What Are We All Playing This Weekend?

Between Gamescom and The International, it’s been a busy week. We’re all very tired. Which video games will balm our spirits and soothe our tired eyes? We’ll tell you:

Adam: I’m flying back to Blighty tomorrow and will spend the weekend playing imaginary versions of Stellaris in my head. I’ll probably pick up my Football Manager career as well because FOOTBALL has begun again. If memory serves, I’m managing Swindon and we’re tipped for relegation from the Championship. It’s 2027. If I play for a few more seasons maybe Football Manager will become Stellaris. Yes.
Alec: I finally took a look at The Talos Principle so I could make at least some sort of meaningful noise during any conversation about it. Uh, I liked the bit with the puzzles? Right now I’m mostly playing Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon though. It’s the latest game from former Ion Storm fella Harvey Smith’s studio Tiger Style. It’s a straight sequel to 2009’s eyetelephone-only but delightful and quietly sinister Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor, but rejiggered thoughtfully for PC and with a new layer of insect-gobbling strategy. Also leaderboards if that’s your thing, which right now are filled with the names of various other developers and games scene-folk. THE INDIE CONSPIRACY IS REAL. Anyway, it’s all about webspinning and pouncing as space-management puzzles, but it also manages to be very true to spiderishness, rather than spinning off into Charlotte’s Web cutesiness or Arachnophobia bollocks-horror. Lots of quiet environment story-telling too. More on that next week, anyway. I think you’ll like it.
Alice: I’m playing the fun game of Oh God I Need To Clear Out My Old Flat By Sunday And It’s Full Of So Much Garbage I Don’t Want But Throwing It Away Is Wasteful Help Who Wants My Stuff? I’ll be trying to convince friends that they really need my old PC and my old laptops and my big chunky graphic novels and these books and these magazines and… agh. I moved to Edinburgh with as much as I could carry myself on the train, which turned out to be about as much as I want anyway. There is so much stuff. Why did I collect all this stuff. This is an awful game.
Graham: This weekend I will be playing no videogames, but instead enjoying sleep and peace and quiet. I’ve spent the past week at Gamescom though, which means I’ve played a number of games over the past three days. Here’s just one: Star Wars Battlefront. I tried its survival horde mode in co-op with a stranger. It seems to me like Battlefront might be part of the same lineage as early, arcade Star Wars games, which were limited in terms of control and consequence but which offered FMV clips of the films or their characters in order to sell the fantasy. Battlefront feels like an uninteresting game but with enough authenticity – EA’s favourite word – in its modelling of Stormtroopers and laser rifles and AT-ATs that people will enjoy it, or at least buy it, anyway.
John: This weekend I have a friend coming to stay, so I shall be playing NOTHING AT ALL. Instead we shall be watching bad action movies and going to the zoo. And hopefully causing the events of a bad action movie at the zoo.

Although there’s no way I won’t be sneaking in games of Alphabear whenever possible. And tweeting the gross stuff I make them say.

Philippa: I have literally not played a single thing except one round of Alphabear while queuing for a plane. I have watched dozens of hours of pro Dota instead.

But you, dear reader, what are you playing this weekend?


  1. NathanH says:

    Magic: Duels: Origins, along with some of Shadow of both Mordor and the Horned Rat. And some LOTR LCG, as usual.

  2. Sorbicol says:

    XCOM The Long War mod. Somewhat driven by all the XCOM 2 coverage I confess (I was trying to get some more Endless Legend under my belt) but it’s rather excellent so far, even if I have no idea what the pacing is like. Just lost a satellite though, I suspect that’s not a good thing. Clearly air combat is a lot harder and my planes appear to be made of paper.

  3. Geebs says:

    Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. This game feels a lot like RtCW and has a literal Grammar Nazi in it. I love it.

    Road to Gehenna is still brilliant although I have managed to completely break at least two puzzles already by accidentally cheating.

    • J. Cosmo Cohen says:

      I’m waiting on a sale for The Old Blood, but I’m having a hard time doing so. It looks fantastic.

