The RPS Bargain: S Dot T Dot A Dot And So On

The best game deals can be hard to find on your own, popping up as they do on obscure sites and often vanishing hours later. That’s what the Bargain Bucket is for – to round up the week’s sales in case your short on money and high on desire to play something new.

This week’s plushie diaroma is from Welverin. Well, damn.

Football Manager 2015
It occurs to me I’ve never, ever actually placed a football game in a bucket. Which is weird. Football Manager 2015 is the most recent of the long-running series and is discounted, I’d guess, shortly ahead of the reveal of its successor’s features. If you can’t wait for the start of the football season in two week’s time, maybe you want to pick this up – though the dollar price seems oddly high compared to the other currencies.

The S.T.A.L.K.E.R Bundle
Despite the inefficiency of its title, the S.T.A.L.K.E — STALKER, damnit — series has always held a special place in my heart. Although it wasn’t the first game to do it, this was the first game in my memory to toy with the idea of an emergent ecosystem. Stalker’s irradiated zone is a place that lived and breathed without your input, and without heed for your existence. It was splendid. And terrifying. And a great introduction to the bleak sci-fi of the region. I don’t know how much you crave being told to drink vodka and to avoid distortions in reality, but if that sounds like your jam…

We don’t give competent games enough credit: games that don’t wow us; don’t inspire a million thoughtpieces; don’t push us to say things about them. They tend to slide quietly back into the abyss of our Steam libraries, forgotten. Which is a damn shame, because not everything has to be an award-winning success to be entertaining, and there’s sometimes things to learn from those middling games. Singularity, for example, is a good game – but it’s not great. It has some good guns, and it provides some relatively interesting places to go. At full price, I’d question sticking this in your shopping basket, but we’re not doing full prices here, are we?

GTA Complete
Buyer beware, Hola is apparently throwing up red flags for a bunch of people, so I’m a bit unsure as to how you’d be able to pick this one up without getting yourself in a spot of trouble. Still, if you’re here, you probably thrive on the idea of clever thinking and slowly, painfully wrestling months of waiting for what you want. So, you might be the kind of person for the job. Grand Theft Auto Complete Package is, curiously, quite the misnomer. It only has Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, San Andreas, and Episodes from Liberty City.

Titan Quest Gold – $2.18/£2.99/€1.99
Developed by one of the design leads who made Age of Empires, this Diablo-like is steeped in historic mythology. Titan Quest will have you trotting through ancient Greece, Egypt, and China without the convenience of modern transportation. No wonder your characters looks so ripped.

Halfway – $4.99/£3.22/€4.55
Halfway seems interesting, especially if you’re the kind who likes the idea of desperately conserving ammo while still demolishing entire waves of Bad People. It’s a turn-based strategy game which puts you in control of a gang of marines, each of whom come armed with their own myriad of back stories and special abilities. XCOM-with-fixed-characters, then – like an indie Valkyria Chronicles, maybe. Critics were relatively ho-hum about the game, but it seems like it could be fun – especially at a lower price point.


  1. thegooseking says:

    I believe Grand Theft Auto Complete doesn’t contain GTA V because it’s new (obviously), but doesn’t contain GTA 1 and 2 since both of those games are, (at least last I checked), free. You can (or could) download them direct from Rockstar’s website for zero pennies.

  2. Grizzly says:

    Kudos to Welverin for putting a smile on my face with that picture :)

    • welverin says:

      You’re welcome, it reminds me I need to take some more pictures.

      On the matter of plushies, for any Bone fans out there: if you missed it, the greatest news in the history of plushies is behind this <a href="link to;?link.

  3. fish99 says:

    While we’re on the subject of retailers, does anyone know how G2A Shield works, specially why they add something on to your order, but then also charge you a monthly fee? If I’m paying the monthly fee, why are they still adding something on to each order, and if I cancel the monthly fee (which I just did), but select to use G2A shield with my next order, does that sign me back up for the monthly fee?

    They really don’t do a good job of telling you about that fee when you sign up. And it’s a bit shady that they’re charging you money for customer service.

    • melnificent says:

      In theory the shield is to protect you from dodgy keys. Any problems you tell G2A they sort it within a day or so.

      In reality. You report a problem and G2A refuse to deal with it unless you are very persistent.

      I’m all for first sale doctrine with regards to keys but make sure you research the companies that act as middlemen.

    • nearly says:

      I don’t imagine it’s worth it. I accidentally put the monthly shield on for one purchase because it was cheaper than the individual insurance but it seems like it does indeed still charge you for the regular insurance if you have shield subscription which shouldn’t be the case?

      I haven’t had an issue with codes for The Witcher 3, Arkham Knight (pre-order even) or Watch Dogs from them. That’s not to say you’ll never have an issue, but I think you’ll be okay if it’s a relatively large release or there’s a reason to expect that the market might be flooded with codes. Just be intelligent about what you’re buying and what the market price is in more than a “It’s so cheap!” way.

      • fish99 says:

        Thanks. Yeah I also bought Witcher 3 and Arkham Knight from them via their paypal promotion. Hard to say no to £15 for Arkham Knight.

  4. welverin says:

    re: price of Football Manager

    Maybe they figured we don’t really care about it over here so why bother?

    I really liked Singularity and was rather disappointed after playing it knowing that it probably didn’t sell well enough to warrant a sequel, and more so when Raven got trapped on the CoD treadmill (and not just because of Singularity, they made good shooters in general).

    I was glad when they were finally released from from the CoD assembly line, and even more so when they hinted at more Singularity.

  5. J. Cosmo Cohen says:

    I loved Singularity. An extremely competent shooter with a hint of Bioshock-like to the story. It’s been long enough that I could probably play it again and have just as much fun.

    I think the biggest recommendation in my eyes is that it held my attention from beginning to end, and had great fun doing so.

    • naetharu says:

      +1 to this. Singularity was my surprise game of the year. While its clearly not the most original (echos of Bioshock are very clear) it just does what it does rather well. The atmosphere was good, the story fun and the combat great. Not to mention the cool time-warping powers which were a blast to play with.

  6. turnererika63 says:

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  7. says:

    Singularity was great game. Great, rounded time-traveling SF story which made you think just what actually happened, nice atmosphere with horror elements and overall very competent and fun shooting mechanics.

  8. Monkeh says:

    Singularity even dropped in price? It’s now £3.75 (€5,50).

  9. james___uk says:

    Singularity is a great game, you could argue it’s worth full price, it’s worth playing if you do like your FPSs