Lube Up: WRC 5 Is Coming This October

O the even hum of the speedy cars as they glide through the wilderness, through rain and shine. Rumbling, rumbling, so goes the announcement trailer for World Rally Championship 5 [official site]. And if you listen closely enough you may even hear them say: Carrrrrrrrr porrrrnnnnnn.

“Do you,” publishers Bigben ask, “Do you have what it takes to master the art of driving?”

Yes, I still remember the death-grip lock of terror around the wheel when I finally pass my Driving Test. The trick, as it turns out, is to imagine every possible doomsday scenario that could possibly happen while driving in a car and act them all out simultaneously. Because, as my instructor rightly pointed out, anything travelling at a regulated 50km/hour has the impact of a dangerous bullet, and as a bullet it’s my civic duty to ignore the natural speed of traffic and instead move at the speed of a doddering baby attached to the belly of a glacier. But I guess that’s probably not what developers Kylotonn Games are going for.

WRC 5 is coming to PC this October, as well as consoles for our PlayStation and Xbox brethren.


  1. piphil says:

    “In the past, to put a rally stage together we’d go to the location, where we knew it was a good location for rallying. We’d take pictures of all the trees and the buildings and then we’d sort of make a Walt Disney version of that track.” – Paul Coleman, Dirt Rally Chief Game Designer.

    This quote immediately came to mind while I was watching that trailer. If you’re going to make a rally simulation, you’ll need to provide stages that don’t look like a motorway-wide dirt track.

  2. SooSiaal says:

    Always so painful when they promote their crap like its the best thing ever made,while clearly its just the same shitty arcade rally racer as last time

  3. Gothnak says:

    Those cars go at the real speed Rally drivers take the tracks in Dirt Rally when i go flying off the cliff every 30 seconds… I think in that game, i could go that speed though…

  4. DanMan says:

    This game is facing an… uphill struggle against Dirt Rally.

  5. Scorchio says:

    That was pretty underwhelming. Have they even looked at Dirt Rally to see what they’re up against? Or were they too deep into development and blindsided by their competitor’s surprising early access like the rest of us? Anyway, it looks like a mediocre, run-of-the-mill rally game that leans heavily on its WRC license. Good luck with that. Is there a gaming equivalent to “straight-to-video”? Straight-to-Steam-sales?

  6. ruzvelt says:

    It might be nostalgia goggles but it seems to me that even Colin McRae 2.0 had better graphics and feel than this so far

  7. Goschti says:

    After playing Dirt Rally for 50 hours since release the roads and dirt tracks in this trailer seem smoother and wider than the streets in the town where I live…

  8. User100 says:

    They might try this slogan:
    “WRC 5: For all of you, who found Dirt Rally way too hard…”