  4. AriochRN says:

    Thief – The Dark Project, seems I missed this on release (as I did with System shock 2; I was in my N64 period, my PC gaming at the time limited to a non-3d accelerated laptop), also Flipper-assisted Metroid Prime – I bought a Gamecube to play it about a decade ago but bounced off the controls, now I’m using a 360 controller & mouse combo and getting along swimmingly with it.

  5. FCA says:

    Still going through Witcher 3. Damn that game is huge… but also good, haven’t found any cut corners yet.

  6. Miguelese says:

    Rocket League and Altitude. Because car football and plane football.

  7. dangermouse76 says:

    New Vegas, although the disaster that was my windows 10 upgrade meant a clean install of windows 7. So I lost the contents of my Mod home in Goodsprings boo !

    Luckily non of my good guns were in there.

    Gonna go and take out the Van Graffs , dont like the fact they want a drinking buddy of mine dead. Not cool. Any tips on taking them out ? They look tough.

    • Andy_Panthro says:

      I think you can get a couple of them (or their guards) to follow you outside. Trying to fight them all inside the shop is probably suicide (unless you are superhuman by this point). I think I killed the guard outside first (so he can’t take your guns), then entered and once they were attacking me I quickly left. Then you can probably pick a couple off as they exit.

      • dangermouse76 says:

        I do wonder if I can kill the door guy then mine up the front door for when they exit. Although now you said it would difficult I quite like the idea of finding a corner inside and unleashing the mini-gun. I have Brotherhood armour.

        How could you want to kill Cass ?

    • Kitsunin says:

      My computer spent three hours installing win 10 and then booted into an unchanged windows 7, with the upgrade back to its state of not-yet-availability. No idea wtf was with that, I was hoping to change my language to English…bought it in Taiwan, then found you need the super-premium edition of win 7 to change languages, but apparently that isn’t the case for 10. Frustrating.

      • Kitano1314 says:

        mines did the exact same. I tried it again after I first disabled my display adapter and it installed fine.

      • dangermouse76 says:

        After the clean 7 install the windows 10 upgrade went smooth. I must have tried 20 different scenarios for a keep files and apps install. Always the same error: 0xC19000101 – 0x2000C The installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during APPLY_IMAGE operation.

        Helped to de-clutter my drive I suppose.

    • wyrm4701 says:

      IIRC, I used a Stealth Boy and every mine I owned to soften up the Van Graffs. Stealth your way upstairs, leaving a trail of explosives for hapless goons to follow. Just don’t put them too close together….

    • fish99 says:

      I didn’t really like Win10. To hear it described as Microsoft’s best OS when it has such a conflicted design and interface is just perplexing to me. I also found enough issues with it that I had to put Win7 back on.

    • Chorltonwheelie says:

      Mine upgraded from 7 in half an hour. Perfect.
      Nice boost to everything.
      It was made very plain during the process what I could opt out of privacy-wise. Took two minutes.
      Even GTA4, that has never played nice on my monster pc, is fluid and lovely post upgrade.
      Thus getting us back on topic…I’ll be ballooning around Liberty City all weekend.

    • Munin says:

      My upgrade as a bit of a trial since I’m using an HP Stream at the moment whilst I’m awaiting the arrival of my new laptop. I had to do a fresh reinstall of Windows after the automatic upgrade failed without leaving an error message a few times. Turns out that a Windows 8.1 install which had accumulated some update cruft just did not leave enough hard drive space on the 32 GB SSD to do the upgrade.

      Anyway, very happy with Windows 10 after finally getting the clean install done. Snappier and better interface than Windows 8.1.

  8. DaftPunk says:

    What the hell does alice play all the time,the strangest stuff i see on internet seriously.

  9. Marley says:

    Lots of Dirty Bomb for me, I never really enjoyed the closed beta but since burning out on tf2 (2000+ hours will do that) I’ve really needed something to fill the void and and I can say that after that first 10 or so hours Dirty Bomb is really a great FPS.
    Also waiting on the new hearthstone expansion.

