American Truck Simulator Trailer Hits Route 101

I hopped off the truck at L.A.X. with a dream and my cardigan.

I admire Euro Truck Simulator but, well, Europe’s a bit mundane. Give me endless skies, wild lands, Places From The Movies, big trees. Give me American Truck Simulator [official site]. SCS’s next trucking sim takes a whistlestop tour of the USA in a new trailer, and I dig it. Chills ran down my spine seeing a truck cross the Golden Gate Bridge out of that dreadful city and towards the trees, those beautiful trees I do so miss! It’s the landscape I most want to truck around.

Well, until SCS get the license for Mega-City One Truck Simulator.

The USA is such a dreamy place for people who grew up inundated with American media without ever seeing the reality. We see it so much, but only tiny pockets of it. Cities like Los Angeles and New York are so seen and idealised they become hyperreal, while most of the rest of the country is a mish-mash of cowboy landscapes and bleak suburbs in Anytown, USA. The reality can be jarring.

After I’d visited Virginia and San Francisco, I thought I hated being in the USA. But this year, I managed to escape out of SF to the north, driving over the Golden Gate Bridge like in this trailer, up through one-stoplight towns and ancient redwood forests, down winding mountain passes, alongside the roaring ocean, and into Oregon. I’m rambling so: I adored the people and places; I’m very keen to return; I am keen to see American Truck Simulator’s weird simulation. I might run routes from Seattle down to Eureka or thereabouts.

The condensed continents of games like American Truck Simulator and Fuel are deeply unreal too, of course. That’s fine: we all happily inhabit a dozen unrealities anyway.

Right! Yes. No word yet on when American Truck Simulator will launch.


  1. TheAngriestHobo says:

    Definitely looking forwards to this one, and to the inevitable Canada DLC. Finally, I’ll be able to simulate the sensation of being stuck in midday traffic in my hometown!

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      baritenor says:

      A recreation of Desert Bus would be pretty nifty, too.

    • ulix says:

      They won’t be doing a Canada DLC though. The base game has South Cali and parts of Nevada only. Most likely they’ll expand into the Rockys first, but even if they go north it won’t be as far as Canada.

      • TheAngriestHobo says:

        Are you sure? There are a lot of references online to SCS planning on implementing all of North America, although admittedly, I can’t find the original source (not that I looked very hard).

  2. cqdemal says:

    What’s the map size in this going to be like compared to, say, The Crew?

  3. GameCat says:

    It looks much better than ETS2. And ETS2 is a good game.

  4. Matt_W says:

    Just got back from a 2-week driving jaunt up the coast from San Diego to Portland through, as you say Alice, the small towns, lush redwood forests, and ocean vistas north of SF. Spent a week in Trinidad, which may be the most picturesque town in the country. ATS looks great!

  5. Beanbee says:

    I hope this includes a dlc entitled:
    American Truckers: From Dawn till Dusk till Amphetamines till Dawn

  6. criskywalker says:

    This looks good. Almost GTA V graphics.

    • ulix says:

      Not really though. GTA on PS3 maybe.

      Not even then, the detail and density in GTA is just so far removed from any other videogame…

  7. J. Cosmo Cohen says:

    I love driving. I just drove from the West to East Coast of the US. The coastal highway is a great place for this to take place in, of course, with amazing scenery all along the way. Unless I’m mistaken (I probably am), at one point it looks like Utah. I wonder how much of the US this is going to cover.

    Anyway, Oregon is a great place. Lived there for years. So much natural beauty.

  8. JaminBob says:

    Well Europe may mundane if you’re used to it but there are fewer places with as much romance. I love driving in Europe, the landscapes, the signs that say ‘Barcelona, Turino, Vienna, Berlin, Paris… ‘ I’ve found the US to rather bland, landscapes accepted, in my visits.

    But can’t wait for this game!

