Glad Rags And Pack Rats: Witcher 3 Patch 1.07 Out

Young lady, I don't care if you've put a shrug on - you'll still catch your death in those frozen wastes. Have you forgotten the Wild Hunt and their ice machine?

Things have been quiet on the witching front these past few weeks, the trickle of free DLC for The Witcher 3 [official site] paused while developers CD Projekt RED worked on a big old patch. Over the weekend, they and released what they’ve been up to.

Patch 1.07 has brought a stash to store items in, a new movement option, performance improvements, inventory changes, and, yes, fixes for naughty horses. Sunday also brought the fourteenth free DLC, an alternative outfit for Ciri that’s a touch more sensible for a monster-hunter pursued by ice dogs – though only a touch.

Patch 1.07’s changelog is a sizeable beast. Do be warned that a few spoilers are hinted at with quest and names. I’ll dance lightly across the big points.

The patch has added a stash, with locations across the world to store things in. A Witcher carries everything they need with them, but I suppose a large enough proportion of players aren’t good at roleplaying. Take that! If you’re still clinging to collections, sure, whatever, store them away. You don’t need them though, so what’s the point? What’s going on in your life? Why do you need these trinkets so badly? I’m worried about you.

Geralt can cram more than ever into his pockets too, as crafting and alchemy components are now weightless. His stuff’s easier to sort too, and books get a separate inventory tab and are greyed-out when read.

A number of quests bugs are fixed now, though I notice a few I’ve had trouble with aren’t fixed yet.

On the performance front, they’ve made a lot of little fixes, and bigger ones like improving streaming. “Players should experience fewer blurred textures, NPC spawn times should be markedly reduced, and there should be an overall improvement in the speed with which game assets are loaded,” RED say. They’ve also added a new HairWorks setting which decreases the quality a little to boost performance, and might make it vaguely worth turning on.

The patch notes have plenty more, so do go read. Download it however you’ve downloaded past patches, though be aware this is a biggun. Ciri’s new outfit is likewise available the usual ways you download the game’s free DLC bits. We’ve got another two of those still to come.


  1. CarbonCopy says:

    I finished the game at thursday :( I didn’t get to play with this new patch. The best new feature is undoubtedly the new movement option. I downloaded the patch just to try it and it is great. Much better than the original heavy feeling movement of geralt. I wish it was like that from the beginning.

  2. Cinek says:

    The “old one” is better, IMHO.

    • Cinek says:

      (outfit, obviously. Thankfully there’s an option to switch back and forth between them)

      • DelrueOfDetroit says:

        Ciri’s outfit was silly. Button your damn shirt up, can’t you see it’s snowing out!!

        • Cinek says:

          At least her outfit is somewhat functional (even if you remember about high heels) – the one Geralt and almost all of the soldiers got in real life would make them walk almost like an astronauts. With next to zero flexibility. But somehow in TW3 metal moves like a cotton (or actually: more like a modeling clay) so all these fancy moves are possible. So I’m more than willing to forget about two buttons and a shoes.

  3. Freud says:

    More responsive controls would have helped, but it’s not like the game was hard to play before.

    My main problem with controls is sometimes looting/using things is annoying. Especially under water. It feels like they didn’t adjust the camera enough so you have to look for the tiny area where the game recognize you want to pick something up or use something.

  4. Cyroch says:

    It could be just a big ol case of the placebos but I feel that while npc pop-in is reduced, theres a lot more vegetation pop-in and more visible texture loading. Could just be my imagination tho.

    Also, while I can appreciate the new movement system, by now I am so used to hoe Geralt handles that I just don’t want to switch out. Also some of the animation just look choppy in the alternate movement system.

    • CarbonCopy says:

      I agree that the animations in the alternate moverment are slightly worse than the original but for me it feels so much more responsive and nicer. What it really reminds me is the movement in Dark Souls, which is awesome IMO.

    • Gwilym says:

      Aw man, I’ve had the exact opposite experience. Weird bloody engine. :)

      While it’s impossible to rule out placebory, I’m pretty sure I’m getting smoother framerates and more ‘consistent’ visuals (fewer glitches or blurry textures). But the NPC pop-in has been turned up to eleventy-stupid. It’s really distracting.