  10. James says:

    I’ve been replaying BAttlefront and Battlefront 2, just so I know what to compare the new one to. Essentially, BF 2 is terrible and I’m not 100% sure why it endures, and BF 1 is wonderful. I think BF 2 gets a bit of a free pass precisely because it’s bad, but because of it there is a sense of being a 10yr old kid playing with action figures as you completely annihilate the AI in massive battles; turning Star Wars moments into a personal power fantasy. The new one seems to be at this contradiction of trying to sell itself as ‘authentic’ whilst also being gimmicky – spawning snowspeeders via power-ups instead of out of a hanger – as well as trying to be serious with all its photorealism. It just comes off as a game that is trying to appeal to many types of people and in doing so appeals to rather few. I, as a massive Star Wars fan, will not be buying it if current information is anything to go by.

    Although I wanted to be at Gamescom, money is something I do not have (damn you student fees!) so I’ve been at home watching it instead. Cities: Skylines and that sexy looking 4x you wrote about are my favorites so far.

    I’ve also been playing a lot of Verdun. Good, tense, very tactical, but slightly unsettling to play as someone who has studied WW1.

  11. DompR says:

    Finally got really into Divinity: Original Sin. Bounced off it pretty hard when it came out (the worldbuilding is meh, but the combat is fun! here, play detective in a city for an hour), but playing it coop with my brother really makes it shine.
    I’m scared that we’ll both build suboptimal builds as the first real bossfight got pretty frustrating, but we’ll see.

  12. reyla says:

    I will be playing Clicker Heroes while I wait for some of these promising Survival games to come out of early access.

  13. prof_yaffle says:

    I’m going to take a break from Shadow of Mordor to play a bit of Savage Land. Which I suspect is mainly going to involve me running after deer, while waving a hatchet and shouting, “Come back here and let me kill you!”

    Though I might end up going back to SoM. Those Orc heads aren’t going to explode themselves.

    • prof_yaffle says:

      Savage Lands is pretty fun, but it does have a few annoyances. As mentioned in the recent article, hunting dear without a bow is kind of tedious. Also being spawn camped by a couple of dire wolves is the exact opposite of fun. I died so many times before being able to punch them to death. Speaking of dying, does the respawn timer serve any purpose other than being stupid and annoying?

  14. GameCat says:

    Good ol’ Rollercoaster Tycoon.

    • Admiral666 says:

      This. I stumbled across OpenRCT. Found RCT2 version of all original scenarios and am now playing through once more.

      • brucethemoose says:

        Whoa, how have I not heard of this before!?

        There’s also Parkitect, but it’s not free and not done.

  15. Scobles says:

    Portal Stories: Mel for the third weekend in a row. TI5 has rekindled my interest in Dota so that’s installing too…

  16. Thulsa Hex says:

    I was moved by all the Metal Gear Solid V news to finally play MGS3: Snake Eater. Due to never owning a Sony console, the last game in the series I’d played was the Xbox port of MGS2: Substance — until Ground Zeroes, that is. Now I’m trying to fill in the big (Boss) gaps before TPP drops. I’m having a grand old time to be fair, and the game really holds-up pretty well. Right now I’m infiltrating that big ol’ base, so there’s probably not a whole lot left, and I’d say I’ll segue into Peace Walker not long after the credits roll. It’s fun being Snake again.

    (Side rant: I know some people aren’t too fond of MGS4, but god-damn I wish that somehow borrowing a PS3 were not the only way I’d be able to play the damn thing. If there was a decent PC MGS collection, I’d buy it in an instant. God knows what’s gonna happen to the series now, though, after all that Konami/Kojima nonsense.)

    When I’m done with this MGS swotting, I’ll probably go back to Rocket League. I haven’t played it in a week and I’m sooo looking forward to getting back to it.

