Mafia 3’s Announcement Trailer Will Arrive August 5th

Last month a NeoGAF poster found that publisher 2K Games had pointed four domains at their own server:,,, and It was a baffling mystery that set alight the minds’ of the world’s greatest detectives and the games press. The clues were right in front of us all but what did they mean? Now we’ve discovered a second sign (via the Mafia Twitter account): Mafia 3‘s first trailer will be released next Wednesday, August 5th at 1pm BST.

The plot thickens.

Here’s the tweet:

My numerology is rusty but 8 divided by 5 divided by 15 is 0.10666666666. Obviously you remove everything before the decimal and the first four digits (four domains???) are 1066. 1066 was the year of the Battle of Hastings and the beginning of the Norman invasion of England. Norman Reedus was to star in the now-cancelled new Silent Hill videogame, which was being made as a collaboration between Hideo Kojima and film director Guillermo Del Toro. Kojima is currently rumoured to be at loggerheads with publisher Konami and it seems as if Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, due for release later this year, might be his last work on the series. Coincidence?????

Help me out here people: what am I missing? What is the significance of next week’s “industry gathering” “Gamescom” and Mafia 3’s [official site] appearance there at “a behind-closed-doors presentation”? Will the game’s development by Haden Blackman’s Hangar 13 Games studio instead of (or as well as????? or instead of?????) series creators Illusion Softworks/2K Czech mean that Mafia 3 will be better received than Mafia 2 was? Or even be as good as Mafia 1 was?

I love a good marketing ARG. I’ll bring the corkboard and balls of string, you get the coffee. Let’s crack this code in the comments.


  1. LarsBR says:

    Half-Life 3 confirmed!

    • jontaro says:

      √(5 + 2015 – 2000) = 3
      Half Life 3 DOUBLE confirmed!

      Also confirmed that in numerology you can get any outcome you wish if you just mess with numbers long enough.

  2. TormDK says:

    Very nice! Looking forward to learning more!

  3. Arehandoro says:

    Looking at the picture looks like will be set in the 70s. Not very happy about that.

    • Cochise779 says:

      Never heard of Goodfellas?

      The thing I liked about Mafia 2 was that it didn’t try to recapture the 30s/40s spirit the first game already got right. Instead, it sought to capture a different era of the Mafia. The 50s/60s were another distinctive mafioso era. The 70s/80s are a natural progression.

      • Arehandoro says:

        I did heard of Goodfellas and I’ve seen other movies set in the 70/80s and they were great but I just simply like it more in the 20/30s.

        • Zenicetus says:

          Same here. Maybe they’ll manage to make it interesting, but for me that period is a turn-off, despite the Goodfellas association. I was hoping they’d revisit the earlier periods.

          The 1960’s-1970’s was a period in the USA when the classic northeastern big city Mafia cultural style was becoming increasingly anachronistic, during the rise of the “counterculture.” I don’t look forward to hearing whatever Rock music they’re going to put on the radio when you drive around. Or seeing our Mafia protagonist trying to look hip in bell bottoms and beads…. ugh.

      • turth says:

        Mafia 2 was set in the 40s and 50s

        • Arehandoro says:

          That’s why I liked it less than the original. Well, and ’cause overall was a worse game but I meant in terms of ambient and design.

    • blastaz says:

      If they get the period right it could be fun, but they already had Tommy/ Paulie in Mafia 2, and the seventies were a right disaster culture wise.

      The real question will be whether they try to increase the open world elements, which were sorely lacking in two. And if they try that whether they can stand the direct scrutiny with GTA.

      Mafia 1 was great because it was much more a crime simulation than a GTA clone, getting traffic fines for running red lights was a hilarious contrast. Mafia 2 tried to give you more of a city to play with but it was fairly empty.

      • Zenicetus says:

        I know it’s a common complaint that the city in Mafia 2 was too much of a teaser, but it worked for me.

        For one thing, Mafia guys don’t operate in the kind of free-form hoodlum way that GTA encourages. They’re maintaining an illegal family business without drawing too much attention. So the city only needs to be a believable background for the storyline. L.A. Noire’s Los Angeles was even less interactive, but it worked as a backdrop for the story and the missions.

        Also, if a game studio spends resources trying to create a GTA-style interactive city, then those are resources that aren’t going into the main storyline. A game like this just needs a stage setting to to tell a story, rather than be a fully-developed sandbox (IMO).

    • Chaz says:

      1970’s Louisiana. I’m well into that.

      About time we had some games set in the 70’s. It’s a classic cop show / cop film / heist film era. Also probably some of the coolest cars of any decade. Also the Louisiana swamp land setting, can’t remember the last time a game was set down there.

  4. Janichsan says:

    Let me get this straight: this is an annoucement of an annoucement trailer?

    • PopeRatzo says:

      This is an announcement of a preview for a sneak peek into a teaser for an announcement trailer.

      This game may come out in time for your grandchildren to play on their quantum computers. However, they will still need to have a DX39.2 compatible video card, which will cost about $8500. And it will be capped at 30fps.

