Come Play Terraria With Us This Weekend!

Hi there! I’m Scott, and you’ve probably seen my monthly RPS Community Updates. The games featured earlier this week have all seen a rise in popularity, but none more than Terraria [official site].

This weekend, we’re holding two events open to everyone to play with us. Come get involved!

This week we’ve had 31 new players register on the official RPS Multiplay server, and there’s space for more too. It’s a large map, with our prospectors reporting that there’s some 80% of the land left unclaimed. Whether you’re a treasure hunter, acorn farmer or simple crafter, there’s room on the server for everyone.

If the thought of jumping into Terraria has intimidated you in the past, playing with the community is a perfect opportunity to make a fresh character and get your hands dirty. Or build a house. Or kill a boss. Or fall down an elevator to Hell.


The server’s currently up 24/7, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. You’re welcome to hop on at any time, although most of us play in EU evenings. There’s always a big project going on, from the construction of a glorious pyramid (or two), to expanding our sprawling mines under spawn. If you see something being worked on by others, then feel free to chip in; other members will repay the favour.

Structures need building.

How To Join

First, let’s go over the rules (this is super-quick I swear! Don’t skip ahead now!):

1) Pretty much all the same rules apply on the server (and other gaming communities!) as on our forum. Click here to get an understanding of the sort of behaviour expected.

2) If you’re in someone else’s home and they politely ask you to leave, or stop adding your elaborate obsidian conservatory to their one-room bungalow, or advise you not to throw all their furniture into lava, please respect their wishes*. Feel free to go build your own palace next to the sea, or hollow out a huge underground tree – the world is massive, so there’s no reason to unnecessarily interfere with other people.

3) We love slaying bosses, but we only kill new ones on Sunday evenings at 8PM British time. This means that you are free to farm any bosses we’ve already killed as a community, but please don’t attempt any new ones outside of the scheduled time. It may seem silly, but this has proved to be a pretty good method of ensuring everyone stays fairly even on progress.

4) Share loot, resources and knowledge with other people. We’re all in this together.

Second, go make a fresh character and post in this thread with its name, and a little bit about yourself. A fresh character is important; although the server’s been up for a while, no one is that overpowered yet (partially thanks to Expert Mode) and it’s better for everyone if we all play on the same curve.

Once you’ve made a post, you’ll be sent a private message to your forum account within a day or so with both the server’s details, along with a username and password.

Third, feel free to pop on the server at any time – it should be up, unless there’s been a recent patch. If you’re just starting, then you’ll probably want to come to…

Saturday, 8th August at 8PM British – Introduction Event

New to the server? Heck, even new to Terraria? Don’t worry – this event is designed to give you a slow introduction to the server… and game. Please make sure you’ve registered in the thread before coming, otherwise you won’t be able to interact with anything.


We’ll spend a couple of hours getting people acquainted with how Terraria plays, before then tackling some of the bosses we’ve already killed in previous weeks. Everyone’s welcome.

The Brits are currently on GMT+1, if that helps figure out when it is in your local time.

Sunday, 9th August at 8PM British – Boss Kill

As previously mentioned, we are scheduled to kill new bosses at this time every Sunday night. This Sunday, it’s time for us to clobber a giant, disembodied head and hands. Everyone’s welcome, and there’s guaranteed loot for all who participate in the battle.

Killing bosses opens up new parts of the game, and Sunday’s boss will unlock the world’s Dungeon, which we’ll explore after.

You can keep up with which bosses we’ve killed so far by checking out the first post here. That’s also where you can find a little more information about the server, alongside a list of admins.

Want To Play More Games With RPS?

If you’re after more information on how to get involved with the RPS community, see this specialised post from May.

If you’re after a more directed gaming experience, come along to Saturday Night Gaming. Starting Saturday with Terraria, there’s at least eight more weeks of playing different titles together on Mumble. It’s a great way to play new games and make new friends.

Click here for a link to the thread (including the schedule for future weeks).

Any Questions?

Feel free to ask them in the comments below, or in the Terraria forum thread.

*Although really, don’t throw furniture into lava.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Lexx87 says:

    :( I would absolutely love to play with you lot and start this.

    However currently living in Vietnam makes 8pm 2am for me – so while in dreamland I wish you all a wonderful time!

    • Doomstar says:

      I’ve joined the server but in Eastern Oz time the boss fights will be 5am on Monday morning for me so even less plausible. Maybe I can jump on a little after and help in the dungeon. Or finish building whatever my house is meant to be

      • Scott Constantine says:

        Yeah, as the post says – the server’s up 24/7, so even if you can’t join for the events you can still just play on the server.

        • darksouls of magic terra says:

          but i live in us can i join lol :)

          • mr8bit6 says:

            yeah what he said can i join to my name here is the same in terraria

  2. Koffer says:

    From the day I discovered Terraria (that was years ago, ouch), I thought it would be so fun in multiplayer. Unfortunately, none of my friends seemed to care for the game at the time, so I eventually lost hope and stopped playing.

