The RPG Scrollbars: A Dip Into… Skyforge

It takes quite a lot to get me to download a new MMO these days. When I hear good rumblings though, I listen, and so yesterday I decided to check out the Skyforge Open Beta. [official site]. This is not a review, so it’s not intended as a sweeping look at all systems. Think of it as dipping a toe into the water – did it catch my attention, and was it at least worth the whopping client download?

Right from the start, I’ll give Skyforge this – it’s got a cool world. It’s part fantasy and part SF, where evil sea nymphs assault futuristic ports and gods are dispatched from their metaphorical ivory tower to do tech support. I’m not kidding. The second mission features you being sent to save a factory whose systems have gone on the fritz, and there’s no way to just stand on a nearby hill with a megaphone and boom “THOU SHALT TURN IT OFF AND ON AGAIN.” Shame.

Actually, the whole god thing is a bit strange so far. Technically, you start out as merely an Immortal, and one of if not many, then at least ‘loads’. The first gift sent to me by my worshippers? A… polo shirt. Thank you, mortals, but if you don’t mind, I’ll instead take your firstborn child and any oxen you have to spare. The fact that divinity and power come from being able to do the same thing that every other MMO character can do – come back to life after dying – does start to feel a little like these guys just lucked into a brilliant scam on their world. Kill ten boars? Fuck you, we’re gods.

Though of course, it’s not long before you are indeed killing ten boars.

There’s a nice feel to it all though. While I can’t say that I’ve seen any real flicker of Obsidian in the design, unless you count the horrible beards imported from Alpha Protocol, Skyforge certainly aims higher than main developers Allods Team’s last game… uh… Allods. That was pretty stock World of Warcraft with pay to win bleeding out of its anus. Skyforge smacks more of a passion project, where there may be a sting in the tail later on, but either way, there’s cool stuff to enjoy too. The world design in particular is lovely, with the opening futuristic area having a truly fine animated skybox, a clean UI, and a decent action combat engine that isn’t enough to carry the game when compared to those with an all-out action focus, but still has a decent amount of oomph.

Playing as a Cryomancer, the damage-dealer of the three starter classes, Skyforge wastes no time handing out the cool powers – a basic ice shot, giant lances that you charge up and then impale enemies, and then a sprinkling of other tricks guaranteed to have Mortal Kombat’s Sub-Zero going “Oi!” and calling his lawyer. Early areas include a port under siege by fish monsters, the aforementioned warehouse, and a cool series of floating platforms high above the ground full of ruins. It’s not an open world, with the focus instead being on hanging out in what’s basically the Treehouse of the Gods, where a giant sphere lets you drop into troublespots faster than you can yell “POWER XTREME!” They begin repeating almost immediately, as well as being available for return visits to earn upgrades, but are decently done and fun for sightseeing.

At least, they are on the first trip. My second to a map called Port Naori rather dampened my mood, both with its insistence that I re-fight battles I’d done the first time, throwing up force-fields to prevent me just waving to someone and moving on, and then by placing an invisible wall in front of a huge open corridor I needed to run down, which opened only after I smashed some eggs for no reason and then re-fought two bosses I’d already dealt with. I don’t mind reusing levels, especially of this fidelity, but c’mon, at least make it a different path rather than just changing what’s at the end of the one I just ran down about half an hour ago.

Even early on, there’s a lot of Final Fantasy and other JRPG in Skyforge’s lineage. It’s one of those games which pretends not to care about levels, as if that just brushes aside all the other progression systems, with the main upgrade path being the “Ascension Atlas” – totally not just the Sphere Grid from Final Fantasy X. Basically you earn points that go to unlocking nodes, which upgrade your classes. The Cryomancer’s takes forever before you even get to sniff a choice to make, though the other two base classes (for those who haven’t bought the Founder’s Edition to get more) have a little more flexibility. Every character can level up every class though, and switch between them at will, with others unlocking after sufficient clambering down the tree.

