Die It Yourself: Project Zomboid’s Creative Mode

Which jackass friend built this shoddy deathtrap for me?

I’m not sure when – or if, or how – Project Zomboid [official site] will ever be finished, as developers The Indie Stone are forever finding new things to add to their open-world zombie survival sandbox. Simulating a world with thousands of characters, players and NPCs, can be a mighty deep rabbit world. DayZ has gotten lost down that hole at times, but Zomboid has at least seemed to be heading towards a finished game.

The next big addition will be a ‘Creative Mode’ which makes creating your own levels far less of a pain in the bum, and will let players do it together online.

The Indie Stone explain that their current system simply isn’t good enough. “The learning curve for the toolset, the drudge of copying files, the exporting and all the rest made it an intimidating process,” they say. They’d hoped people would do more, but totally understand why they haven’t. This may change with Creative Mode. They say:

“It lets you build maps faster, have fun and work as a team. In essence, it lets you edit the map in any way you can imagine. You can use any buildings or other map pieces available: whether you’re subscribed to them on Steam Workshop, copying and pasting them from the existing PZ map or creating them yourself.

“It’s a mode that lets you, as an in-game Zomboid character, create extra buildings, districts, even complete towns and cities. What’s more, absolutely anything can be shared to the Workshop – at the moment via an external app, but soon straight from the game itself. Coming back the other way, anything you’re subscribed to will automatically be available to place within Creative Mode.”

The initial release of Creative Mode with version 33 will be a little limited, letting folks landscape, make buildings, and plop in furniture. Tools for roads, pavement, fences, erosion, and other nice details will arrive later. Still, this looks pretty easy to me:


  1. gXxshock says:

    Project Zomboid rosebud style, looks like a lot of fun especially in multiplayer

  2. Harlander says:

    A rabbit world? Is that like a rabbit hole, but bigger?

    Anyway, it might be fun to build up the town I live in in PZ. Guess I’ll need to grab some beach tiles…

    • SanguineAngel says:

      It is a planet that is shaped, through a fluke a nature, like a rabbit.

  3. Snids says:

    Maybe the player community has asked for this feature for all I know, but creating all of this before the core game is finished seems stupid to me.

    • lemmy101 says:

      On the one hand you have a game coming out of Early Access on Steam with 0 items in the workshop, on the other you have a game coming out of Early Access already with thousands of things already in the workshop.

      • pistolhamster says:

        The “Workshop Number of Items”-ocity of a game on Steam is a minor thing for me. Its story and atmosphere does however matter. I bought in on Zomboid more than 4 years ago. Still remember the first game with Baldspot and Kate. The doom and gloom of the musical score. Thrill of finding an axe! But I miss them as I am a solo player.

        • lemmy101 says:

          All that’s coming back :) just super ambitious and taking time, so in the meantime we’re trying to make sure there’s lots of cool content to tide people over and make a better more feature rich game at the end of it. Workshop support is huge to many people and one of our biggest requests.

    • redbubbles says:

      > but creating all of this before the core game is finished seems stupid to me.

      They’re creating this _while_ the core game is being finished. Judging from their blog posts and how other teams do it the whole studio isn’t working on the same thing. X works on feature 1 while Y and Z work on feature 2.

  4. bit.bat says:

    I have wanted to buy this for ages now but would like to play the finished product, is there an approximate date for when it comes out of early access?

    • cpt_freakout says:

      You should just get it when you have some extra money and leave it in your library to grow, like a tree, out of early access some years into the future. That’s what I did, and so I can see the updates every once in a while to see how it’s all going. I’ve been tempted to install it more than a few times, but then I look at their plans and think “maybe next version, since that looks cooler”, and well, here I am, without having installed it, and yet recommending someone to buy it.

    • Cinek says:

      Noone really knows when it’ll come out, I think: not even author himself. But FYI game still feels very much unfinished. I cannot recommend buying it, not now.

    • redbubbles says:

      They only ever give rough estimates but have so far missed them. The game is constantly in development and only still in Early Access because one or two main features they want in haven’t made it in yet. If you do not know what they are it might as well be an already finished game in your mind.
      The fact that it is more fun is more important than it being finished, especially considering they’re going to add to the game even after being out of (the horrible) Early Access machinery.

      • bit.bat says:

        I have this thing about wanting to always play what the creators deem to be the complete creative vision but it is a personal hang-up, I can completely see how you can enjoy a game if it is fun without being finished. Coming out of early access being the mark of a complete creative vision is a whole other discussion of course.

        • Dugular says:

          A bit late, but just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone with that quirk! Mine even extends to not using mods which do simple things like improve graphics or fix bugs. I have to play a game as developer-vanilla as possible!

    • RRed1234 says:

      Meh, its gonna be forever, Its really ambitious and Imo its REALLY good right now….
      Also in reply to brotherthree the point is that everyone dies and that that was the story of how you died.

  5. fledo says:

    I’m stuck in a loop. The first link links to this article and not the tag. Took me a while to figure out why I kept opening the article in a new tab, heh.

    • redbubbles says:

      You need to click the [official site] part, not the name of the game. Always been this way (name being linked as the tag for RPS, official site in brackets)

      • fledo says:

        Right, but the link was to this article and not the /tag/project-zomboid. A simple copy-paste error probably which obviously has been fixed now. :)

  6. redbubbles says:

    Exactly what the game needed imho. The other tools were just cumbersome to learn.
    Overall the only bad thing I can say about PZ is that it set my expectations for other Early Access games way too high. I find myself being disappointed because I’ve expected them to be as fun as PZ.
    These guys seem to care a great deal about their customers from what I’ve read. Not sure if it is a coincidence that their Steam discussions are not the usual hellhole but actually friendly.
    Used to be annoyed at the absence of some features but I’m being bombarded with refinements and additions with every update so idgaf anymore. Played more than 700 hours for the 15 bucks I’ve thrown their way.

  7. Wetcoaster says:

    That engine, specifically the walls, multi-level buildings, and the way lighting is handled all remind me of the original X-COM

  8. brotherthree says:

    Great game, I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit despite the fact there isn’t really and endgame yet.

    Once they further the ability to develop/invest in your character besides just skill points, and add NPCs or other PvE and RPG elements, this game will be something very special indeed.

  9. wodin says:

    Me wants NPC..that’s all..NPC.

  10. lordfrikk says:

    I’ve been waiting for this game to be finished since 2011…