Follow The Flagduke To New Mount & Blade II Videos

I think of Gamescom as the most PC gaming-friendly of the major games conventions, which may largely come from being hosted in Germany, the land of oddball simulators. One of the most PC Gaming of PC Games is Mount & Blade, the open-world sandbox action-strategy-everything-RPG about building armies and ruling lands in medieval kingdoms. If you could sweep its dirt streets yourself and compose for tavern minstrels, it’d be The PC Game.

We didn’t hear much from Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord [official site] at E3, that land of gleaming PlayBoxes, but developers TaleWorlds have plenty to say at Gamescom. Or to show, really. Come check out two trailers, one showing off its engine and the other snippets of gameplay:

I like the order that this trailer focuses on features in. “Weather! We’ve got weather! Seasons too! And how about… board games! Yeah, that’s right, you can play board games in taverns! Oh, yeah, and I guess you can deploy siege weapons and craft your own swords, but here comes the grand finale: you can edit replays of battles to make swanky videos!”

This second video focuses on the technical side of things, for folks who enjoy knowing a bit about what they’re seeing comes together:

This seemed familiar to me at first, but I might just be thinking of last year’s editor video because hey, it’s a tech video.

TaleWorlds still won’t say when they plan to release Bannerlord.


  1. SMGreer says:

    As someone who enjoyed the preceding installments despite their wonkiness, I’m surprised by just how interested I am this. A bit more polish and the whole setup could be really special.

    • Sui42 says:

      I think I enjoyed the previous games *because* of their wonkiness. I would prefer the sequel to have a shitload of wonky as hell features, rather than deliver a streamlined, polished experience

  2. Sin Vega says:

    So, five minutes of footage and precisely zero seconds showing the thing that made the first game so great: the direct control fighting in large skirmishes. Oh dear.

    I mean, it looks pretty and everything, but it also looks like every other medieval RPG.

    • Radthor Dax says:

      Taleworlds have got you covered, bro.

      link to

      • kulik says:

        Hmm, the footage was too short, there seems to be a much better rag-doll effect when you kill somebody, but I was hoping they would enhance the mechanic itself, something like stamina, stances, balance, footplay, bodychecks…

      • bledcarrot says:

        But where is the large scale battles? warband was able to deliver this in a way we haven’t seen before precisely because it was so ugly. I’m worried their focus on graphics will limit battle sizes. the gamescomm footage is consistent with that.

  3. TK-093 says:

    I’m really looking forward to this game! Did they give a release date yet? Rumor was they would at Gamescom.

  4. satan says:

    Siege weapons… wonder if that means destructible terrain/buildings? Would be nice.

  5. caff says:

    Hope this really nails multiplayer matchmaking & warfare mechanics.

    I never really got into the previous games, but then I only played those single player.

    • Flatley says:

      “Matchmaking?” This is a find-your-own-server game through and through. I never fully enjoyed Warband until I found the GK servers (they might be North American only, unsure) which you could count on to have 30-40 people in Team Deathmatch, or often up to 90 on the siege server. I believe they are still up.

      Definitely a different experience than single player; actually a very similar feeling to the spawn -> kill -> dopamine rush -> die loop that you’ll get from something like (gasp) Call of Duty. The melee system is very interesting, but suffers from a lack of any fatigue mechanic that encourages overly spammy play. That’s my biggest wish for the sequel.

      • Smoof says:

        GK Siege was by far my favorite server, I frequented the fuck out of it.

        I’m really hoping M&BII has a similar setup, because I would love to have a favorite server I go to for some siege warfare.

  6. Andy_Panthro says:

    Lots of it looks very similar to Warband, so I’m looking forward to it.

    My favourite bits are usually near the beginning though, when you have a small scrappy force of peasants. I’ve never actually completed it because I tend to get a bit bored with the endless sieges of the late game. Still love it though.

  7. Tin_man_Tex says:

    Mount and Blade is a Sid-Miers-Pirates-alike. Or a Traveling Agent Driven World with Army Clashing game maybe?

    • anHorse says:

      I’ve never made the connection before but it’s totally Pirates! in the middle ages

      No wonder I loved it even when playing the exceptionally wonky M&B 1 (i.e. the one before warband) without any mods

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      God I wish that were a genre. I’d throw Lords of Midnight (1984) in there, but not much else.

      • triggerhvppy says:

        And Sword of the Samurai, I believe Sid Meier was involved in it as well (as in Pirates!). Truly worth a try if you haven’t played it!

  8. trooperwally says:

    And they also released this slightly odd video of bits that weren’t quite good enough for their main video. I’m guessing someone somewhere couldn’t bear to break the hearts of the people who made these bits so that decided to give them their 15 minutes of fame.

    link to

    The bits I take away from that video are that the music is sounding great (see also their dev blog: link to, blog #9 is the music one) but that sadly they have put precisely zero effort into modernising the world map. I don’t see any good reason why they couldn’t have made it even a bit better. A nice immersive world map (more like shogun 2 for example) would really add to the game.

    • Dux Ducis Hodiernus says:

      actually the map is just exactly how i like it. IMHO this type of map fits warband much better than, say a TW one.

  9. SaintShion says:

    For someone who has been playing M&B Warband on and off since it came out, this is amazing news. Not just that the game looks terrific or that they’re adding a lot more sim to their medieval simulation RPG, but TaleWorlds still exist. There’s been such a lack of noise from their camp that I was scared about the game going under, or the game quietly going into the night. I also like that they didn’t try to pretty everything up for the trailer and they just showed their dev tools in the video. Let’s hope they release a consumer version of those later for the modders.

    • Radthor Dax says:

      They said that modders would have access to these tools ages back. Also you could watch their blog for bi-monthly updates.

  10. richlamp says:

    I don’t think I’m looking forward to any game more than I’m looking forward to this. Although, by the looks of it, my current PC won’t be able to handle it…

  11. Lanfranc says:

    That all looks very nice. Perhaps, God willing, we will even acquire the technology to have more than one siege ladder at a time!

    Seriously, though, seasons and siege machines are all well and good, but I’m far more interested in whether they’ve done anything to improve things like diplomacy, follower interaction, estate management, trade and economics, etc. All the things that are important in the later parts of the game, but were somewhat lacking in the previous games.

  12. SaintAn says:

    SEASONS!!! I love when games include seasons. This was already a must buy since M&B has been one of my favorite games (And favorite Warhammer games thinks to mods) since I first came across it, but now I’m crazy excited. This looks incredible. I hope they do an early access or release soon because I want this game as soon as I can get it.

  13. cpt_freakout says:

    This is it, this is the game I’ll spend hundreds and hundreds of hours on. Can’t wait!!

  14. Chiron says:

    I’ll take any improvement that makes sieges less bloody stupid, its like some weird recreation of Black Friday at the moment.