What Are We All Playing This Weekend?

Willy Weekend is here again, swinging his big pot of fun. What delights will he bring you this weekend? What delights will he bring us?

Adam: I’ll be playing Caves of Qud, a traditional roguelike with loads of key bindings to remember, limbs to lop off and mutations to apply to your characters. I’ve made a scholar who can emit corrosive gases from his pores. During his first series of adventures, he melted a grizzly bear and killed dozens of baboons. The baboons started it by chucking rocks at him and the bear was already half-dead and covered in blood when he found it. No idea why. During character creation, I picked the Evil Twin option, which means there’s a small chance that my scholar will meet a mirror image of himself bent on his destruction. Makes sense.
Alec: I want to be playing Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate in the wake of its GOG re-release, but EXCITING BUGS are currently preventing me from living a 40K-does-XCOM dream. Probably just as well, as this way it remains a pleasant dream rather than grimly antiquated reality. What I’m actually playing is… nothing. Nothing at all. I went to a conference this week and tried to ‘network’, as the big, loud boys call it, which meant I spent my spare time standing awkwardly in the corner of a noisy room and trying to say something insightful about monetisation, instead of in my natural and preferred state of slumping in front of some flashing pixels on my lonesome.
Alice: I moved to Edinburgh this week, sharing a flat with my friend (and RPS survivor) Cara Ellison. We’re still waiting for our Internet hookup so multiplayer games are off the table but, really, I’m going to spend the weekend out and about anyway, getting to know my new home. I do enjoy a nice spot of aimless wandering. I suppose I am also playing the Sims-y game of decorating: I want my bedroom to contain little more than a huge bed, some cool art, a wardrobe, and a whole load of plants. It’s all fun and games until someone dies in a corner.
Graham: I am “playing” Clicker Heroes. I’m not putting “playing” in scare quotes because I’m a snob who looks down their nose at idle games – though I am – but because I’ve just discovered that you continue to make progress across its various levels and stats and moneys even when the game isn’t running. I don’t even have to leave it on in the background to continue passively killing its monsters and earning their gold. This is another interesting puzzle piece to slot into my understanding of why people play the game, and also a slightly terrifying thought: if Clicker Heroes is being played even when it’s not running, then how will I ever stop playing it? It cannot be escaped. Please copy and paste this paragraph into all future What Are You Playing This Weekend posts.
John: I shall hopefully be taking a look at Niko: Through the Dream, which just came out. Looks like it could go either way. A fascinating exploration of dream landscapes, or pretentious flap. Really hoping for the former.

I’ve also got a code for The Flame in the Flood, so if I can find a moment between nappies and naptimes, I’m very keen to give that a go after reading Alec’s thoughts.

Philippa: This week I’ve been using Rocket League as a kind of videogame grouting. Every time I see a gap in my day or there’s a space between playing other games I’ll boot up Rocket League to fill it. I oscillate wildly between being terrible and being amazing so that probably works out at “average”. I’ll manage some spectacular chip from the halfway line or clear the ball with a fantastically timed biff before missing the easiest nudge in the universe and mistaking the ball on a billboard outside the stadium for the actual ball. Three dimensional game spaces are hard!

But you, dear reader, what are you playing this weekend?


  1. Andy_Panthro says:

    Dark Souls.

    I’m kinda late on this one, but I got it for a fiver and so I’ve been playing it a little bit all week. This weekend I’ll be able to really sink my teeth in (I’m only at Undead Burg at the moment).

    • Azagthoth says:

      Congratulations friend, you are in for a truly unique experience. Remember rule #1 of DS: It is better to ask the internet for a little help, than to give up all together and cheat your self of many hours of videogame bliss.

      • jcvandan says:

        I second that – reading the Wiki’s and getting your ‘Goddammit why didn’t I know that ealier’ moments are all part of the fun. I also envy this man, if only I could spend the rest of my life wiping my memory of DS then replaying it, I would be a very happy man.

        • Rizlar says:


          Well, to a point. I tried to completely avoid all wiki-looking, got to the gargoyle fight and gave up after beating my head against it (and exploring pretty much every other available zone and beating several other bosses). Stopped playing for a while then went back and looked up a few core mechanics that aren’t explained at all in the game – humanity, reverse-hollowing, block, poise, parrying. Went back to the gargoyle fight and finally kicked arse.

          So my recommendation is don’t be afraid to look up core mechanics but stay away from anything else. Looking up bosses you find tough seems like a way to absolutely ruin the game.

          • jcvandan says:

            Yeah I should have been more specific, I didn’t mean looking up Wiki’s on boss strategies etc. I meant more along the lines of, “what does this stat actually do” and “why is my sword damage not scaling”, i.e. the basics that arent really explained in the game. I think the first time I played I was playing for about 10 hours pumping stats into Strength and wondering why my damage with my Katana wasn’t increasing :D

            And also, the Wiki’s are a great source for looking up the lore. It was genuinely fascinating reading about New Londo Ruins while playing through it, it leant real weight to what was already a grim experience.

        • Andy_Panthro says:

          I doubt I would ever have tried it if it wasn’t for watching the two blokes from Extra Credits play through it on youtube. It’s a slower, more haphazard playthrough by two people who know a lot about games but not a lot about DS1 and I found it much more interesting than anything I’d previously seen about the game (which generally involved “It’s so good! You have to play it!” without really explaining why).

          • UndrState says:

            I’ve been playing DS for a couple years now and I’m also loving the EC LP too. It could be because I”m a sadist, but I really like watching newcomers play the game, and of course EC bring that extra something with their backgrounds. I also like that it’s two buddies playing, reminds me of gaming of old.

