Satellite Rush Demo Is For The ’80s TV Generation

I have these memories of a movie called Arena; Paul Satterfield, a guy who fellow late-night TV viewers should know best for his role in the’80s masterpiece Creepshow 2, becomes a competitor in an intergalactic boxing sport in the year 4,000. It’s a classic story: a space station short order cook beats the odds and is revealed to be Earth’s greatest warrior.

It’s the sort of bolshy space fantasy that can only work in two formats: weird ’80s movies relegated to the Netfix afterlife and video games. Satellite Rush [official site] is in many ways the long-lost twin of Arena. It’s a roguelike shooter where you play a normal schlub and alien abductee who is at the center of an alien sport where the aim is simply to get to the other side of the corridor. Players get thrown items to assist them, with the added option of dedicating Boss victories to alien sponsors for power-ups.

In other words, the aim is partly just to survive but also to put on a decent show. You can download a nice lil’ demo right over here, and watch the latest gameplay video below:

The demo itself features a few experimental ideas that may not make the final release, as well as some finalised ideas. It’s a teaser for their Kickstarter campaign. Developers Kimeric Labs are currently looking for $18,000 in funding, planning a March 2016 launch.


  1. Donjo says:

    Noice. Smash TV 2015. I would buy that for a euro.

    • DXimenes says:

      Please do, Donjo ;) We promise we’re working very hard to deliver. There will be a new demo coming up this week.

  2. Fuzzyaardvark says:

    “A hard as nails pixel art roguelike shooter! Smash TV and Binding of Isaac with a Douglas Adams flavor.”


    • DXimenes says:

      Hi fuzzyaardvark! I’m Daniel, one of the developers.
      Thank you very much for your support! We’d be happy to have your feedback on the demo. You can contact us at if you want to :D

      • Fuzzyaardvark says:

        Hi Daniel.

        I am really enjoying the demo, and greatly appreciate that I can use my controller with it. I am embarrassed to admit it took me a while to realise that you run slower when shooting. After that I did much better, got to the boss, and then got annihilated.

        Loving it.

        • DXimenes says:

          We’re very glad to hear that :D Although the Uranaii probably won’t be a Tier 1 boss in the final version, that’s exactly the kind of feeling we want to give the player :) Die and try, try again.

  3. DXimenes says:

    Hi! I’m Daniel from Kimeric Labs. First of all, thanks a lot for the story Emily :) it means a lot to us. We’re very very happy here at Kimeric Labs.

    I am also here to let you know that I’m gonna be lurking the comments on this piece for a while, so if you people have any questions or feedback, I’d be happy to answer them!

  4. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    Huh. Arena features not only Susan Ivanova but also Gul Dukat and Quark.

    The game looks cute!

    • Ejia says:

      I came across that movie while flipping through channels years ago, and wondered when B5 got a boxing ring and why Ivanova was suddenly a boxing promoter.

    • DXimenes says:

      Thanks bluerps! Give our demo a chance and tell us what you think of it :)

  5. anonzp says:


  6. ffordesoon says:

    Who else read the title as Sattelite Reign and got very confused and worried for five seconds?

  7. death_au says:

    “The exit is at the end of this corridor.” On Satellite Moebius? Heh.

    • DXimenes says:

      Congratulations, Sir. You are a gentleman and a scholar.
      You were the first person to mention the catch ;)

  8. Jakkar says:

    Not getting much out of this. The demo shows an art style at odds with itself, and the gameplay has the worst of yester-year (only firing in four cardinal directions, locking to strafe-fire) without the clean precision and sharp collision models of older games.

    Feels like playing a generic top-down shooter on Newgrounds in 2005.

    • DXimenes says:

      I’m sorry to hear that, Jakkar. Do you have any suggestions to improve the game’s precision and collision?