Texas Chainsaw Simulator: New Lakeview Cabin Episode

I think she's flinging a bear trap at someone here.

I really dig the idea of the Lakeview Cabin Collection [official site], an anthology where ’70s and ’80s horror movie become sandbox murder-adventures. Survivors in terrible situations scavenging odds and sods to create ad-hoc solutions to the problem of ‘someone wants to murder you’.

The first episode (confusingly titled Lakeview Cabin III) was a Friday the 13th-style romp around a lakeside camp. The second arrived on Friday, a bit Texas Chainsaw Massacre with a girl band trying to escape from a murderous cannibal family.

In Lakeview Cabin IV: Curse of the Lake, a poor band find their camper van broken down in the boonies on the other side of the lake, then a screaming bloodied woman flees past them and… well, it all goes downhill from there. What oh what could be going on in the moldering mansion with bodies staked outside and a meat plant beside it? This time around, it has a little randomisation in procedural murdermansion layouts.

It’s difficult to explain quite what Lakeview Cabin is. It’s a bit like an adventure game, but with emergent solutions and murders. You wander around a 2D world collecting, combining, and using objects in ways that feel adventure game-y. Except most of these ‘puzzles’ are oriented towards stopping the people trying to murder you. You might set out some traps, charge in with a shotgun, or create elaborate Home Alone-ish plans like horror movie potential victims often will. You can get pretty dang creative and find some strange things, or you can get drunk, lark about, and get super-murdered. It’s a strange and special sort of sandbox.

Lakeview Cabin Collection is on Steam, the Humble widget, and Itch for about £7. Another two murderfests are still to come. Here’s a peek at the new episode:


  1. thesandworm says:

    Has anyone played the really old Sega Master System gem Spy vs. Spy? That’s what this game reminds me of, more than anything.

    You wander around the house for a bit setting traps for the other player to fall into separated into a planning phase and an execution phase (like when the big bad shows up in Lakeview.

  2. caff says:

    Is it any good though?

    • J. Cosmo Cohen says:

      I had fun for about two hours with the first episode. There’s even a pre-episode thing that can be explored, too. I was gifted the game though, so I don’t know how I’d have felt if I spent money on it.

      It’s exactly as Alice described. But she forgot to mention you can have orgies in it.

  3. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Is it like Westerado without all the “Imma shoot y’all?” (or as much)