      • CarbonCopy says:

        I agree completly! When I first started Dark Souls I played the game with an open walkthrough up until Blighttown. Many might look at me and scoff that I didn’t play it “as intended” but I know that without it I would never have played it at all and now that I have it is my favourite game of all time.

      • fish99 says:

        Looking something up may be better than giving up, but it’d be better to just persist yourself than look something up IMO. There’s too many bosses than can be cheesed in these games. However bad your build may be or however unsuited it might be to the particular boss you’re facing, everything is always beatable by learning the bosses moveset, timing your rolls better and timing your heals right. If you’re doing all that stuff right, you can and will beat everything, it just might take longer.

    • McGuit says:

      Have fun playing DS….fantastic game….
      Can’t wait to see what they do with DS3….

    • Synesthesia says:

      ooh, i’m jealous. Prepare yourself! The first run is absolutely glorious.

    • Immobile Piper says:

      Ideally you’ll have a friend who’s played it and doesn’t want to spoil it. You can ask stuff whenever you’re truly stumped and they’ll give you the least info necessary to trudge on. There’s no telling what might spoil you on a wiki.

      Have fun! I played DS earlier this year (or was it last year? I forget). One of my finest gaming experiences ever.

  2. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Probably trying out the new FlyInside VR addon for Prepar3D and FSX. I had a little blast on it yesterday flying an airbus, and it was quite stunning. It upscales the resolution which means the whole “fuzzy DK2” problem goes away – could even read the copilots gauges from the captains seat. Trying out spins in the little A2A Cherokee was quite trouser-troublingly realistic too. Will probably be kickstartering the rest of development as I would love to be able to get charts and things in the sim (rudimentary capacity for this already exists).

  3. Stuie says:

    Guild of Dungeoneering has my attention.

  4. Spacewalk says:

    Well the plan was to play PC games but I’ve had Space Hulk sitting around for months now and I’m still nowhere near finished painting the little plastic toys inside the box and that really needs to get done or it never will be, so no PC games for me.

    • AriochRN says:

      Gaaah, don’t remind me! I’ve had 3rd Edition for 5 years, only 2 Termies painted before a combo of RL and losing my painting mojo shoved it on the shelf. I must get back to it, but the detail on the minis is pretty daunting.

      • Spacewalk says:

        I would’ve been happier with less detailed minis, there’s just too much to do. I’m still finding little bits that I’ve either painted over by mistake or missed completely because they’re either obscured by other parts of the model or I overlooked them entirely. I had to shelve the Termies and move onto the ‘stealers, at least I can see myself finishing those before the dawn of the 41st millennium.

    • Immobile Piper says:

      I was looking to painting them, but I realized that I’m not a painter and SH minis are fairly detailed for a first effort. Just coloured plastic for me then.

      Now I just need to get round to arranging some non-wife 1v1’ing.

  5. Grim_22 says:

    I’ve been playing a lot of SWTOR in the vein of a single player RPG, using the 12x Experience Boost for class missions, while at the same time lamenting the fact that there isn’t an actual KotOR 3. Some of the stories are actually quite good (Imperial Agent, Sith Warrior), and it hurts to imagine what it could have been if it was a more focused, atmospheric experience.

    • James says:

      Same here, though I’ve also been getting back into the PVP, which is a lot better than people give it credit for. I only hope Bioware is back on form for the new expansion, after finishing KotOR and KotOR 2 this week I’ve got an itch for another Star Wars RPG.

      Thinking of picking up rocket league. Foot-to-ball is not by thing, but it looks like a kid’s lego football fantasy in 1080p. Maybe if its on sale I’ll get it.

      • Grim_22 says:

        I love the PVP, especially as a tank – getting points for the amount of damage you reduce on your team is brilliant. Regarding KotOR, I can’t bring myself to replay them – even though I’ve been itching to play the second again. I’d just end up being really sad that we’ll never see a true sequel.

    • bleeters says:

      Gawd, I wish. There were so many times when SWTOR’s class stories feel like their hands were tied by the game being an mmo, with mmo mechanics and mmo design expectations.There aren’t that many times when things you do matter in any kind of long term, for instance, and several companions spread over various classes I simply didn’t want around. I’d have happily thrown everyone who wasn’t Vette or Jaesa off my warrior’s ship and flown off into the glorious sunset if I could.

      • Grim_22 says:

        Yeah, I feel you. You could actually do that in beta, with some of them at least. Bioware removed it after people started shouting about losing their healers/tanks/DPS because they didn’t expect choices to matter. A real shame. Ironically, people started shouting about choices not changing the story enough after that.

        Anyway, I’m interested to know if you played light side or dark side on your Warrior? If light side, did you enjoy it?

        • Philopoemen says:

          I’m almost finished my LS Rage Juggernaut run, as in Ziost, and i really enjoyed it. I’ve been spending a bit of time with SWTOR, and i generally only do the class and main stout chains for each planet, but i had my LS Jug do everything, just for the conversation.
          Same as my DS consular lol.
          Jedi Knight is the most KoTOR like of class stories though

        • bleeters says:

          To be honest I usually do my best to just ignore whatever side the game is telling me a decision is and just go with what fits the character I’m trying to play – and let me tell you, it’s not easy when the whole screen glows blue or red right after you make a choice – but my warrior ended up mostly light with a few exceptions. I pretty much played it as a character that was still very much a sith, but didn’t see the need to crush everyone in her way. Kind of the ‘honourable warrior who respects a worthy foe’ deal. So yes, and it was pretty enjoyable, even if I wish the subplot of hiding your restrained and merciful tendancies from the rest of the empire existed outside of conversations with Jaesa.

          I mean, you’ve still got to let a lot of things slide when you’re going against the grain with character morality, but at least the warrior (and agent, I’d say) story actually tries to make it work, which is something I just never got from inquisitor or bounty hunter.

