Smoking: New Superhot Gameplay Trailer

Superhot [official site] this year overtook Cuphead to win the coveted RPS E3 No-Prize for Making Us Coo Over Prettiness. It looked great in slow motion but how does the time-altering FPS look in… slightly faster slow motion? Ruddy flipping gorgeous, going by a new trailer released to celebrate Superhot beta going out to Kickstarter backers. Look at this thing:

If you are entirely new to the idea of Superhot – god I envy you! – I shall explain a little. Superhot’s an FPS where time moves at a minute fraction of real time – until you move. It’s a slow, contemplative game of spatial awareness and tactical contemplation punctuated by split seconds of action as you execute plans (and people). “Flight Control With Guns” is how I semi-facetiously described it when Pip and I had a little chat about the initial prototype.

It leads to some beautiful moment, like that bar fight in the gameplay vid where the player throws a bottle then a glass to stagger an enemy, then grabs their dropped shotgun in mid-air to blow them away. Splendid! I’m also intrigued by the short glimpse of a scene where you’re down in a pit, and this scene where you appear to be chained to a pillar and need to make an enemy break the chain.

Superhot is due to launch later this year. A beta version has now gone out to folks who backed it on Kickstarter for $40 or more. For the rest of us, maybe the Quake mod SUPERQOT will entertain you for a while.


  1. Kempston Wiggler says:

    It’s little moment like these that reaffirm my love of gaming. after 30 years of creativity someone manages to take a stale genre and craft a new experience out of it.

    A trailer full of lovely moments, from a game devoted to lovely moments. Awesome.

  2. FoSmash says:

    All it needs now are some QTEs!

  3. Kefren says:

    That much is true.

  4. fenriz says:

    don’t they ever get tired of stupid ideas?

    • Premium User Badge

      Phasma Felis says:

      Funny, that’s what I asked your mom last night. Couldn’t really make out what she said, though.

  5. Iain_1986 says:

    What I really hope is that it has an action-replay system that plays back the level from action cam locations, but running at full/normal speed so you can see yourself zip around

    • lordbost says:

      There is. Here is a video i uploaded yesterday showing it.

      • zxcasdqwecat says:

        gif friendly isn’t it:0

      • Urthman says:

        That is great. But while we’re asking for ponies, I’d second Iain_1986’s idea that if they had a bunch of 3rd person cameras (or better yet, something like GTA’s video recording system), YouTube would fill up with people trying to top each others’ sick action videos and they would make all the money.

        • aberdeenphoenix says:

          Exactly, this video is nice, but it isn’t third person. A full-fledged video editor like GTA’s would be absolutely amazing for SuperHot

  6. OmNomNom says:

    I thought the previous alpha thingy was great, but I’m still struggling to see how the gimmick could become a full game.

    The minimalist looks is kinda cool but again it will probably get a little boring after a short time.

    • Crafter says:

      what if they can ‘only’ produce 4 hours of really great fun ?
      Should they shelve the project because it can’t be milked into a 100+ hrs campaign ?

      • OmNomNom says:

        No, but it is something I’d only expect to pay £5 for. Replay-ability is likely to be limited.

        • aberdeenphoenix says:

          I understand your point, but I kept going back to the original short game over and over again. Plus there’s going be be an endless mode, modders are probably going to add lots of cool things for different experiences, etc. Basically, so far I’m thinking it will be totally worth my money. But what’s worth my money isn’t necessarily worth yours, blah blah blah…

  7. Synesthesia says:

    I thojught this would be just a long gimmick, but damn, this is looking terrific. Love the red illumination to show where enemies will spawn, the DOS norton commander interface… I’m definitely getting this one.

  8. disorder says:

    indeed, tastes like green to me

  9. K_Sezegedin says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how they can get enemies to threaten the player in what looks like a game with cheat mode stuck on.

    • JacobT15 says:

      It’s actually pretty challenging. Time isn’t completely frozen, so even when you’re standing still, enemies are advancing. I’ve played around with the beta a little bit, and the first few levels seem pretty simple, but eventually the difficulty gets to the point that you’ll be restarting the levels a fair few times before you win. Based on how good the beta is, I’d say the full release will be an incredible experience.

  10. Wisq says:

    I like that it goes beyond just guns, and into throwing things (including guns) — it really shows just how powerful this ability is. I would wonder if they were inspired by Heat Signature on that, although it’s obvious enough that they wouldn’t need to be.

    Now it just needs to have guns randomly go off when you throw them (if not empty, obv) and we can go into a full Heat Signature crossover.

  11. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    I knew the game was looking great, but that audio (when it’s not horrible modem sounds) is also pretty darned tasty. Definitely gonna try this out tomorrow evening.