Warframe Expansion Adds Parkour And Undersea Action

Warframe [official site] already looks like a game about sealife thank to its exotic power armour designs – with hammerhead helmets, lobster armour, unspeakable many-eyed horrors from the depths, and pearly nacre coating everything. Actual underwater combat was inevitable, I suppose, or all those watery warframes would get crabby. Crabby. Like a crab. That’s a joke.

The latest expansion, Echoes of the Sentient, has added underwater action in new levels and, for land-lubbers, new parkour moves. It’s all out in the free-to-play co-op shooty dungeon crawler now.

The new water tileset is introduced with new levels that are partially on foot, partially underwater. Leaping into the sea (at appropriate moments) will transform you into Archwing mode, which means your warframe wears a big bubble-blowing backpack as you zip around blasting everything with your warguns.

Back on land, warframes have picked up some swish new parkour moves. They can double jump, air dash, latch onto walls, dash up and along walls, and sprint along ziplines. It all looks very swish.

The expansion also added a new warframe, new weapons, new items, a new boss battle, and plenty more detailed here. You can gawp at some of the shiny new things (and some of the devs) in this video too:


  1. GWOP says:

    Never played Warframe, but I really love its aesthetics. Those armors look like surreal mechanized Lovecraftian horrors (with really fashionable capes).

    • YogSo says:

      Not only the warframes themselves, the enviroment aesthetics are really beautiful too:

    • SomeDuder says:

      You really should give it a try, it’s free after all. And it really does play as well as it looks, the movement is incredibly smooth and natural, allowing you freedom of movement that I have yet to see anywhere else. And it really works in the game, too. If you’re competent enough, it allows you to move through the maps with disgusting ease and lets you make fun of the plenty of terrible players that have the biggest trouble in pressing the “W”-key…

      I stopped playing Warframe because, in the end, there’s no real goal, other than gathering materials and blueprints that allow you to build more frames and weapons, which lets you level up and allow access to more frames and weapons so you have to gather more materials and blueprints. And if that’s plenty for some people, that’s great, because the developers really do take care the players with fun events and small little things that show that there’s human beings in charge.

  2. Blackcompany says:

    Its a fun game, in terms of the moment to moment game play. And this update has helped that a ton. Blocking bullets with swords, bouncing up walls and off enemy heads, diving through the air in slow motion, guns blazing, all feels really great.

    That said, there is grind. Its a free to play game, so its there. And there’s lots of it.Your starting Warframe is good – I recommend Excalibur, because its now really, really good – but your weapons are not.

    I highly recommend folks study up on the Frames – which are basically classes – and figure out a couple that suit them. Then do the same for weapons. Once you know sort of what you would enjoy playing, spend a little money on some in game currency. Doesn’t have to be a lot, but buying at least a weapon or two, and maybe a second Frame, will really help speed you along and reduce the grind, while also supporting the game.

    The moment to moment play is great but as with any Free to Play game its better if you spend just a small amount of cash up front.

    • YogSo says:

      Hi there, Merc :-)

      While all you’ve said it’s true and correct, I’d like to expand a bit on the grind and the paid “shortcuts”, and also the nature of the game, especially to those new to Warframe that may be interested in trying it.

      First, the long-term goal of the game is loot-driven – that means, there’s always some new weapon, frame, companion, mod, archwing, cosmetic,… to look forward to. While many of those things can just be purchased direcly with Platinum (the premium currency purchased with real money), most of them can be acquired by playing the game. I takes time, for sure, and even a lot of grind for a certain subset of stuff (mainly the so-called Prime gear), but just buying everything – if one had the disposition and wallet to do so – would kinda kill one of the main drives of the game.

      Second – and this is a less evident, but very important, feature of Warframe’s levelling model – obtaining and levelling the gear itself is not the end of the story, especially when talking about weapons. Without ‘mods’, weapons are empty vessels that can’t achieve their true potential and would stop being effective past the few easy starting missions. These card-like mods have to be collected and ranked (levelled) by playing the game and collecting both the mods themselves (each enemy type has an associated drop table featuring a list of different mods, from common to uncommon to rare; also especial game-modes and timed alerts can reward especific mods) and the credits (in-game currency) to rank them up. In other words, if a player shortcuts the game by purchasing a powerful weapon, but lacks the mods to make it really effective, they will soon discover that against higher-level enemies they might as well be using a pee-shooter.

      That said, there are ways to alleviate the grind: as Merc said, a judicious use of a little amount of money can set you in the good path right from the start. Another painless solution is to join a Clan with supportive people that can easily provide new players with the most basic loadout of mods; a Clan can also help them by accompanying them to the appropriate missions, where they can get the resources and parts needed to craft many of those shiny things that may look so unobtainable at first.

      I guess this is where I insert a shameless plug to the RPS Warframe Clan, Rock Paper Skana :-D We are near the population cap limit, but still accepting new members almost every week. This Update 17 has proven quite popular, and we are seeing 15-20 people at peak times throughout the day, so there’s always someone that can help with missions or questions or advice or anything else.

      In conclusion, I recommend anyone that thinks that Warframe may be a thing they like to go ahead and try it for themselves. If the gameplay doesn’t click with you, then no biggie, you can move on and try other stuff. But if you enjoy it, don’t let the fear of the potential grind get in your way. I can -mostly- grant you that you’ll get at the very least a good 100-200 hours of Space Ninja Awesomeness before you feel you’ve seen everything the game has to offer and that only the grind for more gear remains. (And then Digital-Extremes releases another game-changing update and you are drawn back in again. One of us, etc ;-D )

  3. Tei says:

    I don’t see myself returning, because I have played too many hours. I feel somewhat envy of these that are playing it or plan to save it, the new changes are terrifying cool!

  4. Sunjammer says:

    Warframe has had wallrunning and parkour flipout stuff for ages

    • FriendlyFire says:

      This is not the same thing Warframe has had, trust me. It’s completely changed the flow of the game. It’s extremely refreshing and it just feels great. I really recommend trying it out.