          • bleeters says:

            Since I can’t edit, as an example: there are times as a warrior when you’ll just straight up murder people in a cutscene, cutting them down with a lightsaber or force choking them to death, then have the dialogue system kick in and let you start attempting diplomacy and negotiation if you’re so inclined. Then there are times when, gameplay wise, you’ll have to cut your way through dozens of guards to get to that same point, because it’s an mmo and that’s just what you do. Those kind of highlight the absurdity of it all, but other than that it works fine.

            Trooper is probably the easiest to make work whatever morality you decide on, even if light choices in that very often fall into the ‘morally good but impractical’ category, and other times just plain don’t make any gorram sense.

          • Grim_22 says:

            Thank you for such an in depth and elaborate reply! On one hand, I really wanna try it out, but on the other, I just can’t see how Chapter 3 would work – I mean, what you become just screams dark side. I don’t know if I would’ve enjoyed it as much being light.

          • bleeters says:

            A bit. The story tries to play off these kinds of things as though by achieving higher status within the empire, you can affect wider change and maybe get some of them to be less of a rabble of jerks. I can sort of see how that’d work, especially since no one would dare accuse you of, well, anything by the time chapter three wraps up. You’re pretty much untouchable.

            I mostly just look at these things like I’m pre-rebellion Teal’c from Stargate. Rise the ranks and then use that position to discreetly do some good without anyone catching on. Works better as an agent, but still.

    • malkav11 says:

      It wouldn’t have been Imperial Agent or Sith Warrior stories, though. It’d have been one of the Jedi storylines. You know it and I know it. It being an MMO with two factions and eight classes to give storylines is the only reason we get any Sith Empire story content at all and probably the only reason we got Smuggler or Trooper stories either. Just got to keep telling yourself that whenever the MMOness gets in the way.

      • Grim_22 says:

        I’m okay with that, though. The only reason I prefer the Imperial storylines in SWTOR is because they’re so much better written than the Republic ones. I’d take a good Jedi story over a good Sith story any day, but the Knight and Consular arcs in TOR are just… meh.

        • malkav11 says:

          I’d so much rather play the Sith. Especially after two KOTORs where it just never makes sense that a Dark Side character would be doing the main quest. I think it’s better in KOTOR II, though I can’t recall for sure. But in general…I can see why the focus on Jedi, but I’d prefer a variety of stories across the whole spectrum. And you would never get that in the singleplayer series, and do, kind of, in the MMO. So that’s its saving grace, from my perspective.

          • Grim_22 says:

            I can respect that – even if I prefer my Jedis, I did love my DS Warrior. Also, I can highly recommend you to play through KotOR 2 again as dark side – it totally makes sense, seeing as what your character turns out to be in relation to the Force. I’d elaborate, but I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t played it. Also, the possibilities it opens up with your Force sensitive companions are just delicious.

          • malkav11 says:

            I played Dark Side for both KOTORs. Someday I will go back and try Light Side.

  6. Scott says:

    For those folks who happen to play on the same server in Guild Wars 2 as the RPS folk, there’s an event tonight that’s fairly open to people. Details here:

    link to rockpapershotgun.com

  7. kwyjibo says:

    Why Edinburgh? Fomenting nationalist insurrection? Writing the next GTA?

    • tigerfort says:

      Open-air pools down south were no longer cold enough for Alice; it was either Scotland or Norway.

  8. Aluschaaf says:

    More SMITE, probably. All hail the MOBA!

  9. Ross Angus says:

    Replaying Heretic for the first time in perhaps twenty years. I was curious about how much of the levels I retained spatially. Almost none, apparently.

    • Andy_Panthro says:

      I think I only played a demo of Heretic, most of that era of FPS-like games passed me by. Not sure I have enough love for the genre to go back and play them, despite my curiosity!

      • Ross Angus says:

        Yup, it’s pretty crude. I’m more interested in what I remember. It’s just fragments.

    • gabrielonuris says:

      I’m replaying it too, but with ketchup gore mod, by the same guy who made Brutal Doom (you can download it on the same Moddb page). It works with Heretic, Hexen, Doom, Strife, etc. It isn’t a “brutal” mod, but it adds some cool blood effects.

      • Ross Angus says:

        I’m using the Doomsday Engine with an add-on which makes the sprites into roughly Quake III era polygon models. I figured a graphical upgrade would be required, so that it would match my enhanced nostalgia for the game.

  10. Fansal says:

    Rocket League for me. Had loads of fun already (yesterday six goals in one match!), but I’m still trying to figure out flying. It’s actually pretty hard hitting the ball!

    • caff says:

      This. I’ve typed too much, better go and play some more Rocket League.

      • masterjacket says:

        Oh hey. There’s an RPS Steam community for Rocket League. Every game I’ve had with the community has been a blast!

  11. NathanH says:

    I think it’ll be Chaos Gate, Final Liberation, and Shadow of the Horned Rat. Possible with some Magic: Duels if they sort themselves out and get it released. And Lord of the Rings: The Card Game on OCTGN.

    • MrPyro says:

      I’m playing Final Liberation on and off (in the gaps between housework and doing outside things). Quite enjoying it.

  12. Tenerim says:

    Dominating in Dirty Bomb and CS:GO, and if things not go well if all I’m facing are dirty cheaters and I need to feel like the murderous machine I’m supposed to be (what?, hubris? never heard that word before, what does it mean?) some Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.

  13. karthink says:

    Serpent in the Staglands!