That leads to one of the odder elements of the game – it caps your progress and earnings to prevent you just racing through. I tend to think that’s pretty self-defeating, that players will always try to power through these things and if that’s how they want to do it, then fine. But still, it’s worth knowing about. I do love how the Premium membership option, which you can buy from between 3 and 180 days, opts to sell this as “Reach weekly limits sooner”. Yes! Give us your money and you won’t… have… to play our game as much. Hmm. On the plus side, I don’t see anything in the game that screams problematic as far as the cash shop goes and Premium adds little but that progress boost.

Dipping in though as I was, it’s a smooth introduction. I like it when MMOs feel like they’re giving you quests worth your time from the start, and Skyforge pretty much does. Even if you’re only fighting basic mobs, the wrapping of being a god helps you to be what City of Heroes originally pioneered – awesome from Level 1. The basic costumes start you out with a good range of styles, from classic armour and booby MMO ladies to full plate for everyone and futuristic battle armour, all of which sits comfortably alongside the magical stuff in the anachronistic fold. The shop continues that – you can run around in a full business suit, elegant dresses, something that Commander Shepard would be proud to wear and a few other styles too, with a whole wardrobe provided free at the start of the game. That plus powers plus being told you’re awesome makes for a good start.

What doesn’t, and the biggest disappointment, is that the writing and voicework is at best mundane and at worst… well, not bad, but decidedly meh. I tend to hook onto the personal stories in MMOs like an antisocial remora and so it’s important to make those immediate connections with the main players. Here, they’re pretty damn flat, with the story throwing around clumsy titles like “Reapers Of Death” and a villain called the “Gravedigger” and just generally not setting up an interesting struggle to suddenly be part of. There are so many great examples of MMOs doing this right now that there’s really no excuse, and the flatness of it all is really disappointing when put against the awesome scenery. Maybe there are great characters later on, but at the moment, I’m not invested in the fight. Be intriguing, like The Secret World; be exciting like World of Warcraft; Christ, if you must, be funny like Scarlet Blade: but do something that gives a reason to care beyond ‘Well, I downloaded it.” I have too many games clamouring for attention for a few gigabytes of sunk bandwidth to cut it any more.

Really, my favourite thing about these scenes is the conversation system, which isn’t so much half-baked as still flour and water awaiting being made into dough. To try and deal with the silent protagonist problem that plagued, say, Secret World, your character does get to chip into conversations. But choose what you say? Haha, no. You just get “Press Space to calm the captain and promise to clean up the port.” I hope later quests run with this. “Press Space to express your cynicism with a small but notable eye-roll.” “Press Space to query villain’s plans in reference to Jungian psychology.” Maybe even a section where you use a computer: “Press Space to press space.” We can but dream, while running around the world in awesome looking power armour.

But anyway. Did Skyforge hook me in and make me want to spend hours and hours in its company? Not really, but it’s one of the more pleasant F2P MMOs I’ve played of late, and worth a grab. It’s at least trying a few things differently to most, from its hub world to the scattered way it handles quests in its more open areas, and there’s a genuine sense of trying to be a good game first and a profitable one second, in the hope that one will lead to the other. As ever, that may prove to be a bluff in the later stages, but first impressions count and Skyforge left some pretty positive ones. I don’t regret the download, even if I doubt I’ll personally be with it much longer.


  1. Hitchslapped says:

    I usually don’t even read MMORPG news anymore. It’s all the same f2p crap, and when it’s a subscription model you still need to throw your money away to make you character look decent. Srsly, 11€ a month + payed expansions is more than enough for all the content. I don’t want to pay even more to get that little extra.
    And how about coming up with a new combat system once in a while. Locking on a target and clicking 1-9 gets really tiresome.

    • TormDK says:

      I like how you had to comment that you didn’t read the article.

      Prehaps you should, since Skyforge doesn’t currently show any of your negative points.

      • Hitchslapped says:

        I did read the article. The word “usually” implies that I made an exception. The combat system is still the old basic crap, just because you have a crosshair you have to VAGUELY point in your enemies’ direction and you use mouse 1+2 and Q+R instead of 1-9 doesn’t mean it’s anywhere near “action” based or groundbreaking.

      • Eiv says:

        Isn’t this the team behind Allod online?

