Watch Resident Evil 4’s Fan-Made HD Edition In Action

A couple fans of Resident Evil 4 who decided to take it upon themselves to fix up the graphics of the game’s 2014 Ultimate HD Edition have released a new in-game video showing the latest results of their labour. It’s the work of two guys called Cris and Albert, who as we mentioned earlier in the year, have basically outdone the work of Capcom by any measurable scale that’s based on Looking At Things With Your Eyes.

The mod, which carries the ever beauteous name RE4 HD Project, does a full clean-up job of the game’s textures and is roughly 50 percent done; however, an HD texture pack for the Village section of the game is already out.

The duo have been re-creating some textures by finding the places Capcom photographed for source material, re-drawing some from scratch, and tweaking the world’s geometry. Now they’ve reached the game’s Island area, which as Albert describes it – although not in so many words – sounds like so much pro-bono work it’s just mind boggling. “This time, like in the Village area, most of the textures are full re-creations,” he writes.

“From now on, the majority of textures you see in the game are quite random (with some exceptions). Some of them were taken directly by Capcom staff but its randomness makes it impossible to find the originals in real life. And some of them are based on textures you can find on the Internet (with patience and a bit of luck ;)). But many times even if we find the original textures, they are not at a high enough resolution to be usable. Consequently, we must re-create them from scratch anyway.

“And this time I had to do something “special:” I drew by hand the sacrifice mural painted on the rock. Capcom based it’s design in an actual Aztec sacrifice scene you can find easily on the Internet (again). The original drawing has a bit of a “childish” drawing style and seeing it in HD makes the design less scary than before. We may touch up the faces and hands to look somewhat more creepy…”


  1. The_invalid says:

    This looks bloody great. Marvellous touch-up job on those textures.

  2. Isometric says:

    Bloomin’ amazing that, very impressed. Looking forward to playing this all the way through with these textures!

  3. Xzi says:

    I already own RE4 on PC, but I think I’ll be waiting to play through it until this mod is finished. They sure put Capcom’s supposed HD re-texture to shame.

    • epeternally says:

      In all fairness that’s not a particularly difficult task, but this does look absolutely stunning. The faithfulness is outstanding and must have taken tons of work to get just right. A shame the controls in the PC version feel (needlessly) clunky compared to how it plays on the Wii. I know the game, to an extent, is using awkward controls as a mechanic, but some issues go well beyond that.

      • Lifepuzzler says:

        It’s not difficult, but it is incredibly tedious. Like auditors. Those guys get paid to do tedious work. Not particularly hard, but very time consuming.

  4. Thulsa Hex says:

    I haven’t played this since it came out on GameCube and will totally be up for giving it another go when this mod is done. They’re doing a great job! It boggles the mind that Capcom have been calling this the “Ultimate” HD Edition when they’ve not even touched the textures.

  5. int says:


  6. FreeTom says:

    This guy really makes the game look easy. I seem to remember squeezing my GC pad in panic trying to blast the enemies fast enough that none got within arm’s reach. He just sort of strolls about, maybe bothering to kill them if they become too much of an inconvenience.

    • Jalan says:

      That’s usually the point in (most) Resident Evil games – you never bother with killing enemies unless they impede your progress, favoring avoidance/evasion in almost every other instance.

    • SomeDuder says:

      Ehh, the regular enemies don’t make me panic, the Plagas are easily danced around. Wanna see me squirm and panic though, then throw in a Regenerator. There’s something about them that just creeps me the fuck out, something about the anonimity and slow but strong style. Though I’m sure the spikes have something to do with it as well.

  7. Buggery says:

    How is the HD PC port with a 360 controller? I bought the original PC port and it still ranks as one of the worst, laziest PC ports I’ve ever played. I gave up when I got to the boulder and the QTE prompt kept telling me to press randomly numbered buttons that weren’t mapped to anything.

    • TheManko says:

      The new port is way better. The prompts are correct, and the controls feel good in general. There’s instant keyboard/gamepad switching if you feel like experimenting with either. It’s on the level of later Capcom ports like Devil May Cry 4, Resident Evil 5 etc.

      • Buggery says:

        Thanks for that, looks like I’ll give it a go then. It always felt wrong to attempt playing a game that was praised for the brilliance of its shooting when it controlled so poorly.