Character Breakdown: Just Cause 3 Introduces New Rico

The makers of Just Cause 3 [official site] are letting out a steady trickle of info, which means no longer will you need to search month-old E3 footage for sweet hype to suckle.

The first of five dev diary videos has just released, which gives you a closer look at protagonist Rico Rodriguez. That means who he is, what his skills and abilities are, and how he fits in to the franchise.

“He’s gotten older,” game director Roland Lesterlin says in the video from his face, “he’s got his scars from his years in Panau and San Esperito. We wanted to give him that background. What would it be like if you set off a nuke? Twice?”

Rico’s been the franchise’s main guy since its launch, starting things out as an operative only to leave the agency by the time of the events in Just Cause 3. Rico returns to his home on a fictional island but poor dude can’t catch a break because it’s run by an evil dictator.

Adam had a hands on with the game just last month, calling it “exciting and exhausting.”

“It’s a cartoon, a glorious slapstick world in which collapsing buildings somehow seem consequence-free, and Fast and Furious seems like the kind of thing that’d be written on the roadsigns,” he writes. Take a look at it in action below:


  1. cairbre says:

    Christmas lineup is promising already

  2. Kollega says:

    The part I liked the most about this interview is that the developers admit Rico isn’t someone you’d call a good guy. He’s more of a bad guy with good intentions, and can be as much of a jerk as the player wants him to be. Hopefully it’ll be reflected in the game’s story.

    Also, I’ve got a question for Adam: does the interview with Avalanche that you’ve mentioned in the comments under the JC3 preview actually exist? And if it does, can we have it now that the E3 chaos is behind us?

    • Mycenaeus says:

      I’m glad they said that. All too often in these action blockbuster games, the developers paint the protagonist as a good guy, who just so happens to blithely explode buildings and vehicles in heavily populated areas once or twice per mission.

      But Rico is an anti-hero, so it’s all good. Explode away.

      • Phasma Felis says:

        San Andreas was hilarious for this. Cutscene CJ: Trying to clear his name of a murder he didn’t commit. In-game CJ: driving a dump truck down a crowded sidewalk at 40MPH.

    • FurryLippedSquid says:

      He’s hardly a character at all, that’s the best thing, yours to shape and mould.

  3. PopeRatzo says:

    This is going to be a DX12-only game, isn’t it? I remember the last time I had to install a new operating system was when Just Cause 3 came out and it was DX11-only.

  4. Bishop149 says:

    So they’re trying to crowbar some characterization into a game series whose plots is best described at ludicrous, and whose fun drives primarily from finding ridiculously OTT ways to blow up as much stuff as possible.
    It could star a featureless blob and not detract significantly from the gameplay or storyline.