The Path More Taken: Up Hill And Down Dale

Nature park funsies

I’ve been playing about with The Path More Taken [official site] this morning. It’s a little game about designing a path through a map that will most appeal to your group of visitors for the day.

You can see who’s going to show up in the bottom right and try to tweak the path accordingly to rack up points. Apparently kids love peering at the beavers you find near the water while parents are a bit wary. Conversely, parents adore information signs while the kids object to being reminded of school.

On one trip a hunter got cross with me because I somehow blocked his shot of a rabbit while a tourist was annoyed that a sign was in his way as he tried to take pictures.


Out of spite I think I will walk everyone through as many lakes and over as many hills and near as many rotting leaf piles as possible.

I am bad at tourism management.

You can play The Path More Taken on free of charge.


  1. Prince says:

    Kudos to the dvelopers for making a somewhat original concept. I’ll definitely be trying it out.

  2. Ejia says:

    I… actually want to play a full-fledged tourism management game.The last one I can remember fiddling with was one of those SimTitles (Park? Safari?) that was actually an edutainment game.

    • Harlander says:

      Weren’t all the Sim titles kinda edutainment?

      Also, was it SimIsle you were thinking of? That’s got a pretty strong ecotourism focus as I recall