    • TheAngriestHobo says:

      It is unfortunate that ETS2 scales down cities to such a great degree, since you’re right, visually speaking, the architecture is one of the most interesting aspects of driving across Europe. In the absence of being able to explore tourist attractions, though, what I really pay attention to are the little environmental details that change from country to country, such as street signs, traffic lights, etc. Unfortunately, with only one country to explore, we’ll probably be seeing less of that in ATS.

      Incidentally, can anyone familiar with Germany tell me what an ashfart is (I think the signs say “aushfart”, actually, but ashfart is funnier)? There are signs plastered with the word all over the German highways, so I’m assuming it’s not the German word for the day after you eat Mexican food.

  9. apa says:

    Mega City One anything simulator would be a “take my money” thing.

  10. Dumdeedum says:

    The problem with a Mega City One simulator is the speed cameras are REALLY harsh!

  11. csbear says:

    San Francisco, dreadful? Dang… :(
    Hopefully, there were no bad experiences, and you did not just visit the touristy areas…

    SF is one of my favorite cities in the US (lived there for 5 years). I have also lived in NYC, Washington DC, and Philadelphia areas, but will always miss the Bay Area.

    But yes, it is quite beautiful just past the Golden Gate bridge and north of it.

    • Conundrummer says:

      I say this as a native: Many people who visit San Francisco expecting the Full House intro or curvy roads on every street are often put off by the sheer number of homeless folks, the lack of transportation infrastructure, and the inability for the city streets to keep up with the trash that the not-quite-so-greenminded citizens seem to just leave by the curbside.

      On the flipside, it is a great portal to the most beautiful parts of California, and the pulse of San Francisco is ultimately healthy, non-hostile, and even borderline safe (as long as you remember that the cyclists have more rights than you).

  12. fish99 says:

    I don’t think Europe is mundane, it’s how it’s presented in ETS2 that’s the issue – every city is the same small industrial park with a few signature buildings forming a backdrop, and the scenery is small scale and repetitive. It’s clear that with the success of ETS2 these guys have a bigger budget for ATS.

    • hanshanshans says:

      I so want this game on the map of “The Crew”. Take the beautiful world from a mediocre big-budget game and the great gameplay from a game that can’t afford to build a convincing world of its own – everybody wins!

  13. jonahcutter says:

    Northern California is gorgeous, and at times mysterious. Rural, backwoods, hick, pot-grower, hippy-holdout weirdness. But you are wrong about SF. It’s a great, cosmopolitan, compact city (though with a healthy helping of its own unique silliness).

    Want a little taste of Northern Cali, watch “Homegrown”. A late-80’s indie film about pot growers.

  14. Laurentius says:

    Why everything has to be about America ? Screw this. Can someone make a game where your goal is to destroy USA, either economically, politically or socially, in last resort military ? Plz.

    • TheAngriestHobo says:

      You’ll want ISIL’s PC gaming website, Rock Paper Larger Rock.

    • epeternally says:

      Such a game already exists, it’s called the Republican party, though I can’t recommend actually playing. Such is the road to Bad Things.

      On a more serious note, I’m kinda surprised that some exposure hungry greenlight developer hasn’t yet announced a deliberately controversial destroy all American type game.

  15. Papageno says:

    Ah, you made it to Oregon, Alice–did you visit Portland (where I live)?

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      Yep! Portland is amazing and I’d love to return. Walked the city, trawled several branches of Powell’s, saw a few films, ate from diners and food trucks, bought leather supplies, drank beer out a glass boot, filled a jukebox queue with The Smiths, almost got a tattoo – the essentials.

  16. Porkins says:

    I wouldn’t drive my truck over the Goldengate if you put a gun to my head. Screw san francisco. zero truck friendliness.

  17. one2fwee says:

    Because hours and hours of extremely straight wide roads and then miles of utterly tedious and mind numbing grid systems is your idea of mentally stimulating scenery and driving?

    Okaaaaaayyyy. Seems like we go an americanophile over here…

    Seriously, compare the average road in Europe to USA and it isn’t really even a contest.