    • Dawngreeter says:

      I really don’t read comments anymore. It’s usually just people complaining about Diablo 3 release being delayed. Or, at least, that’s what the last comment I read was about. I just assume that’s what all comments have been about since then.

    • Rational Drunk says:

      I dislike targeted combat as well, which unfortunately is the corollary of most MMOs; perhaps some day one will come up with something inventive which somehow circumvents the issue of latency, but that requires a serious paradigm shift or at least some degree of genius; nowhere nearly as deceptively effortless as “just coming up with something new.”

      That being said, I’m not sure if you’ve actually tried out this game (I barely have myself), as even for beginner classes the controls are a good degree more complex than just pressing Q+R (which I note that you previously oversimplified as pressing 1-9). For example, Paladin basic skills rotate around a sequence of left and right click combos such as M1,M1,M1,M2 in addition to the variety of press to trigger skills they are already in possession of; whereas Lightbinder has next to no combos whatsoever, but relies a lot on swift micromanaging by tabbing between teammates and monsters.

      Advanced classes, on the other hand, are far more complex and unique than that. I tried out the Witch’s tutorial in Class Training twice before I could properly nail down the basics. The closest comparison in complexity I can come up with is Invoker from Dota; but with extra attention to mana management, stack management, dynamic finishers, rechargeable eigenstate criticals and of course the slowly-regenerating dashes which are available to all classes.

      There may well be many flaws with this game, I’ve not tried much more than an hour of it; but its combat is definitely unique and engaging despite having to lack the immediate tactility of single-player RPGs.

  2. bangy says:

    I downloaded it this weekend.

    Still quite buggy. Resetting key bindings is flaky, network stability is still uneven.

    Overall . Its an attractive looking game with some cool art direction but in the end, its every action MMO you’ve played before. I’ll probably continue to play through it but Im not expecting to have my socks blown off.

    • zaldar says:

      Why? If it is as bad as you say go play something better. Secret World or SWTOR both sound better than this. Or maybe go watch a good show or read a good book, learn something new! Life is to short to waste time playing bad shit.

  3. Stone_Crow says:

    Played it for a couple of hours. Found it uninspiring, ‘more of the same’ FTP to be honest. It’s pretty enough, but not for me. Uninstalled it.

    Hope you enjoy it more than I did, it seemed fairly polished which is something.

  4. malkav11 says:

    Yeah, unfortunately, if you can’t be arsed to make an interesting world and tell cool stories with it, your MMO is not for me, no matter how much else it may get right. Some would disagree that some of the MMOs I have engaged with have those things, of course, and that’s fine. Those people are just wrong, that’s all. ;)

  5. Rizlar says:

    Had a look as well and the combat is a lot of fun, the premise and the world is cool. The gunner class seems flippin awesome. It is all very Final Fantasy.

    On the other hand, so far it’s pretty much absolutely linear, f2p grind appears to be strong, the sexism on show in the outfits is pretty horrendous (read: par for the course) and yeah, the story and writing is a nothingness. Favourite part so far was some quest giver saying ‘they’re all over it like flies on a dung heap!’, as if the writer was under the impression this was a classical or medieval fantasy setting with gods n that, while it’s actually a technological, futuristic setting with classical influences. But sure, let these guys with flying cars and orbital rings reference dung heaps as if it’s part of their everyday lives.

    • Kitsunin says:

      Yeah, I find it pretty lame that the boob slider is pretty much a choice between big and too big. And then the mechanics outfit which looks pretty cool otherwise does that ridiculous thing where it’s so unzipped it doesn’t cover the boobs at all. At least have a zipped variant darn it!

      But it’s pretty cool that having a feminine running animation is a choice unrelated to your character’s gender.

    • Dawngreeter says:

      Sexism is pretty bad, yeah. Almost stopped playing when I got to character customization. But I felt somewhat better when the game let me adjust the size of my male character’s buttocks.

      Couldn’t stop laughing. Then laughed again when explaining customization options to my wife. A++, would customize buttocks again.

      Tangentially, I find it incredibly amusing that standard sexist boobification tropes suddenly become hilarious when applied to men.