    In talking about this game, Richard Cobbett lowered the bar all the way down before propping it up a bit in his RPG scrollbars column. After trying the demo (and starting the full game), I must say there’s zero needless obfuscation*, and twenty minutes of perusing the manual is plenty to get going. There are all kinds of interesting systems, such as puzzles where you draw runes in parchment. Take a look at the Linguistics skill, you could build a game just out of the words of power mechanic. In fact, someone already has.

    But forget all that–what I’m loving about this game is the sense of dread and foreboding you feel as the shell of a hunted god in an oh-so-perishable human body. And the worldbuilding. I’m a sucker for interesting, consistent and coherent fantasy worlds. I was sucked in right from the intro.

    I’m not familiar with Darklands, its quoted inspiration, but this game feels like the child of Baldur’s Gate 1 and Fallout 1 to me, with a structure closer to the latter’s. Open world, vague objectives, all kinds of interesting puzzles and lots of opportunities to use skills and spells outside of combat that rely on your ability to go “Hey, I wonder if I can…”.

    (*Okay, I lied. It reports all numbers in dice rolls, which is okay when it reports 1d4 to mean the range of 1-4. But it reports 4 as 4d1, which is just silly.)

    • Kitsunin says:

      Hey, you gotta roll those one-sided dice or you’ll never know what number you end up with!

      • pepperfez says:

        Have you ever had a one-sided die land on edge? Last time it happened to me it took weeks to get the unspeakable lurkers from beyond to stop perching on my game table.

    • simplesauce says:

      I’m also going to be trying to gain some momentum in this game. I’m finding it

      • simplesauce says:

        difficult to understand how to control my party in an effective way. Maybe we can chat about it? steam nickname SIMPLESAUCE.

  14. Awesomeclaw says:

    Currently trying to come up with some co-op games to play with a friend of mine. It seems that our gaming tastes have kind of diverged and the games we used to play (ME3, Payday 2, Diablo 3, and a few others) either need more people or don’t really hold our interests any more.

    • Kitsunin says:

      None of those seem like terribly good options for just two people. Though if we’re talking about online multiplayer I can only think of competitive games for two people, hm.

      • Awesomeclaw says:

        Diablo works with two people and Payday can kind of work with two people (either teaming up with randos or just getting bots for the easier missions). ME3 doesn’t really work because you need to work together quite well (and there aren’t many people playing it any more). I kind of like Warframe a lot which is fairly flexible in player counts/mission difficulty but I have a lot of trouble getting people I know interested in it.

        • bleeters says:

          I regularly played ME3 with just one person back in the day, it’s not that implausible. Just set the difficulty accordingly.

    • gabrielonuris says:

      Well, I would recommend Ghost Recon Phantoms and Nosgoth, both of them are f2p and has a good community, not to mention that I think they’re great games to play with another friend.

      • malkav11 says:

        Are either of those coop? (And I don’t mean team-based competitive, which some people seem to think counts.) I didn’t think they were, but I’ve never played them.

        • gabrielonuris says:

          Well, if you mean co-op like the terrorists mode in Rainbow Six Vegas for instance, no, they aren’t; they’re kind of team based co-op, like 4 vs. 4, but they require a huge amount of cooperation to be played properly, otherwise your team will lose badly.

    • davepeak says:

      If you never gave them a try, the Borderlands series could be very interesting. Cheap game (without the DLC) that can give you many hours of enjoyment.

      Divinity: Original Sin if you have A LOT of common spare time to play together and to immerse in that universe.

      If you liked Diablo III and even more if you liked Diablo II, you need to try Path of Exile. Probably the best f2p model out there and the game just received a major update.

      If you are into coop racing games, The Crew? Road trips in its huge USA map are fun, probably even better than the races themselves! (OH, I’ve just red your comment about the game, I don’t know if you’ve tried it with your friend already)

      Oh, and Minecraft? Not my cup of tea, but still a great game if you have a creative mind! (DISCLAIMER: I’m not really a huge coop player, so maybe others will have better recommendations for you!)

    • fish99 says:

      Terraria is fun co-op.

    • Karol says:

      I found out about this game today, but it looks like it is a lot of fun: Secrets of Grindea

      It’s sort of a co-op action RPG with influences from Secret of Mana. The devs seem to have been at it for at least 3 years, and they just now put it up on early access on Steam.

      Maybe it’s your cup of tea.

  15. arienette says:

    Dark Dreams Don’t Die, I’m enjoying how down to Earth a lot of it is compared to say Deadly Premonition, but that serves to highlight the oddities.

  16. Premium User Badge

    Gassalasca says:

    “my friend (and RPS alumnus) Cara Ellison”

    Surely, ‘alumna’? ^ ^

  17. Freud says:

    Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Because back logs need to be attacked at times.

    • Ross Angus says:

      That’s sitting in my backlog too. So is Chaos Theory, shamefully.

    • jonahcutter says:

      I’ve tried to get into Blacklist several different times. Every time I hear that bland, 20-something voice actor instead of Michael Ironside I think, “That’s not Sam.”

      They should of had Fisher in (semi)retirement and created a new character. I know it doesn’t really matter and the game might be great, but I just haven’t been able to take the new actor seriously as Fisher.

  18. AriochRN says:

    After finishing System Shock on Thursday (and realising I’d never got beyond the 3rd level 20 years ago) my yomp through my 90’s games (Doom 1&2, Dark Forces, Outlaws, System Shock now done) turns to adventures and strategy; Star Trek A Final Unity, Dune 2000 (I couldn’t go back to the single unit click selection of Dune 2!) and possibly a bit of Syndicate Wars.

    • Petethegoat says:

      I recently replayed Dark Forces 2 and Outlaws too. Outlaws is easily one of the best FPSs ever.
      I’ll also be playing some more Smite, and replaying Hammerfight, which might honestly be my favourite singleplayer game ever.

