Expanding: The Sims 4’s Get Together Announced

Are you happy? Do you feel complete? What’s been missing from your life? If the answer is “to explore continental Europe with friends via the comfort and safety of The Sims” then you are in luck. EA has just announced its newest expansion pack for The Sims 4 [official site], something called Get Together which makes it possible to bring groups of Sims to European-infused hotspots – or rather, a sort of generic, copyright-free interpretation of Europe called Windenberg.

Windenburg is made up of clubs, hang-outs that will draw specific crowds with distinct interests. You can create and customize your own, or alternatively you can just join an existing one. The area also has garden chateaus, ancient ruins, cafes and discos. Can’t wait to see if they have a Simterpretation of North London where I can finally live out my dream of eating Sim sausages under a bridge.

The Sims 4 Get Together requires The Sims 4 to play, unsurprisingly. It’s due in November.


  1. NicholasTimothyJones says:

    I wonder how many expansions will get churned out for this version of The Sims? Kind of hoping it doesn’t go as ridiculously far as Sims 3 did with its ~20 expansions and ‘stuff’ addons.
    I would like to be able to pick up a complete pack in less than 5 years.

    • Wulfram says:

      It probably won’t have as many because Sims 4 isn’t doing as well as Sims 3

      • Distec says:

        I would buy the hell out of Sims 4 and their expansions if they had a Steam release.

        I’m sure there are fifty reasons why that’s silly/dumb/stupid/lazy, but I don’t care. That’s the one petty impediment keeping me from sucking them all up.

        • SaintAn says:

          I’d buy it if it was affordable and not set up to be a rip off. That and I need seasons in the game before I touch it.

  2. mtomto says:

    Loadscreens! Loadscreens for everyone! I bought the base game, but I am NOT going to buy any expansion for it. It didn’t even have an ingame 24H clock… was stuck on 12H american style clock… it did have a ton of loadscreens though. Thanks for that I guess….

    • tellemurius says:

      What you didn’t get that in Sims 3? You didn’t get a random pause due to one of the AIs were stuck in some magical hole they can’t get out of? Sims 4 implementation was lazy as fuck but at least it works without the game constantly freezing up.

      • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

        I used to save a lot in TS3 and that… That was some nightmare.

  3. jizazmi says:

    Burn it all down, Burn the chairs the houses!! The half-naked sim spinning fire in the background, she had to wear that swimsuit because she wants to show it off look at her trying to get everyone’s attention…. clearly a dlc.. but she has the right idea! Jump, run, DIVE into the fire pit, burn it all into the sand! End all Sims games with fire!