    Not that lorries are particularly suited to interesting roads! But i suppose that’s the fun of it.

    • epeternally says:

      Said by someone who has never driven in Boston.

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      If you actually read the post, you might discover an example of a journey I find interesting.

      • one2fwee says:

        So because i disagree i clearly didn’t read your article?
        To dismiss what i said and make out i didn’t read your article just because i disagreed with a fairly ignorant and ironic comment is kind of sad.

        If you start off with a flippant comment in the first line then what do you expect really?

        Sure there are some interesting roads and locations in the USA no doubt but seriously – compare the average style of city and road to that of Europe.
        That’s not even getting started on country roads.
        Mostly because you know, the USA is very large and was built recently, heavily planned. It simply doesn’t have the relative depth of history in terms of road and town / city construction. Europe has very much organically evolved over a huge period of time, of course it’s going to be a lot more unique and interesting.

        That said, was there not that many native settlements in the USA region or were they simply destroyed when the natives were murdered etc. I’m kind of ignorant on that area of history but i mainly associate anything reasonably ancient and historic in that area of the world with South America and Mexico. There must be stuff in the USA though surely?
        (What are you supposed to call Americans that isn’t “American”? Cos USAian sounds stupid hahaha but i can understand why a lot of Mexicans and South Americans get really annoyed when people refer to the US as America).

    • Conundrummer says:

      Yeah, the problem is that they built North America way too big so we had to go out and make really long, boring roads to get to the fun spots!

      It’s funny how people assume that America is the “mid-west”, although that trailer certainly doesn’t help. But hey, with ~16 distinct mountain ranges in the US, there’s definitely some space between them to cover. But yeah, it’s definitely not like Europe, where roads were created with ancient borders and political lines in mind, and we didn’t have several centuries of animal husbandry to make twisting organic pathways for us.

      All that said, I hate a road or hike that lets me see the end from where I start, so driving the Great Plains is not exactly high on my list either!

    • salattu says:

      Americano-road-trip-o-phile checkin’ in. I love cities with straight roads. It’s so easy to find your way around when you’re mostly navigating a grid. In Europe, if you miss a turn or two while enjoying the scenery or company, you can’t trust finding your way by following a grid of straights. There’s always, always silly dead ends and long curves that won’t let you get to where you want to go and confuse your sense of orientation.

      Granted, several hundred miles of mostly straight and boring in say northern Nevada is just that – but I’d rather have that than winding and boring like say Finland.

      And nothing winds like the passes in the Sierras. That’s some fun driving.

  18. OmNomNom says:

    So i take it you get to strap guns to your truck and there is a fierce multiplayer element where you ram each other off the road with spiked wheels and collect powerups.

  19. GAmbrose says:

    What didn’t you like about SF? I thought it was so much nicer than the shit-hole that is LA

    It’s not exactly car/truck friendly mind, but we had a great time there.

  20. tonicer says:

    As a German i prefer this over ETS2 because of those glorious looking american trucks. I just love the way they look, with their long noses and all those lights and stuff. :D

  21. Incanus says:

    “Europe’s a bit mundane”

    Scotland highlands? Perigord? Pyrénées? Gorges du Verdon? Côte d’Argent? Polish primal forests? Budapest? Swedish plains and mountains? Ukrainian prairies? Piemont and Alpes?

    Just a few examples of “mundane” O_o

  22. Cinek says:

    ETS2 was really bad in terms of open spaces and large cities. It seems that they improved quite a bit in ATS.

    I’m looking forward to ETS3 – might be really great if they’ll upgrade the engine to handle large cities well with a much more complex network of roads. Sadly right now in ETS2 even London looks like a small village with just a few roads here and there. ~~~~

  23. Chaz says:

    I wonder if I’ll be able to recreate the film Duel and terrorise some poor hapless motorist traveling through the desert?

  24. MiddleIndex says:

    i wanna see ice trucking simulator