    I would really have loved to join you this weekend, but I am about to leave for an Internet-free place for a vacation, so I will not be able to :'(

    I guess I will consider joining you once I come back, then. Meanwhile, have a great time! :)

  3. Ben King says:

    One more here who would love to play but will be away from their pc for a bit. I’ll try to pop on much later in the evening- maybe 8 pm cst if anyone else is on:-). EXCITING.

    • Ben King says:

      oh wait- this is tonight…. err,… I’ll see everyone NEXT Saturday then, and maybe just build a little fort and farm somewhere this week.

  4. Zanchito says:

    Hey everybody. Please be aware the server is permanent and there’ra quite a few players, so even if you can’t join tonight, join at any time for fun and profits. Tomorrow we will be hunting Skeletron!

  5. Y2Kafka says:

    Oooohhh I’ve been playing Terraria a lot lately ever sense the 1.3 update dropped. I’m not British so the time is about 2:00 in the morning but I think it would be cool to hop on and see the things others have built…. especially cause my idea of a SUPER SECURE house is an upgrade from a square house to a square house in the sky.

  6. Ninjazzzzzz says:

    Frankie is the name I’m using.
    I’ll play as well because why not. Playing with groups of people is always fun :)
    Anyway, I’ve been playing Terraria since I think it was. Always loved the game, it had a unique style, and I’m always attracted to any game that’s pixelated.

  7. zuperdork2 says:

    The name for my character is my username for the site, Zuperdork2.
    I am interested in getting into a terraria server, however most the servers end up getting ruined by one guy with op gear going in and killing WoF to enter hardmode while no one else is prepared for it, but with your system of weekly boss kills i think that wont be as big an issue. Anyways i am just your average gamer, provided its alright i might even livestream sometimes while on the server just because I enjoy streaming and im always looking for new things to stream.

    • RanDomino says:

      All new characters, so no OP gear. The best weapon on the server seems to be the bee gun.

    • Scott Constantine says:

      Yeah, it’s totally fine to stream playing on the server. If you haven’t already, please make sure you post in the relevant thread with your character name so we can get you registered: link to

  8. al1525 says:

    The name of the character i’m using is Bob. I have been playing Terraria for a while now and I have used steam for about 1 year… soo yeah

  9. RanDomino says:

    I made the tunnel and track in the 7th picture! Turns out it was poorly placed. If it had kept going down after the antlion pit area then it would have been able to get underneath the crimson. Also, the frozen slime block skybridge makes it pretty obsolete. But wheeeee

  10. Yaered says:

    I would love to join, My character’s name will be Yaered.
    I’ve been a pretty large fan of these types of games, logging in 405 hours of terraria so far starting pretty much when it first became available. i typically enjoy playing with other people and love to help build stuff as well as build my own projects.

  11. bulberman says:

    I would love to join as I am a big fan of terraria. My character’s name will be Bulberman. I really hope I can join in time for the boss and to prepare at least a tiny bit. Thanks for viewing this comment! :D

  12. al1525 says:

    wait.. what’s “forum account” ?

  13. hiikups says:

    i would love to join yall i have 100 hours in game but never done multiplayer!
    character name is hiikups

  14. Tuttifruity says:

    Sounds Great I’d love to play with you all – Tuttifruity

  15. Creepers196 says:

    i Would Love to Join a Terraira Server :D, Count me in :)

  16. Creepers196 says:

    i Would Love to Join This Terraira Server

  17. kurisu_tofa says:

    I would love to come join and play with other people.. I have been playing terraria since 1.1 and the game has changed a lot since then. I enjoy the game a lot. Also my character name is kurisu_tofa.

  18. McBros says:

    Hey! My name in Terraria is McBros like here in the Forum, i love to play Terraria with friends although almost none of my friends likes to play Terraria with me xD I’m experienced in this game but since the last update i never came further than Plantera in Expert Mode. I would like to join the official server with my new character now to try it again but with more people this time!

  19. terra abod says:

    hi me name is terra abod and my name on terraria is the same!
    I lve terraria I played it for 2 years and I love to be a mage I love magic damage and most weapon I love is last prism and I want to join your server an thank you! ^_^

  20. cheeriefary4 says:

    Hello! I’m from New Zealand and would absolutely love to play if 8pm is somewhat near my time, If I am able to get the IP and get on in the weekends i’m pretty sure that everything will be alright! btw, Saturday in your time is our sunday. So if you’re looking for a sunday game.. Well XD Screw mondays =3

  21. mr8bit6 says:

    can i join? my name is the same in terraria as it is here.

  22. JadeyGaming says:

    For The Name Is It Steam Username Or RealName?

  23. Zebapowa says:

    Hello! I am from USA, and would love to play! I have experience as an end game player, as ever since 1.1 (when i started) I have had top gear. However I have become bored, and no servers are very fun to play on, so I would love a new beginning! The name of my character will be Pleiades, and of course be a fresh start. I love to play multiplayer, and would delighted if if could join the server :)