Ooh, Tanks! Tokyo Warfare’s Free Multiplayer Prototype

Keep rollin' rollin' rollin' - remember that man with a hat, aye?

Tanks rolling through the streets of Tokyo, big seats with wheels and pedals, polygonal 3D graphics (three dimensions! three!), big bassy booms, and networked multiplayer left early teen me fascinated by Namco’s Tokyo Wars in arcades. I only ever had the money to play it twice (we were a penny falls family), but it’s stayed in my mind all along. I like games doing unlikely things in otherwise-serene modern cities. Well, today’s my lucky day, as folks are making a game which looks awfully similar.

Tokyo Warfare [official site] is an arcadey tank battler rolling through the streets of Tokyo, and has a free work-in-progress version you can download and play today.

As it exists now, Tokyo Warfare supports ten-player deathmatch on one map. Handily, it’s exactly the sort of map I’d want – shops, apartment buildings, offices, and overpasses. You roll around in a big old tank, armed with two types of shell (one stronger at close range, one slower but effective everywhere) and a machinegun to murder everyone. It’s a bit buggy (if you get stuck, it handily has a key to explode yourself), and I don’t know why an anime lady is shouting every time you fire but otherwise, yep, that’s about what I remember. If not for Life Is Strange Episode 4, I’d get back to playing after work tonight.

You can download the latest prototype over here. Do be aware its sole server is limited to 100 players in total, though I have no idea how busy it gets. Here’s a little action:


  1. Renevent says:

    The static environment (no destruction), bad rock, and anime quips ruin it for me. That said, a tank game set in a metropolitan setting is a fun concept.

    • TokyoWarfare says:

      I might have good news for you Undocumented but… with “m” key you can disable music. Implemented as safety mesure for long term testers :) . Custom music folder could be a solution for this issue, goes to the todo list. Regarding destruction, yeah, is coming. If its commented in the incoming features list, its possible you closed the demo with alt+f4 so here a vid of the destruction in action in a tech demo based on tanks too.
      link to youtube.com
      So expect the things to break appart :)

      • Renevent says:

        Alright, colored me interested :)

        I look forward to seeing the game progress and good luck!

      • Phasma Felis says:

        Will the character voice/picture be optional too? I’m not a big fan of the whole “all military roles are replaced with teenage girls for some reason” aesthetic. :) Game looks like fun, though!

        • TokyoWarfare says:

          We will offer our vision of the game. Each user will be able to shape it so feels better its likings (within limits). Custom music and if not Custom Ui yes different UI styles. Disable crew voices and so on. By the way, we’re aiming to have different crews. For now we stay with the actual CH / JP sides.
          We will try next demo to have the US server active too.

  2. Wisq says:

    Interesting, but I don’t think my ears could withstand that torment for very long …

  3. FoolishFool says:

    It reminds me more than just a little of a 1996 Arcade game I played back in the day called Tokyo Wars… Maybe a little TOO much?

  4. Holysheep says:

    Nope, too japanese.

  5. Pich says:

    Yep, japanese enough.

  6. raiders says:

    You shoot the bridge 100 times and no damage. You shoot the tank once and it blows up? Keep it.

    • TokyoWarfare says:

      I grab the link of a destruction clip I just posted above.
      link to youtube.com
      The bridge will dieeee. promissed.

      Agreed that tank damage needs to be modified. We’ll try to simplify the damage model so each tank holds n number of big rounds. Also, the damage of parts such as tracks, cannon and turret is very close to see greenlight!.

      New demo coming soon!. Thanks for your comments!

  7. -Spooky- says:


  8. Renevent says:

    Alright, colored me interested :)

    I look forward to seeing the game progress and good luck!

  9. King in Winter says:

    …Is she saying “doozo” when she fires the cannon?

    • Amstrad says:

      Yes, which more or less translates to “take this!”

      • King in Winter says:

        Or more of a “here you are!” which turns the shout into a jest.

  10. racccoon says:

    what would be cool is destructive buildings and then lots of groups of workers fix any damages made as you play through the game.. lol

    • Kitsunin says:

      And all the workers are kawaii schoolgirls.

      • TokyoWarfare says:

        OMG>> If we where not so busy we sould be tempted : P
        We’ve modified the damage system. No longer on shot one kill on a fresh tank : ). In a maximun of 7 day new demo will be up. Hopefully will be sooner.

  11. tehfish says:

    Anime style tanks battles? If that interests you there’s a rather charming anime on similar lines :)

    link to en.wikipedia.org
    link to crunchyroll.com

  12. TokyoWarfare says:

    Now live on Square Enix Collective