Shunted: Sword Coast Legends Gets Delayed

Time and its cruel and relentless forward motion has reared its ugly head once more, causing the makers of the D&D-based Sword Coast Legends [official site] to push the release date back ever so slightly. The game is hitting PC, Mac and Linux on September 29th now, not September 8th as previously planned.

We here at RPS care for your well-being and want to make this news as easy for you to stomach as possible, which is why I’ve created a handy list of alternative things to do during this 11-day period:

  • learn origami
  • pet a dog
  • pretend to play Sword Coast Legends by watching gameplay on YouTube while holding a controller

Sword Coast Legends is built on the Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition rules, and returns to that fantasy land made famous (in PC games, at least) by Baldur’s Gate games. According to the game’s director Dan Tudge, things just went slightly off-schedule due to that damn pesky need to polish stuff down.

“We’re extremely excited to show everyone what we’ve been up to with Sword Coast Legends, but it looks like our dungeon bosses need a few more hit points … Larethar needs even more of a Scottish accent … and the game itself could use a touch ‘more cowbell,'” says the wonderfully named Tudge. “All kidding aside, our fans deserve nothing less than whatever it takes on our part to deliver the compelling roleplaying dynamic of Dungeons & Dragons tabletop to the world of cooperative multiplayer video games. If that means the game needs a few additional weeks of balancing, tuning and general polish — so be it.”


  1. FlipMooMonkey says:

    Pssst, calculator needed!

    • Wings says:

      Awww I got beaten to the punch. It probably happened when I had to look twice and then doubted my self a second.

      • Thulsa Hex says:

        I doubted myself too and then felt bad for myself. Thanks, RPS.

    • Phranx says:

      Seriously guys, we can’t ALL need instructions at to what to do for the other 10 days? I’m sure we were expected to figure out the rest of them on our own.

    • Tyrric says:

      yeah, those 11 days are going to feel like an eternity, or at the very least 21 days.

  2. malkav11 says:

    Or play NWN2.

  3. ZIGS says:

    “pretend to play Sword Coast Legends by watching gameplay on YouTube while holding a controller”

    What is this blasphemy?

  4. TheTingler says:

    Or feed a toucan.

  5. Wulfram says:

    Is the 5th edition forgotten realms as messed about as the 4th edition?

  6. Voqar says:

    Some RPS writers are marginally funny. This one is not. Isn’t it possible to present gaming news without the pitiful attempts at humor? This site seems to be more about weak attempts at comedy than anything to do with gaming most of the time, which is why I no longer regularly visit it regularly.

    • ninnyjams says:

      You must be lovely at parties.

    • bonuswavepilot says:

      Here I was thinking this had been an amusing, if not belly-laugh producing, article, but it seems I was wrong – thanks for that! Holy crap, if you can actually objectively judge what is funny like that, then your powers are absolutely being wasted here. Get a job in television or film for God’s sake, and prevent the next bit of unfunny crap being produced there… Go! Go! For the good of the industry!

    • Kala says:

      Isn’t it possible to comment on gaming news without the pitiful attempts at trolling?

    • Barberetti says:

      You regularly don’t visit the site regularly?

    • gabrielonuris says:

      “This site seems to be more about weak attempts at comedy than anything to do with gaming”

      I strongly recommend you keep your distance from PCGamer then. Their humor will probably give you cancer.

  7. Gibs says:

    I’m tempted to preorder this, but DM mode seems to have restrictions that dont make any sense… waiting for a review, eh.

  8. FroshKiller says:

    I appreciate that the meat of the story was above the cut and that the author presented the story as a whole with flavor and humor despite it being another “game delayed” sort of post.