      • pepperfez says:

        An under-appreciated effect of pervasive sexism is how much female-body slapstick we miss out on.

      • Rizlar says:

        Yeah, the body sliders are actually pretty great. I ended up with a squat, Indian looking woman. Which reminds me of another gripe: you can’t make a black character. Well… they have one preset that is clearly meant to be Rhianna but she is mixed race right? Despite all the sliders there aren’t any dark skin tones or afro hair options. :(

        • Rizlar says:

          *also Rihanna not Rhianna and afro as in african not comedy afro hair.

          • Villephox says:

            You can’t even make a remotely dark-skinned person of any sort. And the lack of hair options is disappointing. Combine those with the intensely stupid boob physics and constant high heels makes for a very pissed off player.

      • Smoky_the_Bear says:

        “Tangentially, I find it incredibly amusing that standard sexist boobification tropes suddenly become hilarious when applied to men.”

        I think that’s just you and the internet outrage crowd looking to complain about sexism in EVERYTHING to be honest.

      • Rational Drunk says:

        I liked the bum-scale, and the corresponding jiggle your character gives you. I surmise the humour was a side-effect for non-appreciators of the male derriere.

  6. mechabuddha says:

    It actually reminds me a lot of Warframe. You go on missions with 2 other people – run through the mini-dungeon, kill the bosses, wash rinse, repeat. So far it’s the same 4 or 5 dungeons, but it hasn’t completely worn thin for me yet. I’m still enamored with being able to change my class whenever I want.

    • TormDK says:

      There are also real 5 man groups (Which are very brutal when you first step into them – my first MSM Group as a Paladin tank was a real eye opener since I died every pull :P), the first one opens at around 3K Prestige.

      I’m liking Skyforge alot more than I thought I would, since I don’t normally enjoy the action variant of MMOGs.

      I especially like the cap, which I hit surprisingly easy being a Premium member (I purchased the big founders pack to get beta keys for my friends and I).

    • Kitsunin says:

      Yeah, the grinding, too, seems quite similar to warframe. Pick a map with the resources you want, repeat. Only it’s random each hour which map gets which resource, which is kinda nice for variety when you need a bunch of one color. Also if you don’t want to play so much, you can keep an eye out for the 2-3x multipliers to lessen the grind a lil’. I guess that’s kind of like WF’s alerts but I think the progression is just a bit quicker comparitively.

      I like it, it seems pretty good overall.

  7. carewolf says:

    Press space to win? Now _that_ was a modern JRPG..

  8. nu1mlock says:

    What I don’t enjoy is that I can’t have multiple characters. I play a lot with a friend of mine but when he’s not around I’d like to be able to play without getting ahead of him. Sure, I could switch class, but none of the starter classes (except Paladin) interests me and the only other that does would take forever to get (Berserker).

    I also hate that all equipment looks the same! Yes, I know about the costumes but they’re just that – costumes, not proper equipment. I want to find new swords and weapons that doesn’t look the same as the starter weapon, I want to find armor pieces (no such thing in this game) that fits a Paladin (or whatever class you play), I don’t want to purchase stupid peasant costumes or party outfits.

  9. Beefenstein says:

    Press space to press space on the keyboard which the emulator will parse as X so that you press X to Jason.

    • vahnn says:

      I’m going to give you 13 likes despite not knowing what the hell you’re on about.

  10. teppic says:

    So far I think it’s good for casual gamers. It’s the kind of thing you can set aside an hour to do a mission and then leave alone for a while. The progression caps are probably there to keep people playing over a longer period of time, as well as to avoid pay to win issues.

  11. PrinceMark says:

    Ive played SkyForge since CBT1… is it worth it?

    well let me try to give a point system base on my own personal preference, experience and understanding.

    Graphics = Thank God they fixed the messed up boob physics. If they say that this game is a AAA (triple A) game, then i think they do mean AAA graphics. 8/10

    Char Customization = typical western style… 7/10 nothing new, nothing interesting…the chars are ugly to average.