    • lowprices says:

      MGS 4 is the ultimate MGS game, in that it contains the most of everything that Metal Gear is, for better and worse. I loved my time playing it (although over a 15 hour playthrough I think it genuinely had a 1:1 ratio of gameplay and cutscenes), but I could never work up the stamina for a second playthrough. I think PS3’s are pretty cheap second hand now, though still may not really be worth the money if you’re only playing one game on it.

      Snake Eater is the high point of the series, I’d say.

      • welverin says:

        While one game may not be enough to justify the purchase of a PS3, there are plenty of other games worth picking up if you have one. Though a number of them have now been ported to the PS4.

        THere’s always the possibility MGS4 will become part of PS Now, though that has it’s own issues.

        • Thulsa Hex says:

          It has certainly occurred to me that there’s a whole list of Sony exclusives that I’d gain access to if I picked-up a PS3 but I’ve resisted it because, as you’ve pointed out, a bunch of them are getting upgraded PS4 versions and (speaking of buying a console for just one game) I have been hugely tempted to get one for Bloodborne. It may happen, eventually, but the PC I built earlier this year (my first in over a decade) was essentially supposed to be in lieu of this generation of (non-Nintendo) consoles. I knew that meant missing out on certain games so, despite my frustration with the MGS series having partial exclusivity, I am so grateful that MGS V is getting proper PC treatment.

      • Thulsa Hex says:

        “I loved my time playing it (although over a 15 hour playthrough I think it genuinely had a 1:1 ratio of gameplay and cutscenes), but I could never work up the stamina for a second playthrough.”

        I’ve heard a lot about the high volume of cut-scenes, so I’m pretty prepared for it, mentally :) What worries me is that a lot of people call them boring. I’m definitely one of those people who is more inclined to enjoy the heavy-handed Kojimaist philosophical musings (MGS1 had a fairly emotional effect on me back in the day), so I’m hoping that perhaps I’ll find some worth in the plot. I genuinely no nothing about it, except for Solid Snake’s aging, so it should be interesting, at least.

    • malkav11 says:

      It would be nice if they’d bring over the MGS games that never made it to PC (MGS 1 and 2 did, if obscurely), and better yet, the Metal Gear Ac!d games – Metal Gear Ac!d 2 is the best Metal Gear game ever made, for my tastes – but MGS4 is…problematic. The series has a well deserved reputation for loooong cutscenes full of weird nonsense, but in the previous games they were generally entertainingly insane and you could tell the people making them were not taking them particularly seriously (if you doubt this, check out the MGS3 Subsistence bonus disc videos – they’re hilarious). MGS4’s cutscenes were mostly just tedious. Even big action sequences were poorly edited and unexciting. Tthe bosses are some of the least characterful in the main series, and where practically every boss in MGS3 had weird quirks you could figure out and exploit, they didn’t seem to do much of the sort in 4. And…I’ve heard this has been patched out, but originally MGS4 only installed the part you were currently playing, then ditched that and installed the next bit between chapters, so you could look forward to regularly sitting through lengthy sequences of Snake smoking as data loaded onto your hard drive. The first couple chapters do have a cool thing where you’re sneaking through a warzone with two different factions fighting and you can exploit the conflict to your ends, but that’s pretty quickly abandoned in favor of much less novel scenarios. I know some people love it, but to me it was all the worst bits of the series and very little of the good.

      • J. Cosmo Cohen says:

        I agree. Those first parts of MGS 4 are brilliant. I played the whole game probably 4 times, but I definitely played and replayed the opening, sandbox-like sections many more.

      • Thulsa Hex says:

        Thanks for the info! That first part definitely seems pretty interesting. I’ve read much about the problematic aspects over the years, so I think my expectations are suitably measured. I’m not expecting it to be the best game to play, to be honest, and my interest in MGS4 is mostly just to see how it pans out, warts and all. At the very least it’ll certainly be interesting to play one of the most divisive games of the last generation for the first time and finally be able to form my own opinion!

