harlander says:

            In the interest of wholly unjustified completeness, I had a nose around on the Internet about the story behind Melinda’s surname.

            In the original, it’s deCameron, which as well as sounding like an actual name that might be used by English-speaking humans, is a soundalike for the Japanese “dekameron”, “huge melons”.

            I’m not sure what the corresponding English pun would be – and neither were the translators, apparently.

          • Premium User Badge

            phuzz says:

            I’m sure the combined punning forces of the RPS comment section can think of a name that still implies large breasts, without being so obvious and crass.
            Belinda Bux-Combe perhaps?

          • Harlander says:

            Some kind of play on the deep weirdness lurking in English spelling might work.

            “Lieutenant… Hugeknockers?”
            “It’s pronounced Hunnocks, Your Excellency.”

          • Llewyn says:

            Thanks for the background info, Harlander. I did rather hope there might be slightly more to it than ‘huge tits lol’, even if it was only a retrofit – hence covering myself with the ‘apparent’. I’d be further curious to know if ‘dekameron’ would even carry the same Ronnie Barker-esque single-entendre in Japanese or if it’s simply a play on the sound of the name in this case.

            However I shall briefly descend to comparable levels of crassness myself and wade in cross-cultural stereotypes long enough to snigger quietly at the Japanese for ‘melon’ apparently being ‘meron’.

  6. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    I tried playing the third one on PS3 but couldn’t get into it. Too many load times and the combat is sooo hard to get used to given that if you fuck up you have to start all over again. I REALLY like the idea of being able to play a moment in time over and over again to see how you can change the story.

    Why aren’t there enough Samurai games out there? Could you imagine if CD Projekt Red got the rights to Lone Wolf and Cub? Holy shit! Just typing that makes me want to start a petition.

    • GunnerMcCaffrey says:

      I’m not sure the world needs gritty Lone Wolf and Cub soft-porn, but I’m certain we do need more samurai games.

      I wouldn’t mind an RPG where you start as someone like Twilight Seibei – a down-on-your-luck shmoe from a mildly notable family.

  7. Press X to Gary Busey says:

    I like the first one on PS2 that’s pretty much Groundhog Day Yojimbo. Looks like they made some overhauls to their style since then. :S

  8. Phasma Felis says:

    Starring Agent Scully wearing half an admiral’s uniform and half a suit of parade armor, apparently.

  9. vahnn says:

    I played the original and its first sequel on the PS2 back in the day. Were definitely two of my favorite games ever up to that point. Back in the days when it was easy too look past a game’s flaws and love it for its quirks and still have a great time of it.

    Didn’t know there was a third game, let alone a fourth. Count me as interested to see how this goes.

  10. Fromage says:

    What I love about this series is that it takes a tight view of a comparatively small story (i.e. you’re not trying to save the world, or even a country, just trying to help what is typically a small village) and fleshes it out to a ridiculous degree. It takes what most games gloss over to get to the “good stuff” and puts it prominently on display.