    No Leveling System = but wait, theres more.. literally more! If you think that you will be able to reach end game faster coz theres no such thing as level system, well you got it wrong, totally, literally wrong! The prestige system is a pain in the ass and requires grinding, as in again and again and the same grinding. The Atlas system provides you with stats, skills, passives etc even unlocking other class… but again, with the CAP limit set on how much a player can aquire per week, it will take at least a year of hard core farming/grinding (not gaming, take note… FARMING/GRINDING) to open all nodes…provided that they dont add more. Id rather play a game with level system rather than spend my time with this one doing the same stuff again and again. 0/10

    Storyline = DULL, BORING, SENSELESS and POINTLESS… its dull and theres no thrill on it, the NPC’s dead reaction adds more to the dull side, the story line itself is like ?_? Wwwhut? 4/10

    Questline = Its you typical, go here, talk to this npc, kill this, kill that, do this, do that… dont bother reading or listening to the quest outline -_- its useless. 6/10

    Social Interaction = Chat in this game is so messed up. If you dont join a Pantheon (ingame name for GUILDS) you will spend the rest of your gaming life chatting with unknown people. Even if you join a pantheon..its really pretty useless coz most of the time u will be playing on solo or a party of 5. The game also focus on HUB>Instance. Not only limiting the game social interaction but also limits the MMORPG aspect of the game. 6/10

    Crafting = None. NO CRAFTING 0/10

    Economy = None. NO ECONOMY 0/10

    SkyForge is a HUB base game. Its like playing phantasy star online without crafting, economy, social etc. For me, this game could have been a lot better if its a open world game with open world PVP and PVE and if theres at least a crafting system. The storyline needs a total make over, char customization needs more work and creativity, seriously most of the fashion cloths are dull and boring.

    The score doesnt look good. But, if you want to play a game where u just want to literally waste you time with while waiting for a real mmorpg then try this one. And the GOD FORM? dont expect too much… its just another power up stuff -_-

  12. skyturnedred says:

    “Yes! Give us your money and you won’t… have… to play our game as much. Hmm.”

    Selling “grind reducers” is F2P 101, so I’m curious as to why it seemed odd to you.

    • Richard Cobbett says:

      Because those are to encourage heavier play within the purchase time, not less overall. Hence, this is different.

    • teppic says:

      As the article says, it’s about reaching the cap sooner. Paying lets you play less to reach the cap, it doesn’t give you any extras, hence indirectly encouraging people to play less.

      • zaldar says:

        I think the idea is that you play even when you hit the cap and that the “game” doesn’t start until you hit the cap. MMO’s all seem to give you speed ups on leveling now which I don’t get. The game does not start when you reach the end … if you made it that way you screwed up. Why I like secret world and SWTOR so much ALL of the game is fun and interesting story wise. Not just the end.

        • Kitsunin says:

          Actually, the game has a cap on the resources which do its equivalent of leveling you up, that you can gain each week. Once you reach the cap, you get resources which get you cosmetic items and respecs and such instead of straight upgrades.

  13. racccoon says:

    Yes it looks pretty but my one loath is mapping in games. So this game has it all…Loading loads of loads of screens! its a shame, as the game actually is pretty nice looking but the flaw is mapping..
    It got thumbs down & un-installed for me.

  14. Sarasvatri says:

    I’ve been playing it, way too much to be healthy. I really like it, and mmos are a tough sell for me. I think a lot of people aren’t giving it a fair shake, seeing the FTP label and pre judging, going in to it looking for things not to like.

    This is unfortunate, I think it’s a worthy addition to the market that does enough things differently.

    The visuals are top notch and surprisingly I’m getting great performance on my second rate not-gaming rig.

    The story isn’t great. Some of this might be translation issues, not sure. But it is just OK. Better than TERA? Is that a compliment? It’s no TSW… But that brings us to my next point, unlike TSO…

    The combat is fun. Things can be challenging, but it rarely/never feels unfair. The game is great at sending you difficulties that can be overcome, and I’ve found it engaging to learn the systems. The 3 person group stuff I’ve done so far has been great, with interesting boss mechanics.

    I like the character advancement. Lots of griping about ‘the grind’ here, but its not anything like an Asian styled grindfest. Building a character seems deep and intricate, complicated without being obtuse. Really fun stuff- I’ve spent a lot of time just poking around the atlas, planning things out.

