Kasketball Is Basketball With Cars, Obvs

Not coffins or anything.

Kasketball [official site] looks broadly like Rocket League with basketball, though with fewer rockets. It’s a four-player local multiplayer basketball ’em up where, er, you race around in a car and dribble the ball with one hand out your window as you speed towards your a net and pull the car into a drift to shoot. Sounds splendid, that. I don’t think you can dunk, mind.

Alas, I’ve recently moved and am without the usual giant tangled ball of Xbox 360 controllers I usually keep at hand for local multiplayer antics. If you have a few controllers and pals nearby, though, you can grab it from Itch to play for free.

Kasketball is a simple enough game: four competing players are in cars on a track, racing to gather the ball then deliver it safely to their own netzone, where they need to hurl it at their net with a mighty drift. Once you’ve scored, to turn around you’ll need to reach out and grab the hand of another player for a high-five swingaround. That’s almost definitely how cars work. First to six wins.

ThirtyThree Games made Kasketball for the recent MADJAM Unity Jam, where it placed second.

Please, someone play this game and show me. Without a controller, I could only stare longingly at the player select screen. Oh, I do wish I could show you more than this ridiculous animated gif:


  1. ninnyjams says:

    Why isn’t it Karsketball? It really should be Karsketball.

    • KDR_11k says:

      Playing ball with caskets would be very strange.

    • Muzman says:

      It’s either some sort of vampire basketball or basketball with cars, but played in Boston.

  2. coppernaut says:

    Did they just throw this together after the very recent success of Rocket League? Looks like a concept.

    • Baines says:

      The question is answered on the game’s page at Itch.io. They didn’t know about Rocket League until they were nearly done.

      So this is some kind of Rocket League ripoff?

      Basically, but the true story is even sadder. We came up with this idea in response to a jam theme, completely unaware of Rocket League. It wasn’t until we were almost done that we saw RL and realized: we’re forever destined to play far-second fiddle to that awesome game.

  3. Premium User Badge

    DelrueOfDetroit says:

    I’ve had a modified version of Rocket League that plays like basketball bouncing around in my head for a while.

    Basically your car would have a sort of grappling hook on its roof that attaches to the ball. When you are in possession you dribble by swerving your car left and right to make the ball bounce off the ground. The net would be a round hole higher up off the ground. Doing a double tap would shoot the ball. Dunks would be achieved by doing aerials and rotating your car so the ball hits the net.

  4. Press X to Gary Busey says:

    *Nasal drooly lisp* That’s not a gif, it’s a .webm. Huhuhu.