    • Janichsan says:

      For f*ck’s sake… How the hell did I manage to misspell “announcement” wrong twice?!

  5. ZIGS says:

    Hangar 13? Who are these guys? And if Illusion Softworks aren’t working on it, what ARE they working on??

    • geisler says:

      The people that had most to do with what made the original Mafia great, aren’t even at Illusion softworks anymore, they are now called Warhorse Studios, working on a low fantasy game called Kingdom Come: Deliverance. In my opinion the second Mafia was a shallow disaster in comparison, and i can’t imagine how bad it would be if Hangar 13 developed it. People working there, worked mostly on the consoletard Star Wars shitstorm called “The Force Unleashed”.

      • BobbyDylan says:

        Hype level appropriately adjusted. Thank you.

      • Arehandoro says:

        Speaking of Warhorse, I just red on Twitter saying to Vavra “They don’t need you to make a racist game based on Mafia” or something like that. Has Vavra or other member of the former Illusion Softworks been accused of racism for their game?

        • turth says:

          I mean, there were only two Black NPCs in the first Mafia game but then again it was set in the 30s. I wouldn’t exactly call that racist.

        • WhatAShamefulDisplay says:

          Not directly, no. However, both Vavra and Adrian Chmielarz (of Vanishing of Ethan Carter) have become embroiled in the utterly, utterly moronic attempts by certain elements of games media (rhyming with “Potaku” and “Trollygon”) to brand The Witcher 3 as “racist” due to “whitewashing” ethnic minorities, because they believe that a game based heavily on Slavic folklore needs to make wider comments on 21st century race relations in order to be considered sufficiently unproblematic as to be valid. In defending CDProjektRED’s right to artistic integrity, both men have, in my view completely unfairly though by no means unexpectedly, become targets of the professionally offended online far-left, who were already wary of Vavra for being virulently anti-Communist, anti-USSR and pro-Thatcherism.

          To the best of my knowledge none of Vavra’s games have ever been slated for racism, though our very own John Walker did slate Mafia 2 for sexism IIRC (not, in all fairness, without merit, though I believe largely due to period reproduction rather than sincerely held views). Indeed, the Hidden and Dangerous games did an admirable job of conveying the broad diversity of races who were involved in the British war effort.

          • Distec says:

            Don’t forget that Vavra’s own current game was getting some shit for not having prominent black people in 15th century Poland, or whatever. Although that was basically h’ordeurves compared to the Witcher 3 “controversy”.

          • one2fwee says:

            The minority representation thought police have nothing to do with being “far left” at all.
            The way you talk and the language you use sounds like those idiots on the Ralph Retort that spout horrendously misrepresentative and ignorant claims like they take their basis for what is left wing and what is good from Fox News and the Gospel of McCarthy.

            People that say that you have to have all races, sexes and orientations etc in all media are purely stupid and ignorant. The games are representing very specific portions of the world in a historical context where such depictions would be entirely unrealistic and ruin the careful world-building and immersion.

            I’ve seen a lot of this on the internet recently, particularly with gamergate people. I’m sorry but trying to leverage any ignorant idiot as “far-left wing” for a viewpoint that is neither left or right wing in an attempt to further reconfirm your views that anything left wing is inherently evil. How does that make you any better than someone who cries racism any time anything bad happens to any minority?

          • joa says:

            Far-left, or just left, is a correct description for the politically correct types. Sure, in past there is the far left of the misogynistic labour boss, but now it is replaced by the perpetually outraged tweet mob.

            Only the left attract that kind of stupidity and dogmaticism that come with the excess idealism, especially when they are young. Soon they will grow to be 35, 40, be happy with their place in life and then become right-wing “I am allright, Jack”, to protect that. And both group feel equally righteous. Funny right?

          • one2fwee says:

            It’s not, left wing has nothing at all to do with political correctness. That’s utter nonsense.

            Movements for minority rights are almost separate from left or right wing views. In the past they may have been associated with left wing views. That was largely due to the fact that historically almost no one had rights save a few elite. So any fight to give people rights was going to come from the left.
            Nowadays you routinely see right wing people advocating political correctness policies. In England, the two main parties are right wing and yet both advocate extensive political correctness as a means of control.

            But then the fact that Americans are crying foul about anything that remotely looks like nationalisation – something that isn’t even that left wing really.

            In fact i would go as far to say that a lot of the members of twitter/tumblr politically correct brigade are actually quite right wing. Certainly the views they take on political correctness are and when you hear them talk about anything financial or actually political.

            Again, you are merely using this as a way to discredit and misrepresent any non-harsh right viewpoint when it has nothing to do with being left wing in the first place.

        • USER47 says:

          Vávra’s new studio, Warhorse, was acused of racism, because in their new game there are no people of color, which for some reason gets certain people angry.

          The game is set in a small part of 15th century Czech countryside and is very much anchored in reality, so for anyone who knows how much “white” Czech population is even in 21st century these complains are just ridiculous. Let alone in 15th century, with no sea access and no major trade routes going through the area.