    • ansionnach says:

      That’s an impressive line-up of games. Played through a few levels of Dark Forces again recently to see if my view that it’s the best in the series by a long way, and one of the better FPS games, still stood up. It’s still great. The fact that you can’t save wherever you like and have to do each level in one go makes it a lot more compelling than other games. You can force yourself to do the same in the Doom games and it’s much more fun. I have Outlaws lined up. Missed that one back in the day, although I really wanted to play it.

      System Shock is… uniquely excellent. I’d almost say the most similar game is the RPG Ultima Underworld. In particular, their finale is kind of similar. System Shock’s is, I think, the best finale in any game I’ve played. Very imaginative. Never really got into SS2; may play through it some day…

      You’re in for a real treat with A Final Unity, particularly if you enjoyed The Next Generation. I’m a fan of the two original series adventures as well, but since A Final Unity is one big episode rather than several mini ones, it’s more coherent and better paced, building to a grander finale. You also get to make more decisions and can nip over and back to places at will (I think – memory a bit foggy here). In 25th Anniversary and Judgement Rites you can choose to go somewhere else at the start but there’s no point – it’s almost only a form of copy protection.

      No idea what Dune 2000 is like other than it having had a tepid reception. Dune 2 really has aged poorly; I’d say that the original Dune by Cryo has stood the test of time, though. It’s a very unique adventure/strategy hybrid with superb music – one of the best AdLib soundtracks I’ve heard. In DOSBox you should select AdLib Gold in the setup utility and then force selection when it can’t detect it. Allows you to hear the OPL3 soundtrack using the emulated Sound Blaster 16. No idea how accurate it is, but it sounds pretty good.

      Enjoy your weekend!

      • AriochRN says:

        I played Dark Forces using the XL engine for mouselook and a bit of glowy glow and the GOG version of Outlaws (didn’t like the blurred 3dfx-style textures though, got turned off straight away!).
        I’ve played them all when they came out so it’s been fun to revisit games sometimes with a bit of spit and polish. I remember ordering A Final Unity from a PC magazine then waiting about a year or so before it finally arrived; PC games missing their release dates and the dangers of pre-ordering? Pffft :)
        Dune 2000 is pretty much Dune 2 slapped onto the first Command & Conquer (which was responsible for me not decorating my first house quite as fast as I should’ve) but good call on Cryo’s Dune – I finished it again last month.
        I’ve got the other 2 Star Treks ready to go, Battlezone (1998) and I’m trying to find Terra Nova SFC. I may move onto some of the Build Engine games lurking in my attic, though I think I’ll give The Shat’s Tekwar a miss, I remember it being a bit whiffy.

        • ansionnach says:

          More great games there than you could expect in a calendar year! Terra Nova is on my list as well. As for the Star Trek adventures, I started watching the series after finishing Judgement Rites a few months back. Wouldn’t have seen too many episodes of the series but had seen all the films except the new ones. Would definitely recommend the games and series as companion pieces. Had remembered the series as good for a laugh, but was surprised that I found it often good full stop. Hadn’t realised how much of TNG was a cut and paste job (Q is a take on Trelane, for example). The Kirk, Spock, McCoy relationship is pretty much unmatched by anything in any other Star Trek.

          It’s a long time since I finished 25th Anniversary (got the CD version as soon as it came out on Virgin’s budget white label), but I enjoyed that one as well. Maybe 25th Anniversary is “better”. Both games are hampered somewhat by their episodic structure, which means that they never build to anything suitably complex before resolution and reset. There are often a few different ways to do something and you’re scored at the end of each episode – so it’s not quite as bad as modern episodic adventures.

          Went back and played the original Shadow Warrior a few months back. Like Outlaws, it was a game I really wanted to play back in the day. The shareware episode was pretty well done; the rest of it (especially one of the expansions) wasn’t so good. At no point is it anywhere near as good as Duke3d. I was going to go straight into Blood, which I’ve also never played, but I lost interest. Maybe it’ll be worth a try after a bit of a break? Haven’t played any other Build games. NAM was one I’d had my eye on when it was released so I might line that up. Don’t have much interest in any of the others. I’ve played Exhumed on the Saturn, although it’s a very different game with a full 3d engine (SlaveDriver). It’s mad that the PC version used a completely different engine. Must finish that one – found it a lot of fun.

          • AriochRN says:

            I seem to remember enjoying Judgement Rites a touch more than 25th, but they’re very much of a muchness. I’d love to see them get a bit of Telltale Games-style makeover. I recommend watching the animated series that followed TOS, I found it very enjoyable. It’s interesting to see how the template of Trek morphed from the aborted Phase 2, to The Motion Picture (Director’s Edition recommended!), to TNG.

            I think I’ll go for DukeN3D for the build game, I’ve never played the expansion packs – same for Doom, I really enjoyed Final Doom TNT & Plutonia recently, never played them back then.

          • ansionnach says:

            Thanks for the recommendation. I saw a few episodes of that when I was young – remember one where the entire crew ages in reverse until they disappear.

            If you didn’t play the Plutonium PAK expansion for Duke3d (Episode 4: The Birth), I remember really liking that. Remember there being a severe memory leak in the upgraded version but that’s not an issue with the source ports. The game is usually sold as the Atomic Edition now so maybe some people don’t know there were only three episodes originally.

            I was never a big fan of Doom, although I did finish it on my 386 back in the day. Needless to say, I never bothered with the sequel or any expansions. Did take Doom for a spin a month or so ago and found it a bit more enjoyable when I only saved at the beginning of each level (on Ultra-Violence difficulty). My opinion of Doom may have been something to do with the fact that I’d played Catacomb Abyss and Wolfenstein to death. By then I was sick of games with mazey layouts. Maybe why Duke 3d and Dark Forces are my favourite shooters as they’ve got vast levels without them being very samey.

