OlliOlli2 540 Shoving-it Onto PC In August

Is sk8 AND die an option? Because this doesn't look safe.

Airwalk, Backflip, Benihana, Body Jar, Caballerial, Cannonball, Christ Air, Crail Grab, Crossbone, Alpha Flip, Anti Casper Flip, Backside Flip, Backside Heelflip, Big Heelflip, Bigflip, Biggerflip, Bigspin, Biggerspin, Bubble Flip, Bullflip, Caballerial Flip, Camel Flip, Casper Flip, Barley Grind, Bertleman Slide, Bluntslide, Boardslide, Casperslide, Crail Slide, Crooked Grind, Acid Drop, Alley Oop, Body Varial, Casper, Caveman, Coffin, Axle Stall, Bean Plant, Blunt, Boneless, Crailtap, Creeper. There are a lot of skateboard tricks, I’m trying to say – those are just a few ABCs – and most of them sound totally sikk.

If you want to be rad, bodacious, and gnarly all over again: good news! Stunty 2D skateboarding sequel OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood [official site] is indeed coming to PC, and soon.

OlliOlli, if you missed it, is a pleasant little game about scoring big points by pulling sikk tricks and not stacking it like a ruddy great fool. OlliOlli2 first arrived on PlayThings back in March but developers Roll7 had been quiet about a PC version for the sequel. Now it’s now official – it has a Steam page and everything.

So what’s new in the sequel? New levels, obviously, along with an expanded combo system letting sk8rs pull more tricks with more fidelity (I’m a big fan of the ‘540 Shove-it’ because that name is amazing). It brings a multiplayer mode too, with four-player local split-screen.

OlliOlli2 will be on Windows, Mac, and Linux for £10.99. Here, have a trailer:


  1. Scobles says:

    Both Sony versions are £7.99- safe to assume the Steam version will be similar price region?

  2. ikehaiku says:

    The little time I’ve spent with OlliOlli only made me lament on how we lack a proper skate game on PC.
    THPS Remake doesn’t count. Oh no, it does not.
    The only thing bright (but in fact, really really dark) with this is that it’s the same on consoles nowadays.