          Vávra is also very vocal about these kinds of criticism. Check out these articles, he talks there about his wievs a bit more:
          link to
          link to

          • turth says:

            It’s literally impossible for AAA mostly white, Western game devs to make racially diverse games it’s never been done bef- *sees Infamous: Second Son, Sleeping Dogs, GTA: San Andreas, Battlefield: Hardline, etc.*


          • Distec says:

            It’s not a matter of possibility. Way to rip up that goalpost and throw it out of the stadium.

            They have no obligation to make a game (one that is largely inspired by their regional history and folklore) to include a diverse cast just to make you happy.

          • turth says:

            @Distec Yeah you’re right but last I checked Vavra was also saying in his post on that Western AAA devs weren’t capable nor obligated to make racially diverse games. This is clearly not true and there is precedent for these types of games existing.

          • turth says:

            @Distec Also, no one is forcing anybody to do anything with their games. All they are asking is for more diversity! If race and sexual orientation truly doesn’t matter to gamers (which is a sentiment I often see whenever this topic being discussed) then this diversity shouldn’t be harmful to anyone. AAA Devs have already shown that they’re perfectly capable and willing to make diverse games.

          • Distec says:

            Alright, that is indeed a very different argument. But I’m reading the Medium piece and I can’t find where he actually says that. I certainly agree that they don’t have an obligation. As for capability… I think that is going to very much depend on the game being made, the tech being used, and the size of the studio (or budget). AAA can certainly afford producing extra models, animations, or VO to support a racially diverse cast, but AAA is obviously not representative of every developer group.

            Don’t misunderstand me; If a Polish or Czech developer makes a FIFA game or the next GTA with nothing but white people, then it would be absolutely weird and should criticized (if only because those are glaring oversights of reality). But if the game ostensibly takes place in their own backyard, then there isn’t any kind of problem unless you’re looking for one.

          • Distec says:

            I don’t know why I said ostensibly. “Arguably” was the word to use there. I guess. Hm.

          • USER47 says:

            “…last I checked Vavra was also saying in his post on that Western AAA devs weren’t capable nor obligated to make racially diverse games.”

            Huh? You should probably check again, I have no idea how did you come up with such an idea. Vávra is certainly saying that devs are not obligated to do that, but why wouldn’t they be capable? I have a feeling you are probably misinterpreting some statement which has completely different meaning.

          • joa says:

            I think it take more than AAA budget for voice over, animation and so on to make good diverse characters. The main key is the writing. In most games, even when they put female characters and black characters, they are just written like white guy with tits, or white guy with black skin.

            Look at Mass Effect, female shepherd is just like white guy with tits, despite excellent performance by voice actor. The black telekenetic man – he is just like a white guy. If you want to make good female character, the game must be about the feminine. So you can’t take knights and horses game, and make it diverse with a few voice over and different animation.

  6. zxcasdqwecat says:


  7. Emeraude says:

    To start on a positive note my younger brother is probably going to be ecstatic other that news.

    To be my old grumpy self: anyone feels like the announcement of an announcement ( of an announcement) thing is getting out of hand ?

    Guess I’ll be taking my crazy pills.

    • rabbit says:

      Glad someone else said this … advertising the announcement of a future advertisement announcing the product… really?!?!??!!

  8. Scuzzeh says:

    For some reason it’s the font that bothers me most about this. I loved the first one (despite the racing section) and finished the second despite its flaws. Will keep an eye on this regardless.

  9. one2fwee says:

    Are illusion softworks basically dead nowadays? It said some of them moved to america but others stayed in their main studio, while their smaller studio closed.

    Mind you, from what i see people saying here, everyone that made their old games has basically left?

    What about the people that made Hidden & Dangerous and Vietcong? :(

  10. Black Scalp says:

    I’m a “journalist” who writes about games. However I never played these games, but i had to make an opinion on them. I looked up mafia 1 and mafia 2. I read that some one the internet said mafia 2 was bad so i wrote an article about that despite the fact the prevailing opinion that it was .. OK. Now i shall write more “news” about a sequel to these games i never played and my opinion has much much worth.

  11. Papageno says:

    I thought that sales of Mafia 2 had been rather disappointing, hadn’t they? I loved the first game and own the second on Steam but haven’t played it–I gather that it didn’t get the critical acclaim that the first game did.

    • rabbit says:

      I actually really liked the second game. The ending was a bit shite and the game itself was sort of caught in some weird limbo between totally linear & also sort of slightly a tiny bit kind of open world (but basically not) —- but I did like the game. Recommend giving it a go.

  12. Wetcoaster says:

    I wasn’t too keen on Mafia II’s cover shooter mechanics. I guess that was the style at the time. I did appreciate the definite inaccuracy of the guns but missed the first Mafia’s limits on weapons carried.

    What would be even better is if it only allowed your character to carry longer guns while wearing a trench coat, and as many pistols as the player has holsters for. A greater emphasis on remaining inconspicuous rather than just being a walking arsenal even when clad only in a summer shirt. (Seriously, we’re talking like 30 pounds of gun alone and probably at least that much again in ammo just in Mafia. In Mafia II, with a full inventory, Vito’s carrying his weight in munitions)