            I took a look at Marathon after the FPS top list as well. I can see why people praise it, but even playing the free source port versions the games haven’t aged as well as something like Doom.

        • welverin says:

          I was going to ask ansionnach how they played through Dark Forces without mouse look, but you gave me a solution.

          I borrowed the game from a friend years ago, but it was after I played Half-Life (the first FPS I played after Doom 2 I believe), and I just couldn’t play it without mouse look.

          • ansionnach says:

            Well, I played the game before mouse look was popular (or even existed?). I remember it being a very tough game on hard mode, although when I took it for a recent spin I played through the first five levels on hard with little difficulty. Anyway, the game’s designed around the controls it gives you so there’s no real need for mouse look. Think I came across Dark XL but never bothered with it since it’s in alpha. Usually prefer to go with the original experience first off and when I’m trying to refresh my memory exactly how an old game compares to modern ones. Would be nice if DaggerXL ever gets finished. Would be cool to have a modern port of Daggerfall. Someone could then finish the game itself!

          • AriochRN says:

            DarkXL is pretty much done, I managed to play through the entire game using it, though the Nar Shadaa level will crash at some stage – you have to disable the sound to get past that level. I turned the texture filtering off and I think it looked great. I’d love to see a modern retro shooter like that, imagine the amount of sprites that could be displayed these days, there could be proper bustling Blade Runner cities.
            Have you had a look at Daggerfall for Unity? It’s looking *very* promising.
            (Also, got Final Unity going in DosBox – the default installation folder is “STFU” – oh internet, why did you have to go and ruin that acronym so?)

          • ansionnach says:

            Just looked up Daggerfall Tools for Unity and it looks very impressive. Thanks, I’ll take a loot at it when I get through Underworld 2. Landscapes are beautiful. I see there’s even a multiplayer test version. Daggerfall complete and with local LAN multiplayer would be a dream come true!

          • ansionnach says:

            Played around with Daggerfall Tools for Unity and went for a run around the first dungeon. Also took a look at the demo showcase they’ve done which you can just jump into and play without installing Unity and putting the pieces together yourself. Looks good, although a lot of work left to re-create the full game.

    • tiltaghe says:


      There is a fantastic re-creation of Dune II : The Golden Path (website: link to drackbolt.blogspot.fr )
      It corrects the biggest flaws in the original handling, and most notably the dreaded single unit selection limitation.

      Replaying it in multiplayer I have realized how fond I am of this game. For me it hasnt aged a bit. The developer of this remake did good choices regarding the balancing and the AI. I like how the game strips all micromanagement by making the units auto-targets their direct enemies based on the context. It makes sense that you are issuing the orders of attacking or retreating at the right time but don’t control what each unit is precisely aiming at.

      Really everything is already in Dune II. Later RTS haven’t bring a lot more to the table imho. + Dune II has the fantastic original world of Herbert to hook you even more, with its hazards and cycles like tornades, sandworms and spiceblows!

      • AriochRN says:

        Cool, thanks for the link! I might give it a try before getting too far into Dune2000 (though the FMV will probably win out. Gimli!)

        • tiltaghe says:

          oh well sorry, The Golden Path is focused on multiplayer and it doesn’t have the campaign :(((

  19. Simon_Scott says:

    The Crew. Took part in both betas and enjoyed it, but didn’t see £49.99 worth of enjoyment there. £12.50? Why not?

    Does mean I’m having to play through the opening missions for the third time though.

    • Awesomeclaw says:

      Yeah I picked that up at a discount as well. I really like just generally driving around, but the racing mechanics are super bad and it really puts me off.

      • Simon_Scott says:

        Has that thing where you’re not sure if it’s because you haven’t improved your car enough, or if it’s just the game.

  20. aergistal says:

    I’m playing Men of War thanks to RPS and a recent sale on GMG. And I must say the guys who praised it in numerous articles were right,

  21. dangermouse76 says:

    I am quite foolishly going to try a one life no stim pack run inspired by MATN. I will fail !
    On the plus side I got a whole lamb recently and jointed it up, so today is inlaws and slow roasted Lamb shoulder blade with honey and dijon mustard. Plus all the roasty trimmings.

  22. anHorse says:

    I’m repeatedly trying to start a game of Crusader Kings 2 without screwing something up/getting confused early on

    So I’m ultimately expecting to spend more time this weekend reading about the game than playing it

    • Immobile Piper says:

      I find that the key with Paradox games in general is to just go with whatever happens. Your inevitable screw-ups are what makes it fun, ignore all the world conquest AAR’s on the forums that tell you otherwise.

  23. veerserif says:

    Learning to play Planetside 2 with the RPS folks! And also Minecraft with the TerraFirmaCraft mod.

  24. Gibs says:

    I’ll be playing FFXIV and maybe COJ Gunslinger.

    I was playing some EVE-O earlier but got bored in record time.

  25. Faldrath says:

    Still mostly Path of Exile (the Awakening expansion is pretty fantastic), with a smattering of Skyrim since I got a new graphics card and now it’s oh-so-pretty-and-smooth.

    That and a bunch of racing games, of course. There’s always a bunch of racing games.

  26. The Grey Earl says:

    I’m new around here…
    Bu I’ll be playing X-Com Long War Mod thanks to the recent posts re: 2 and Long War being finished. How punishing can it be?

  27. jcvandan says:

    I will be continuing to yelp in frustration every few minutes when I die while playing Spelunky…that is before I forget my grief within 2 seconds as I quick start a new game and think ‘This time Daniel-san…this time’

  28. melnificent says:

    Fragile Allegiance is on steam now so that and probably grab Final Liberation as I played it years ago and never did complete it.

