Undead: Resident Evil 2 Fan Remake Free This Summer

About 17 years ago, back when most of you were a mere twinkle in yer mom’s wombish bits, Capcom released a little zombie game called Resident Evil 2. Now the year 2015, in a time where the weird bulbous character models of yore no longer carry the same value in the eyes of my jaded Millennial peers, the final touches are being made to a long-awaited free fan remake called Resident Evil 2 Reborn [official site].

Reborn has been in the making for around two years, initially using the Unity engine before moving on to Unreal Engine 4. It features totally revamped 3D models, particle effects, better lighting, textures and animation. All that fun stuff. You can check out a few clips below.

The whole thing is the work of a little Italian team called InvaderGames, who are working on a not-for-profit basis. It’s worth mentioning that there’s still no word from Capcom whether or not they are in support of it, which I’d imagine could bring up potential copyright issues if things go south. Regardless, InvaderGames are aiming to see an alpha version out sometime in Summer. So, soon.

I’ve reached out to Capcom for any comment.


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    garfieldsam says:

    Frankly it looks really boring. I don’t think the RE4 over-the-shoulder camera/scheme works for the RE2 environments.

  2. Baines says:

    Emily, you do realize that asking Capcom for comments could be what gets the project killed?

    Even when companies unofficially supports such fan projects, employees give warnings telling people *not* to bring those projects to their attention, because such direct contact means that they can no longer deny knowledge of the project.

    • Saarlaender39 says:

      According to an article on Germans Gaming Site “GameStar.de”, the devs of this remake seem to be on the safe side.

      link to gamestar.de

      Quote: “Mittlerweile scheint auch die rechtliche Lage mit dem Markeninhaber Capcom geklärt, so darf Invader Games diesen Sommer eine kostenlose Alpha zu Resident Evil 2: Reborn veröffentlichen.”

      Translation: “Meanwhile, the legal situation with the trade mark proprietor Capcom seems clarified, so Invader Games is allowed to publish a free alpha of RE2: Reborn, this summer.”

      Of course, it only “seems” to be clarified, and there is no further link, to prove anything, but…

    • DeusExMachina says:

      Yeah…when I read “contacting Capcom” I was like whoot…I hope nothing happens since this remake was already featured at PC Gamer and its still alive it seems…

  3. Jalan says:

    Thoroughly pleased to see they put the model of Brad Vickers in that stairwell section near the police department entrance. While not exactly a “little detail” type of thing, it’s nice to know they didn’t just neglect to put him down there.

    Also, with Capcom being in the parade raining business these days, I have little doubt to their intent to do so for InvaderGames.

  4. XhomeB says:

    All their hard work goes to waste, because they insisted on using that awful, RE4-like, over-the-shoulder camera view AND making the environments pitch black, which they totally weren’t in RE2.

  5. Dale Winton says:

    No chance this will come out and I doubt capcom would allow it either

  6. Premium User Badge

    Earl-Grey says:

    I will simply say that this looks like a true labour of love.

  7. Boarnoah says:

    That camera perspective looks awful, how anyone could play like that without feeling ill is a wonder. They did do a good job with the environments though brought back all the chills from playing this on a pc as a young un back to me.

  8. PancakeWizard says:

    I remember not so long ago someone recreated Resi 2 in UE3 as a self-teaching aide for the engine and put up him playing through the whole thing on YT. He wouldn’t release it for fear of having to lawyer up against Capcom. I wonder what makes these guys different? Or if the same guy is involved somehow?

    • Jalan says:

      That’s in the other article that’s linked in this article. It was done by Rod Lima, who from the looks of it is not involved with InvaderGames.

  9. tiltaghe says:

    I’ll say it looks very good, very promising.

    It’s not really Resi 2. There is a lot of personal choices from the dev there, the obvious one being the RE4-style over the shoulder perspective. And it’s great! Why make the same game. RE2 is fantastic but this is a unique take. I’m glad to see that this perspective can actually provoke fear and is in my opinion enhanced by the corridors environments of Resi2 level design.

