Watch EA’s Live Gamescom Conference Here

Gamescom kicks off today, with the seeekrit press and trade business going on before the doors open to the dreadful public tomorrow. And that means EA are ready to show us trailers of their games set to the latest techno beats. We’re expecting to see footage of Mass Effect: Andromeda, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst and Star Wars Battlefront in the mix. You can watch the stream live, from 9am, below – and then a recorded version of it when it’s finished.

Expecting any big surprises?

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  1. Philopoemen says:

    Goodness me the cast of Need for Speed looks like the last meth house we raided.
  1. aepervius says:

    “Expecting any big surprises?”

    I avoid all preview hype in any way shape or form whatsoever. Even if it is gameplay footage. At best it can only indicate if I will NOT want the game. It cannot tell me if I will want it, because until release everything is subject to change and the game company are anyway only showing you the interesting bit, most probably carefully crafted by marketing. Case in point , many preview of watchdog made it seem far more than it was, visually and for the gameplay.

    Nowadays I only check what sort of game genre might interrest me, avoid all preview then check 3 source for review : meta critic (which has its purpose no matter what people think) steam reviews, and some random set of publication review. Usually all put together they give a good gauge.

    Preview and events on the other hand are at best misleading.

  2. FilipMagnus says:

    “Expecting any big surprises?”

    Not really, no.

  3. Philopoemen says:

    Goodness me the cast of Need for Speed looks like the last meth house we raided.

  4. Premium User Badge

    distantlurker says:

    The BF TIE Fighter (vs, you know, the bad guys :P) looked unconscionably pretty.

    Also KOTOR III (I jest) looks intriguing.

  5. jezcentral says:

    E3 is supposed to be a trade show. They keep talking to the audience as if they were the players, who keep applauding. Very odd.