    If you like action combat, complex character advancement, beautiful graphics, and yes… Something a little different? Give this title a week of playtime for a really fair shot. These guys put some real heart into this game and it shows.

  15. Kalthian says:

    A whole new level… of limits. This game is like PSO2 with systems that limit your progression, and basically will suffocate you as a player if you have more than 2 hours a day to play.

    God System – Where you can play what people on their forums are already referring to as ‘Orderville’: A facebook ripoff game, where you can log in over and over again every hour and a half to click some buttons and send your followers on missions. Whee! /sarc

    Leveling System: Basically a blatant rip-off of Path of Exile (or FFX). Without the fun of being able to access it from where ever you want. Instead, rip your hair out as it takes weeks (because of the cap system) to actually be ‘allowed’ to play the class you actually want to play! Alternatively: Increase your prestige (Think mastery rank from Warframe) and watch as the content they give you access to goes up, but your stats don’t (significantly), so you hit a progression wall! So much fun to die over and over! Yay!

    Completely P2W: You will reach a point during the week where you can no longer progress because they even limit how much in game currency you can earn in a week (God, I wish I was kidding). But don’t worry! You can totally pay real money (to buy argents, that you then trade for in game currency) to keep advancing your Orderville facebook ripoff game!

    Cash shop is a joke otherwise. You will need to buy upgrade stones just to upgrade your gear (because for some unfathomable reason it takes credits to break down other gear into upgrade stones, which is limited by, you guessed it, the ridiculous cap!) Other than that, it’s cosmetics and the usual run-of-the-mill bits. Casual players can reach the cap in 4-9 hours of playtime. No joke. It’s true that free to play and cash players wont outclass each other due to their spending, but currently the prestige system makes it so if you play the system in an exploitative way, you can be at 15,000 prestige in a week, but you won’t be able to play with anyone else, and will sit in queue for upwards of 5 hours.

    Also, the caps *do not* go up the higher your prestige is. They are set on a fixed timer, to increase (barely) week over week. First week 7500 sparks (xp), second week 7000 sparks (xp) (because they gave you a ‘bonus’ your first week of play). Third week: 8000 sparks (xp). To put that in perspective, it takes about 8000 sparks to reach the first class unlock, and then about 12000 to reach the next. It then blows up exponentially to 29000 to reach the next class… yeah. The only ‘benefit’ is that whatever cap you don’t use will bleed into the next week, so if you had 2000 sparks before the reset, and they gave you 8000 this week, you have a cap of 10000 sparks. Which is not enough to reach another class. This game will literally reward you for not playing it. The devs have no idea how ‘to business properly’ lol.

    TL;DR Don’t waste your time: Just go play PSO2 now that it isn’t region locked on SEA (it has English subtitles). PSO2 has it so you can have every class on one character, the only difference is you cannot switch in the actual instances (you have to quickly port out, oh noes!) lol.

    Oh and before I forget: No controller support on Skyforge. PSO2 has the best controller support I’ve seen in my life.

    • Sarasvatri says:

      This guy seems to be going around trashing this game on various websites. Not sure if he’s a professional troll or what. I’d take his ranting with a giant grain of salt and give Skyforge a try if you’re into MMOs. It’s far from perfect, but its kept me entertained for a week so far and I forsee some months at least of amusement. Pretty damn good for a free game!

      Here’s some examples of the above commenter’s cut and paste work, looks like someone has a grudge(scroll down to comments and find the identical ‘review’):

      link to

      link to

      • Kalthian says:

        I love that if I have the passion (or irritation, whatever) to go around to multiple websites and make my opinion known, I must be a ‘professional troll.’ You can think whatever you want though. Also, it’s nice that you want to be an ‘internet hero’ by showing my (what you label as) copy paste work, but you LITERALLY COPY PASTED YOUR RESPONSE HERE AND ON MY OTHER COMMENTS.

        My ‘ranting’. Cute. Lets just debase my comments by labeling them incorrectly. It was a summary of the myriad problems this game has. However, sure, go ahead and label them however you want to direct attention away. You should work for Fox News.