  29. vence333 says:

    I’ll probably be playing some Unturned, and some ESO.

  30. SoundDust says:

    After a period of game jamming and not much actual playing, I’m slowly getting back to Pillars Of Eternity.

    Act 3’s just starting, but I still don’t think I’ve gotten the hang of the combat yet.. The most difficult thing seems to be the choice of good offensive spells and positioning my magic users. Though the battles seems to be manageable even though my mages are a bit underused..

  31. Dorga says:

    Alice, too many plants in your sleeping quarters are not healthy at all!

  32. PopeRatzo says:

    From 7-8:30am I’ll be playing the multiplayer races on The Crew (as I do every day). It’s gotten a lot more fun over time, and it really has me looking forward to the new dragster/monster truck expansion this Fall.

    Later in the day, I’ll continue to work my way through all the Fallout: New Vegas DLC. Finished Old World Blues yesterday, and am thinking of jumping into Lonesome Road this afternoon.

  33. ansionnach says:

    I’m playing Ultima Underworld 2. Had been looking forward to playing it since it was released, really, but didn’t have a 486 back then. Played the first game circa 1999 and it blew me away, still does. Got stuck in it but went back and finished it two years ago. Amazing game.

    Started Underworld 2 a year and a half ago but stopped playing it. Haven’t been as enthused about it, even though it is very good. The music can be terribly dull, but some of it is great. Even though UW2 reviewed better back in the day I think it’s very evident that it is a much inferior game to the first one. Both Paul Neurath and Warren Spector have stated that development was terribly rushed, Spector stating that it took a mere nine months (link to rpgcodex.net).

    While there are no real issues in the fully-patched version, level design is far more simplistic than in the first game (some of it being bone lazy). It does have some very interesting ideas, particularly the spacey world, but there are a lot of mazey, annoying bits too. The mage exam comes to mind here. What makes it worse is that there’s no way to skip the exam once you’ve completed it… and you may need to go back there a few times.

    The addition of Lord British’s castle and all its NPCs is a bit of a backward step, particularly since there’s largely nothing to do there… but then sometimes there is, so you’ve got to wander around talking to everyone regularly just to make sure they’ve still got nothing to say. This part of the game should have been better-developed (so you could properly investigate happenings in the castle) or dropped completely. Some NPCs are unaware of events that have taken place (e.g. Zogith being unaware of the deaths Zoria and Dorstag in The Pits of Carnage). There are lots of other little things, none which would be considered a bit deal other than they show that the game wasn’t as much a labour of love as the first one.

    Anyway, I’m really enjoying UW2. It’s still much better than pretty much every other first-person RPG I’ve played (like the Elder Scrolls games), but a bit of a disappointment compared to the first one. You could say it’s the classic sequel done right (bigger, with some graphical and other improvements, but really just more of the same)… except it isn’t as consistently inspired as the original game (with some phoned-in bits). Since the graphical improvements are minimal and the hype machine has long died down around these games, I can’t see any justifiable reason to claim this is superior to the first game. I’d encourage anyone who does claim this to go back and play both of them back to back.

    • ansionnach says:

      (Throw in Deus Ex as an example of an inferior first-person RPG if you consider it one.)

    • ansionnach says:

      …and it’s all over – Britannia is safe once more. What a great game, wish there was more! Can’t believe I’m out of Ultima Underworld games after all these years. Suppose Arx Fatalis is next. Hope Underworld Ascendant delivers!

  34. PancakeWizard says:

    If I get the free time, I’m going to finish off Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall in prep for Shadowrun Hong Kong. I’ve already finally finished the Dead Man’s Switch campaign, and got much further in Dragonfall than I had previously, so yay!

  35. Barberetti says:

    This weekend I’ll be mostly playing Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, 7 Days to Die, and Vanilla WoW.

    *walks back into shed*

  36. ToomuchFluffy says:

    Well, I’m enjoying games for once, which is great enough in itself. I just finished Red Faction: Guerilla after about 20 hours and replayed Proteus yesterday. The latter is just as magical as I remembered it. I’m now playing Necrovision. I had some problem with it first (Nvidia Optimus not allowing the use of the dedicated GPU, some confusion about the combos, crashes, etc.), but I have entered the 6th chapter and at the moment I’m quite satisfied with the game. I might put some time into 1953: KGB Unleashed today. Or Necrovision.

  37. moms says:

    I’m still playing Deus Ex:HR Missing Link, because, slow and stealthy wins the human race.

  38. pertusaria says:

    I recently bought a SNES and a few games, so I’m getting mashed into the ground by Star Fox, Super Mario Kart and Super Mario World, having not played any of them before (or only briefly, at friends’ houses, in the case of Mario World). It’s an eye-opening experience.

    I have a game of Fire Emblem: Awakening I should really get back to, and a game of Fantasy Life I’m idly tapping away at. I’m not up to much on PC at the moment.

    • Kitsunin says:

      I restarted Awakening last week, since I’m waiting for the Fates fan patch to get some story done. But then I realized there’s a translation for Binding Blade, and decided to go back to the GBA ones. It’s refreshing, playing an FE game with a difficulty somewhere between “do whatever, you can still win :)” and “calculate enemy stats vs. friendly stats every time you move anyone, because everybody’s a few steps into enemy territory from death, always” (Awakening’s normal and hard difficulty).

      Though I really can’t wait for the fan patch to proceed, what I played with the menu patch was incredibly promising gameplay-wise. I love the changes to Awakening’s support system.

  39. Fuzzyaardvark says:

    Currently killing my crew in Interstellaria. Fun game (not sure my crew agrees).