    I feel the lighting is somewhat a cheap effect to enhance fear with this perspective but really I appreciate it as it is. It’s a good call in my opinion and funny it’s made by italians, with their peculiar giallo horror history.

    There are some moments where it feels amateurish, but it’s just a few. Not so bad.

    The rhythm is very interesting too. In the perspective of old RE resources management (not seen anything about inventory in the videos though’) I like how the shooting feels. After each shot, you wait for the animation of the zombie, because if he falls now, you save a bullet. Everything counts. And the perspective being really close and experiencing not camera cuts like this… good immersion. :)

    I hope Capcom will not stop them in their endehavor. But I’m scared they will and it seems from a total law noob like me, like they could stop them legally. They use the trademark and its not even a proper remake, its a freeform reinterpretation. The best would be if they make a deal :)

    • Baines says:

      Lighting, specifically point and dynamic lighting, is the curse of modern game design.

      • tiltaghe says:

        Why is that in your opinion? I’m interested in the question.

        • Baines says:

          Dynamic lighting means working flashlights. In theory this is good, allowing for more immersion and gives the developers more options on how they light their games. In practice, as with other effects, it often gets overused and misused.

          Rather than aiding design and immersion, flashlights became arbitrary restrictive gimmicks. Games were made darker, so that you needed the flashlight to see, and the nature of the flashlight (now a spotlight instead of brightening the entire view) meant that you only lit a small section of your view. Flashlights ultimately reduced the view and clarity of entire games. Games also started getting flashlights not because they needed them, but because it was expected (which in turn meant that they often got dark areas to justify using said flashlight). Games made flashlights more gimmicky, like the ever annoying FPS idea of making it where you couldn’t hold a flashlight and a gun at the same time.

          Point lights were similarly overused. This even affected overhead and 2D games, where large parts of the screen might now be cast into darkness in order to show off colored lights, moving lights, and lighting effects on attacks like guns and magic. Again, this is something that theoretically could have been good, but became bad through overuse and misuse. It also messed with screen color. These were effects for the sake of having effects, again at the cost of detail and clarity.

          Making matters worse is the interaction of lighting with people who do not fully understand the reflection levels of their models, or the default properties of the engine that they are using (like Unreal Engine), as seen in the annoying shininess of the textures in the screens above.

          I’d say more, but I don’t really have time at the moment. A lot of it is personal grudge. I think games look better, more clear and easier to see, without the fancy lighting tricks. With all the lighting tricks, they can look dark and muddy and details are easily lost. Developers don’t know how to really take advantage of what such lighting control brings, and just throwing it in because it is the thing to do can and does make games look worse.

          • Baines says:

            EDIT: Of course there are games where it works. Flashlights certainly help the immersion in STALKER, for example.

          • Synesthesia says:

            Good post! You are a 3d artist, I suppose?

  10. PancreaticDefect says:

    Stop making me feel old.

    17 years ago I was getting my drivers license you ass.

    • Neutrino says:

      Quite. If Emily thinks that the majority of RPS readers are under 17 then I think she has absolutely no idea who she is writing for.

  11. Kitsunin says:

    Oh…this isn’t that project which was already completed, but only ever uploaded to Youtube. That’s…incredibly disappointing. Not to say this doesn’t look cool, but a straight-up graphically improved version of Resi 2 would be amazing, while I feel uncertain as to whether a 2/4 sort of mashup is going to work fantastically.

    • Kitsunin says:

      Generally, I just love the ol’ fixed perspectives ‘n tank controls, much as they might be a sticking point for some. Any excuse to play more games with such a control scheme is an excuse I want to have.

    • Jalan says:

      Yeah, the line regarding Rod Lima’s project and this one being the same thing is confusing things more than it should. Hopefully Emily (or someone else) can go in and make a correction about that.

  12. Synesthesia says:

    A real shame about the camera, the work seems good. Fixed camera angles were half the soul of these games.

  13. horrorgasm says:

    Heh. So Capcom suddenly just started asking its fans on Facebook how interested they would be in a Resident Evil 2 remake…yeah, this thing is so going to get put down.