Minions, Ho! In Overlord: Fellowship Of Evil Trailer

Minions are big business nowadays, I gather from ignoring all the Despicable Me meme Thinkpieces and Hot Takes scrolling down Twitter. And yet, Codemasters are stepping away from their own brand of minions in Fellowship of Evil [official site]. Their upcoming spin-off of the Pikmin-with-jovial-murder series focuses more on player characters in co-op action.

Minions are still around to do your murderous bidding, mind. Lest people think that they’re gone, Codemasters have dropped a new trailer focused on the minions, showing snippets of gameplay and a few of the great hats (and not-hats) they’ll get to wear. Very important to Overlord, hats.

Codies have also put out a big answered a load of fan questions about quite what the game is. In short, it’s an action-RPG starring NetherghÅ«ls come back to life to kill things, supporting solo play but really meant for co-op. Up to four deadfolks will be running around, killing stuff, levelling up to get new abilities and gathering shiny things to swap for fancy weapons. And minions. You do still have minions too, mind, and upgrading them does more than before. Codies say:

“Players gain the ability to summon all four minion colours very early in the game. After that, players can upgrade them by spending loot found during quests. The upgrades are colour-specific, so for example, brown minions will eventually gain an upgrade that allows them to taunt enemies for tanking purposes. Players can focus on upgrading one minion colour, or instead spread their loot around all four colours, two colours, or any combination they wish.”


The game is “coming soon” via Steam.


  1. Zenicetus says:

    “supporting solo play but really meant for co-op”

    Well, that’s a quick way to kill my interest in the game, and I enjoyed the first one (until it got a bit too repetitive towards the end).

    • Hedgeclipper says:

      Yes, if I wanted to play with other people I’d go outside

    • AngoraFish says:

      Yep. Devs really narrow their potential market when they don’t properly support solo play. Still, I’m the first to call out contant and tedious requests for multiplayer to be added to solo games, so to each their own I guess. Just so long as people stop insisting on shoehorning multiplayer into perfectly good solo titles.

  2. satan says:

    Good, so long as there aren’t any puzzles in it, everytime I was enjoying myself in the first two games, puzzles (more busy work than brain work) brought everything to a screeching halt. In fact I don’t think I ever finished the second game, most likely because of a puzzle ragequit.

  3. Ejia says:


    So, Pikmin.

  4. Wowbagger says:

    Capitalism Ho!

  5. Cyroch says:

    I dearly hope this whole designed for co-op craze ends sooner rather than later. In a lot of ways my game tastes differ a lot from my friends. While its possible to get them together for competitive stuff like CS or Rocket League or DotA, it is quite difficult to get them into non competitive games with a pure co-op focus.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against games with a co-op focus, even if it means there is nor ore bare bones solo play. What I do not like is the trend to turn franchises that were inherently a single player experience into titles with a lesser or non existent single player experience. Dead Space 3 and F3ar are the first to come to mind.