        It is true that I copy-pasted my review of the game to multiple sites, again to make sure it was seen by as many people as possible, but I love that you’re characterizing it as my ‘cut and paste work’. Sorry I didn’t type out a brand new review for each site… yeah. /sarc

        I am glad that it has kept you entertained for a week. If you read my post, it basically says that it might do that for you until everyone leaves, because again: Myriad flaws. Expressing my opinions in multiple forums is not a ‘grudge’ though, please stop misrepresenting my comments. Thanks.

  16. Wifey says:

    I am guilty of being a bit of an MMO hopper. I played Wow for several years and still find myself buying every expansion and playing for a few months, but I quickly get bored of it. I played Rift for a few years and loved the difficult raiding in it, but got burnt out and stopped playing that. I’ve also played Wildstar, Tera, Secret World, Archeage, FFXIV, and a few others.

    I must say that I really am loving Skyforge. I didn’t expect to like it this much, but once you get past the strangeness of its combat system and lack of mouse (similar to tera), it really starts to get interesting. My Cryomancer is at just over 3000 prestige, and I’ve already unlocked some really fun abilities, such as a dash that lets me slide around like I’m on ice. The intricate combat system makes up for the lack of lore, which doesn’t really bother me since I’m not a big lore person anyways. For example, you left click once, you have a new ability for your right click. You left click twice, and a new ability comes up. You can press certain buttons, like 1 (for gunner) to cycle through different types of guns, but if you hold it for a little bit longer, you get a whole new gun. It’s just really unique.

    There is an incredible amount of character customization in terms of where you are putting your points. Not only do your points serve to both improve your current class and work towards unlocking new ones, but you also get talents which further customize your playstyle.

    The hub world is a little bit unusual, but it makes sense that we’re not running all over since we’re immortals. There are open world areas which seem to get bigger as you progress through the game, with gorgeous graphics. You do have to do some of the same instances over, but you quickly open up new ones as you progress so there shouldn’t be much of a risk of getting bored. You don’t *have* to keep repeating the open world areas if you don’t want to.

    Sure, there are some bugs they need to work out (such as the terrible chat system), but it’s still open beta.
    As an avid MMO hopper, I must say that I have no plans of leaving this game any time soon. I’m really enjoying it and can’t wait to see where it goes from here. If you have any doubts, give it a week before you decide. You will find that the initial confusion of the game goes away as you unlock things more and more, and you’ll get sucked in the way I did.

  17. Ghinbi says:

    Game is reaaaaally good but it take a long time to unlock the good stuff, since well, only the alchemist got the capacity of shaking things up for the entire group. And there aren’t a lot of that are played out there. Same for other classes actually you need plenty of extra nodes in the global atlas when you re done with the class one + grabbing the divine form.

    However when you re done with that … holy crap is it good

  18. Rational Drunk says:

    “My memory is like a kraken’s tentacle; tenacious and filled with suckers.”

    I like the combat and the visuals of this game, but the writing just doesn’t make sense.

  19. Drakz says:

    I have played this for about a month I guess? It is a good game and the only issues I came across are that the basic tank class (Paladin) can’t agro until much later into its tree when you will be working towards an advanced class, but otherwise is a pretty good class.

    Then it comes to that not many people I have seen play tanks.

    But the biggest issue I have found is that if you go in with group finder you always seem to get thrown in with a party with at least one person being 9K prestige (Like your level) so the instance scales to them, and about 75% of the time they will leave right away, leaving me (4 almost 5K prestige almost) and other even lower than me dealing with enemies their level, you do get scaled to that prestige level but you are still without the traits or abilities or bonuses from that level gear to deal very well.

    I have enjoyed the game alot but they need to put something in place so you end up playing with people your own level and not people higher level who will rage at your low prestige or the fact they have to actually do something more that dps.

    As a ps I want to say I currently play Necro and it is fantastic, despite people saying that you should go for the Archer/Ranger or Kinetic for dps. You just need to get used to the fact that your health will always be in flux, plus you get a sort of second wind skill if and when you die.