No, League Of Legends’ Gangplank Ain’t Dead

Just the other week, the guys at Riot Games implied they were killing off one of the League of Legends [official site] characters: a piratical dude called Gangplank, whose storyline got turned on its head for an event called Bilgewater: Burning Tides. The idea was that Gangplank had been murdered by Miss Fortune, he had been blown up in the new League lore and was no longer available as a playable character.

Which in and of itself is a big deal for my fellow LoL alumni; except that as it turns out in the recently released epilogue to Burning Tides he’s not a goner afterall. Gangplank’s still alive and kicking, although missing an arm now, and his new character design reflects that. Our Gangplank will be playable again with the new patch, 5.15, which is coming out this week.

The new default appearance gets rid of his signature coat, giving you full view to his impressive dadbod, while one arm has been replaced by a metal prosthetic. But if you deeply miss the old design you can unlock it as a new skin, although you need to have played one game as the pirate by August 10th at 2am. PDT. You can play any matchmade game to get the skin, as long as you already own him.

August 10th will also see the end of the Burning Tide event which gives you until the end of the week to try out some of the associated game modes.


  1. peterako1989 says:

    You guys realise we talk about plot and lore on a game that they got no point or meaning, right? Riot kid themselves.

    • vlonk says:

      Maaaybe they had a chance to make something with their lore. But instead they started exchanging the existing lore over and over and over again. Their “world” building feels like a box of lego because of this. Probably crippled their fanbase fanfics too, because the everchanging lore does not lent itself to be built upon.

    • Xocrates says:

      I find this sentiment so bizarre.

      Regardless on how good/successful the game lore is or isn’t there are valid reasons for the lore to exists:

      1) Exactly 0 people could give a fuck about it, but lore and world building helps define the tone for the game, characters and maps. Which is important from a design perspective even if players don’t notice.

      2) It helps justify this sort of gameplay events. Giving reasons for what would be random diversions otherwise, and encouraging players to participate.

      3) Some players DO enjoy it. Even if the overall lore is rubbish or contradictory, having some understanding on who your favourite characters are and what drives can help you enjoy them more, and may even be the reason for you to pick them up.

      This is true of any game, not just LoL. Riot are very much not kidding themselves, they just have more reasons to care than you do.

      • Hebrind says:

        Have you read Teemo’s lore?

        He’s a little psychopath, mark my words!

  2. weltensturm says:

    I hope the rework was a joke

    • RCoon says:

      So do I, that barrel skill is horrible. Even when it doesn’t get shot by enemies/runs out/misses enemies, the damage it does is rather pathetic.

  3. Don Reba says:

    Miss Fortune would make a good pair with Dr. Eadful.

    • Dawngreeter says:

      Dr. Eadful used to be Mister Ious before graduating from the evil medicine school.

  4. OmNomNom says:

    How incredibly unexpected

  5. jrodman says:

    I’m not sure why, but I feel like this article went entirely over my head.

    I think I actually played a bot game with Gangplank at some point. I’ve probably played maybe 15 botgames of League of Legends. I bounced of it, and watching the pros doesn’t appeal to me the way Dota 2 does for some reason.

    That said.. the makers of the game told people they were taking out a character and then.. they didn’t? So odd.

    • Xocrates says:

      Not… quite?

      I don’t think they ever told people ahead of time that they were going to kill someone. Instead, around last week the character was presumed dead and deactivated from play. While Riot played along with his death, it was very much on a “for fun” basis since no-one in the history of ever expected him to not come back.