The Elder Scrolls Online’s First DLC Visits The Imperial City

Call the city council and get the RSPCA in - we've got manbats again.

Now that The Elder Scrolls Online [official site] has dropped its subscription fees (that came only eleven months after launch), it’s getting settled into typical subscription-free MMORPG practises.

TESO’s first “DLC game pack”, The Imperial City, will launch on August 31st. It’ll bring new lines of story, more quests, new areas, new dungeons, extra monsters, extra craftable items… you know, DLC stuff.

You’ll get to fight new monsters in new places – ones that’ll seem familiar from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – while gaining new loot and new ranks and oh, I don’t know, it looks like TESO continuing to be mediocre. It won’t be DLC to lure in new players, but it might please current ones. I know I’ve always found fighting in big cities quite exciting in RPGs: they don’t usually let you do that.

The DLC is free to folks who pay for the the optional ‘ESO Plus’ subscription and its assortment of perks and boosters, or it’ll cost 2,500 crowns in the game’s virtuacash store – around £12.50 in realcreds. Given that a month of ESO Plus costs £9, I imagine they’re hoping folks will choose to pay for premium membership and end up keeping it going.

Arriving alongside The Imperial City will be a big patch for TESO, ZeniMax explain. It’ll speed up the levelling process with hearty XP boosts, and rebalance, tweak, and improve a lot in general. Have a read if you’re curious.

Anyway, here, have a trailer showing off The Imperial City:


  1. Challenger2uk says:

    You know they lack funds when they use gameplay cinematics

    • mashkeyboardgetusername says:

      I thought we didn’t like prerendered footage? I’m so confused…

    • razgon says:

      They currently have 24 minutes of Blur quality cinematics – just how much do you want? I can’t recall a single game with as much high quality cinematics.

      But I guess its more fun to be doom and gloom!

    • Distec says:

      Even WoW hascinematics using in-game assets. Is that game strapped for cash?

  2. Minglefingler says:

    Hmm. Why does it cost 2500 Crowns when that that currency is sold in denominations that don’t allow you to purchase said amount? This question is of course rhetorical.

    • Minglefingler says:

      That that? Oh dear.

    • rabbit says:

      … yeah, companies really need to stop doing that. There’s no good way of justifying it, it’s just screwing the people who *actually* want to give you their money.

      • Awesomeclaw says:

        SWTOR is actually pretty good about this sort of thing, IMO. Previously released expansions are eventually available to everyone, and the expansion is priced and paid for with real money.

    • anHorse says:

      Good point, thanks for bringing it up

      I kinda like ESO for being an inoffensive bit of gaming that I can do whilst listening to podcasts but it’s really not a strong enough product to be screwing its own customers like this.

  3. 2late2die says:

    So I’ve been pondering things like TES games, TES Online, Witcher, etc., and I kind of had this idea. I’m not sure if it’s economically viable, possibly even technologically tricky, but here it goes.

    Imagine a world like Witcher’s (I’m gonna be using Witcher 3 as the basis for this idea but that’s only ‘coz it’s the freshest in my mind, the actual setting obviously can be whatever) – it’s got great NPCs with their behaviours, it’s got persistence so when you clear a village it stays clear, when you do a quest it’s done, and there are no “chosen ones”, or “dragon borns”, or whatever. In fact, there are only handful of “witchers” running around. So far it sounds pretty much like Witcher 3, but now allow players to control those “witchers”. Not co-op as such, so you don’t need to setup servers, sync up with your buddies, worry about friends lists, none of that. But it’s not MMO either, because it’s not “massive” – we’re talking about 4-5 people per server, maybe say up to 8 at the most. And the idea is that you don’t necessarily play with them, you just play in the same “sandbox”. And if one player finishes a quest, then that’s that, it’s no longer available to the others.

    Now, if we’re starting with something like Witcher 3 then obviously some adjustments will need to be made. For one, time would have to be “real time”, so no meditating 2 hours in 2 seconds. Which means alchemy and potions will have to be reworked. Also all the “big world” quests (i.e. like the stuff with Ciri) would have to be either removed or reworked to make sense in a world where there is no “main protagonist witcher”.

    That’s the kind of thing I’d love to play. No respawning enemies that a bunch of players camp. No NPCs that tell you about how you’re the only one that can save the world. Oh and no PVP gankers. Just a bunch of “witchers”, doing contracts, hunting monsters, saving damsels, possibly having friends and relationships in this world where you know there are a few others like you. I think that would be extremely cool.

    • Sandepande says:

      Discrepancies in available play time should be addressed too.

    • Uhuru N'Uru says:

      This is basically what most none MMO playing TES fans wanted ESO to be, though without any limit set on number of players and why to us, all MMO’s are basically single player games with bolt on multi-player.
      When we realised ESO was just another MMO and you all play the same hero, in the same story (so a single player game), we lost interest.

    • bonjovi says:

      sounds to me it would be like a coop game with a stranger who most likely plays at different times and completes parts of the game without me even knowing. It’s like someone would watch half of the movie and I only get to see other half. Also form game designers pov: how do you keep the game’s pace engaging and interesting when you might end up finding yourself with half finished game to play. scarce quests or things to do.

  4. Awesomeclaw says:

    I kind of enjoyed the brief time I spent with this game but I just kind of see no reason to play this over any of the billions of other MMORPGs.

  5. killmachine says:

    bare in mind that eso plus member can play this only with an active membership. if you cancel your membership, you will loose the ability to play the new content. so, i personally wouldn’t bother. i would rather pay the 2500, even when it hurts that you have to purchase 3000 crown points.

    once again, zenimax screws over their players.

  6. Captain Marvel says:

    You know, as much as I love you guys, I find it somewhat ironic you crap all over ESO most of the time (which, while not particularly brilliant, isn’t that bad of a game) but gave DA:I an RPG of the year award.

    I mean, make the combat less fluid, the quests slightly more repetitive, the camera incredibly less useful, remove all the other players and BAM, you just turned ESO into DA:I.