      Based on some googling, it seems like I may just be in an area that’s particularly prone to it (Oreton and the nearby Nilfgaard camps), but it’s still unpleasant.

      What’s even more unpleasant is the horrible bickering that goes on in forum threads dedicated to it. It makes the experience of searching for a fix even more frustrating than usual.

      • Cyroch says:

        This is indeed strange. Yes, My framerate overall is a lot smoother. Just the vegetation pop-in and more obvious LoD changes as textures load are kinda strange. But as I said, could well be my imagination, since I didn’t play for a few days prior to the patch. I will keep an eye out for the npc pop-in in the areas you indicated when I’m there.

        I agree, it is terrible to read any forum entries regarding the patch!

        • Geebs says:

          I get slightly more pop-in but less of the intermittent stuttering, so it’s an improvement for me (ultra settings apart from high foliage, GTX 970). Also, Hairworks is now actually usable! Odd that it’s only male NPCs, wolves, Griffins and horses that get it though.

  5. aircool says:

    New movement options? Might be time to install the game again.

  6. tkjgmz says:

    I’m kind of disappointed by the formulae/diagram pinning feature – only one of these can be pinned at any given time, unless I’m missing something.

    That’s a bit like writing a shopping list with just potatoes & beer on it – those I can remember on my own. Being able to track missing ingrediences for the potentially dozens of recipes at a time would be nice. Come to think of it, that would’nt even need a pinning feature. Just mark all relevant items in the shops with a “you currently might need this for x “-kind of thing.

    • suibhne says:

      It’s not quite as inconsequential as that. Advanced formulae can require 7 or 8 ingredients, so this turns out to be a useful feature eventually. For the most basic formulae, I agree it’s worthless.

    • carewolf says:

      I am mostly annoyed with it because the tutorial help for it keeps poping up. I get it every single time I go directly to alchemy by pressing L.

  7. suibhne says:

    I thought the original movement was fine. It felt mapped to human physiology in a way that fighting games aren’t (and shouldn’t be).

    My only big irritation was that everything was real-time but uninterruptible. E.g.: If you hit a baddie with Aard halfway through its attack animation, it completes the animation and attacks you, then falls over. It’s offputting and sometimes howlingly frustrating, especially on higher difficulties.

  8. carewolf says:

    Can they really fix Ciri’s outfit? I mainly notice her out-of-place high heels,beause the animation incorperates it. She runs funny because she is running in high heels, if they were to fix that, it would require redoing her animation to something less silly.

    • Thurgret says:

      They look quite like certain varieties of riding boots. Of course, she doesn’t spend enough time on horseback to really justify those either.

  9. bleeters says:

    It also broke the mod I had that prevented story recap cutscenes playing every time I loaded a save, so needless to say I won’t be touching this again for however long it takes that to be updated.

    • Gessen says:

      Does that improve loading times? Even if it doesn’t, would still be nice. Will have to check that out.

      • nearly says:

        Pretty sure it does nothing to load times, just makes it so you’re on the proper loading screen for longer

    • thebigJ_A says:

      You know you can skip them like five seconds in, yes?

      I agree they repeat far too much, but I wouldn’t want to never even see them the first time.

  10. Jediben says:

    Finished this yesterday after a weekend marathon. Actually had tears in my eyes at two significant points in the story. Left me feeling things I haven’t felt from a game since Torment. Loved it.

  11. blastaz says:

    Patch broke achievements on Steam.

  12. Tachanka says:

    At least a couple of quests are now broken – there is one where a werewolf can not die in Skellige, and another where Triss breaks off her dialogue and doesn’t sort out a figurine… But I love the changes to the inventory, with books being a separate tab, and knowing which ones you have read. Also the tagging of an alchemy recipe is really handy. More UI stuff would be great. The new armour for Ciri is an improvement, so she is no longer sporting the close equivalent of ‘boob armour’. BUT does not go far enough really, and despite her strength physical and strength of will, she is still a barbie-like waif. I dont think Ciri would be like that. I think she should be represented more like Ronda Rousey than Barbie. I think CD Projekt Red need to represent women better, less barbie dolls, and more real people.