It’s Always Sunny In Minelandia: Movie Director Announced

Heigh ho, heigh ho.

I only know Rob McElhenney as an actor in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which I only know as ‘that sitcom about nasty people being nasty to each other which a former flatmate really liked’, so the announcement that he’ll be directing the Minecraft [official site] movie is baffling to me. I’ve had a quick scan of his IMDB page and… no, co-creating and starring in a comedy of unpleasantness is by far the biggest thing he’s done. Well then! This might be interesting.

The idea of a Minecraft movie still sounds a bit like a cash grab, and a cynical side of me imagines simply a blocky version of your standard children’s movie. I’d thought about the same of Telltale’s episodic adventure game Minecraft: Story Mode too, though, and that has turned out to look sorta interesting – the LEGO Movie meets YouTuber adventures.

“Hey Mojang let’s do something strange and wonderful” McElhenney said on Twitter. I definitely imagine it’ll be strange.

That said, the footage of Duncan Jones’s Warcraft movie that recently leaked out of San Diego Comic-Con looked boring as all heck – and his Moon is one of my favourite sci-fi films of recent years. Who knows what Minecraft might turn out to be!


  1. svge says:

    Day bow bow.

    • Crusoe says:

      Thank you! I spat my tea everywhere, but it was worth it.

      • MegaAndy says:

        It amazes me that any reader of RPS dares to read the comments while drinking tea, far too dangerous

  2. RaoulDuke says:

    Cheryl Cole shows us how his acting friends will react to the news:

    “You got a directing gig? Great!! What’s the project?!??”

    link to

  3. Shakes999 says:

    “The Gang Dances their Asses off” is one of the funniest half-hours ever committed to television. I got nothing other than that.

    • Henke says:

      My fave is “The Nightman Cometh”, which I see Rob McElhenney wrote! Mmm, I think I’d be more excited to hear that he’s writing the Minecraft movie rather than directing it.

  4. Silent_Thunder says:

    Unless Danny Devito is grabbed too it just won’t feel right.

    “I don’t know how many years I have left on this green earth, so I’m gonna get real weird with it”

    Words to live by.

  5. Skeletor68 says:

    As an actor in Philly he channels a lot of boyish excitement and innocence at times. Maybe it’s that side they’re thinking about.

  6. Bull0 says:

    This should be good, Rob McElhenny is funny and clever. He also gained a ton of weight to try and make a point about the appearance demanded of TV actors (in a nutshell, drawing attention to how the characters on the show all drink excessively but are all typically physically fit). I like the show – it’s horrible people being horrible to eachother, but that’s the point – they aren’t meant to be likable characters, and that’s refreshing.

  7. Distec says:

    I don’t know if I consider Sunny to be a series of excellence, but it is absolutely entertaining to watch. The vile, nasty nature of the characters can sometimes feel a little excessive, but it’s all tempered by the fact they are their own worst enemies. Comeuppance is inevitable, and the worst damage they do is typically to themselves. Plus, I always appreciate watching Danny DeVito get fuckin’ weird.

    As for the film, I understand the cynicism entirely. But… I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt for now. I had a similar reaction to the LEGO movie when that was announced, but that actually turned out to be pretty good. Like, far better than it had any right to be. I didn’t expect it to turn into a “Dad movie” by the third act and I was pleasantly surprised.

  8. itsbenderingtime says:

    “Nasty people being nasty to each other”, huh? I guess that means the Minecraft movie will be about the mod community, then.

    • Shakes999 says:

      Comments like these make me wish there was a recommending system on RPS.

  9. CBZ323 says:

    Clearly the author doesnt know much about It’s always sunny, so judging it it or any of Rob’s future projects based on not knowing anything about him doesnt sound very productive.

    It’s always sunny is one of my favorite shows and you can only appreciate the writer’s genius if you get to understand the characters (which takes many episodes, even seasons). If you just watch bits here and there then yes, you might think it’s just s show about nasty people.

    • LockjawNightvision says:

      Denis Reynolds would scare the shit out of Patrick Bateman.

    • Sin Vega says:

      Sorry, but “Nasty people being nasty to each other” is exactly what Sunny is about. That’s literally the synopsis of the show. If anything, it’s generous, as to describe some of what the gang gets up to as merely “nasty” is an enormous understatement.

      I happen to find it goddamn hilarious, not least because there’s never any doubt that these are terrible, awful, entirely unsympathetic people whose lives and behaviour are nothing to admire or aspire to.

  10. alms says:

    Well I guess a link to his IMDB page would have appreciated. That may as well sound illogical or surreal to you, but while I’m taking the time to type this, I can’t really be bothered to look him up myself.

  11. GWOP says:

    It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is about nasty people doing terrible things to others and each other; but crucially, unlike Friends (which is also about terrible people), there is no attempt to make you relate or sympathize with them.

    It’s a great show. I no longer believe in evolution because of it.