Explore-o-Puzzler Niko: Through The Dream Released

Dream a little dream for me.

Usually when I see a game in set in a weird and beautiful world, part of me wishes it where a walking simulator rather than… whatever it is. Niko: Through the Dream [official site] certainly looks pretty, but I also dig the sound of the puzzles its floating islands hold. Developers Studio Paint say some are based on things like colour, shape, and sound, which I dig far more than physics and frustrating object-combining, and also splash in stealth, riddles, platforming, and goodness knows what else. Well, if it works as well as I’m imagining. I suppose I can see for myself now, as the game launched yesterday. It’ll run you about £6.

The dreamy skyislands represent important events in the protagonists life, and each is based around different themes and mechanics. Games based around memory are often treated so heavily-handedly in games, so I do hope Niko has a little subtlety. Knowing when to shut up is a skill few introspective games have learned. So rarely do developers trust us to have our own internal experience.

It’s out on GOG for £5.89, thanks to a launch discount, or is £6.99 on Steam if you insist. I believe John will be playing this and, knowing his enthusiasm to share his opinions with the world, will probably tell us Wot He Thinks.


  1. sub-program 32 says:

    Gah it looks good, but now I want to wait for the Wot I think to be sure about that. XD

  2. Urthman says:

    I’d rather see this reviewed by someone who doesn’t hate Myst.