    • SooSiaal says:

      Indeed,it is the only game I have been playing since yesterday.

    • Minglefingler says:

      Same here. It’s been a lovely little surprise.

    • geldonyetich says:

      Me as well. Great little pickup for $10, Interstellaria does not just borrow from FTL, it also imports the first bit of quality Starflight I have seen in many a yearer, mostly from the ship-to-ship communications and open-ended unjverse exploration.

      The planetary exploration aspect is different than anything I remember playing (perhaps a cross between Starbound, Cannon Fodder, and and that old intetstallet mercgame) but turned out better than expected, if a bit hectic and awkward to wrangle my crew. It’s fun to watch them scramble and get all the salvage.

  40. malkav11 says:

    Played most of The Magic Circle last night so I am going to try to polish that off today. I’m really liking it but I’m a little nonplussed by the minimal scope of the game. It’s not that it’s too short for the money – it’s reasonably priced and I don’t need or want games to be a thousand hours long anymore. And it’s not that I expect a giant pile of game on a Kickstarter budget. It’s that the premise and discussion and everything I’ve seen in prerelease suggest a game that should be larger and have more layers of old and cut content than it actually does. It’s hard to parse as a game that’s been in development hell for 20 years. And when people mentioned the System Shock-esque space station part, they seemed to be suggesting that that was one part of several stages of development the game passed through, but it’s actually one of two and there’s nothing in the game that feels like any sort of transitional phase between the two. I dunno. Maybe once I manage the ostensible goal it’ll peel back another layer or something, but the collectible count in my inventory doesn’t seem to bear that out.

    Beyond that, not sure. Still want to finish out the current Tales from the Borderlands content, there are various action games and RPGs to work on (maybe get back to Inquisition? Eh.). Might reup SWTOR, might wait til next weekend since that’s kind of a time sink. Might just binge Sense8.

  41. raiders says:

    I’m playing Hearthlands, and I’m going back to Dungeons of the Endless (I think I figured it out now).

  42. SKapsniak says:

    Working on updating the code of my published Crusader Kings 2 mods to be compatible with the new 2.4.1 patch accompanying the Horse Lords DLC, in the vain hope that I get that done before the release of — currently beta) — 2.4.2 :(

    So no, that doesn’t actually count as playing.

  43. Cross says:

    Payday 2 and Terraria, but perhaps more interestingly: Dirty Bomb. It’s a game i kinda suck at the core shooting gameplay of, because i’ve never gotten a handle on the twitchiness needed to survive in the likes of CS. I regularly get my ass handed to me, and yet it’s still satisfying and exhilerating, because it validates those who say screw it to shootybangs and go for the obejctive.

    If any of you have tips for how to train my target tracking and tuning my mouse acceleration, it’d be much appreciated.

  44. dawnmane says:

    The wonderful update to Darkest Dungeon. I finally get it, and I have stoppes dying in every mission as a result.

  45. pepperfez says:

    Why would anyone waste time playing games when EVO is on?!

  46. teije says:

    Darkest Dungeon just came out with a big update – adding a new class, and corpses, among other things. The corpse implementation has a few kinks to be worked out, but add more tactics to hero positioning, so I’m enjoying that.

    Such a gem already for an early access game – looking forward to what they add next.

  47. trn says:

    Just walked from Chester to Delamere Forest. After a nap I will be playing Luckslinger and trying not to tear all my hair out.

  48. TheAngriestHobo says:

    I’ve been running a new Ironman CK2 game (ever since I lost my previous game to the Horse Lords update). I started in the 700s as the duke of Lithuania, quickly united the kingdom, subjugated Ilmen (essentially Russia), and things have been going swimmingly ever since then. The Romuva faith has been reformed, Lithuania, Rus, Poland, Bohemia, and Ruthenia are ruled by kings of my dynasty, and I just won a Great Holy War against East Francia (which was helped by the fact that the Catholics and the Waldensian heretics have been at each other’s throats for centuries). I’m a little worried about Khazaria’s massive holdings, though, as well as the fact that they recently reformed the Tengri faith. Could be trouble, unless the Mongols steamroll them when they arrive (which isn’t necessarily a better situation).

    I’m also playing “give the house a good cleaning before I start my new job”. Also on Ironman mode.

  49. CarbonCopy says:

    Finally finished Witcher 3. It is a masterpiece.
    I got the worst ending which is a big bummer but I still think that from a storytelling perspective it is very good too. I’ve seen all of them on youtube and they are all great IMO.

    Now I plan on replaying NWN2: Mask of the Betrayer. When people ask me about my favourite games of all time I say that #1 is Dark Souls and #2 is Mask of the Betrayer. I plan on seeing how good it really is since I’ve played it last time about 4 years ago when I was about 14 years old so I’ll see if I really love it today when I am older and wiser :)

  50. welverin says:

    There’s already been some Evolve and TF2, I started The Talos Principle earlier today and expect I’ll play some more of that, but thanks to AriochRN, I’m going to try out Dark Forces.

    • welverin says:

      Oh my god, it’s playable!

      Oh, and I might play some New Vegas, though I think I need to dump some mods, it’s gotten crash happy.

      • welverin says:

        Far too dark unfortunately.

        • TheAngriestHobo says:

          You should have bought “Reasonably Well-Lit Forces” instead.

          • welverin says:

            That would be good.

            Seriously though, it was so dark in spaces that I could only see a wall if my face was pressed up against it. I rather doubt that is intentional.

      • fish99 says:

        Did you do the


        changes in fallout.ini ? (in my docs/my games)

        • OmNomNom says:

          Don’t just do this. Follow the S.T.E.P guide and use Wrye Flash NV and Loot.