Not Limbo: Fighty Silhouetted Platformer Feist Released

I know what you’re thinking: “Shadowy forest, spiky monsters, swinging log trap, silhouettes a-go go – this’ll be one of those there Limbo ’em ups!” Pal, you’re a chump. Feist [official site] lets you fight back, for starters, flinging pointy sticks through their faces. Feist may have a touch of Limbo look (with lovely colourful backgrounds!) but it’s a fighty platformer, not a puzzly one.

Feist is out now, released last night for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Developers Bits & Beasts have been working on Feist for over six years, hand-making all those spikes and trees for you to murder everyone with. It really isn’t Limbo, you guys. At the same time, it does have a fine magical tone to the world. The devs say they’re influenced by films like The Dark Crystal and Hedgehog in the Fog, which does make me wary given how long Young Alice had nightmares about The Dark Crystal.

Feist is available on Steam, GOG, Humble (DRM-free and with a Steam key), and Itch. With a launch discount until next Thursday, it’s £10 on Steam but £9 elsewhere.

I think I’m on Kieron’s side about Limbo, for reference. Not just because I think declaring my alignment will still annoy John all these years later. Rick Dangerous for Goths, John.


  1. tengblad says:

    Well, that looks lovely. I guess I’m just a sucker for hand drawn animation, between this and Ori.

  2. Janichsan says:

    I totally forgot about this game. I think I played a very early preview version of it, that was available for free.

  3. Premium User Badge

    johannsebastianbach says:

    While it isn’t Limbo, its art style is definitely 1:1 Badland. Like, really really the same.

    • Syra says:

      Yeah identical to badland! I wonder if it’s made by the same folks?

      • christmas duck says:

        Definitely very Badlands, but doesn’t seem to be by the same (or a related) developer.

    • davec1 says:

      I’m pretty sure it also predates Badlands. ( And it always had that silhouettes + coloured backgrounds look )

  4. Sarfrin says:

    Super Mario for goths.

  5. AriochRN says:


  6. Marclev says:

    Played 20 minutes of this and got a refund on Steam, entirely possible I didn’t give it enough time or I’m just too old for this sort of thing, but it seems out to punish the player for making mistakes and comes across like it’ll be impossibly difficult as game goes on. It is very pretty, however.

  7. Marclev says:

    The Dark Crystal is indeed one of the scariest kids films ever made and brings back memories of refusing point blank to rewatch it as a kid because it was too scary to sit through.