        • Thulsa Hex says:

          I meant to conclude that comment with a mention that, despite not being too worried about MGS4 not being that fun, I’m stoked that MGS V looks like it’s going to be a bloody excellent GAME, and not just a convoluted narrative medium for Kojima-san.

  17. lowprices says:

    I would have spent the morning playing Watch Jeremy Corbyn Speak, but I only realised that he was speaking in my town an hour after the event had started. D’oh.

    So as consolation I’m reinstalling Mirror’s Edge to give it a 7th (I think) playthrough. For all it’s problems it’s still one of my favourite games of all time.

    Other than that? Hearthstone, Alphabear, and going back to Heroes of the Storm. Played it pretty religiously for a month or two, then just stopped playing for some reason. Going to see if I can get the momentum back.

    • lowprices says:

      I also decided (after a few drinks over dinner with friends) that I was in a cyberpunk mood and I should play Deus Ex. It’s still brilliant, even if it’s even clunkier than I remember it being. The non-lethal approach is still the least precise of any game I can think of.

  18. Awesomeclaw says:

    Path of Exile has got its hooks into me, so probably a fair amount of that. I also have more Witcher 3 to play, and maybe a bit of Warframe to round things out.

  19. Andy_Panthro says:

    Dark Souls mainly, I have managed to get through the Valley of Drakes so I can now make my assault on Blighttown. Decided to go that route after much frustration in The Depths.

    Other than that, I have been trying to play The Swindle, but I’m finding it far too difficult. The difficultly curve feels off to me, and it’s very quick to punish you.

    • Josh W says:

      Yeah, me to (as I seem to say once every few months). I’ve got to the point of checking wikis to make sure I’ve got everything, as I’m rapidly approaching the very end of the game. Can’t decide if I want to restart with a different character, now I understand how most of the stuff works, or properly move on to some other big game.

      That and I’ll probably be playing a few boardgames, xenoshyft is very good, though it’s name is rubbish; it’s a cooperative deckbuilding tower defense-ish game where you can end up swapping the contents of your decks depending on how you play.

  20. Lars Westergren says:

    Bioshock 2. Even better than I remembered, and now I finally get to play Minerva’s Den.

    • J. Cosmo Cohen says:

      I loved the improvements over the first one. It is all around a better game, I think. But it still sits in the shadow of not being wholly original in setting – although now it isn’t as much as issue as people made it out to be upon release.

      I really need to replay Bioshock 1 & 2!

      • malkav11 says:

        I think it gives a pretty poor first impression because it note for note copies some early beats of the first game. It sounds like it comes into its own later, though, and I really want to get back to it to see that part.

    • Zenicetus says:

      I never bought Bioshock 2, because I was afraid it was too focused on escort missions (maybe it isn’t?). And I usually dislike escort missions in games. Maybe I should try it.

      • J. Cosmo Cohen says:

        It’s more like defend an area while a Little Sister gathers Adam. There are a good amount of those. But setting up defenses can be strategic and fun.

        Unless I’m forgetting something, which is possible.

        • Zenicetus says:

          Thanks, I can get into an area defense theme like that. I might pick it up later this weekend after I finish Gunslinger.

        • Thulsa Hex says:

          I did like this aspect of Bioshock 2, along with some of the other gameplay mechanics it introduced, but the story side of it left me cold since it attempted to explain a lot of things that were better-off staying ambiguous — namely the origins of the little sister/big daddy dynamic. When something is demystified it can lose a lot of what made it appealing in the first place. I mean, it made a fair attempt at emulating the poignancy and atmosphere of the original but in reality it was mostly exposition for the sake of justifying a sequel. The first game had allegorical purpose, which I think was largely successful, and this was largely due to a single-minded vision. Also, while the first game definitely had some issues with it’s concluding chapters, Bioshock 2’s end-game seem to drag on for far too long.

          Now from what I hear, Minerva’s Den may be an entirely different animal altogether. I have yet to play it but it’s actually why I ended-up getting Bioshock 2 in the first place. It’s being saved for a rainy day :)

  21. Vacuity729 says:

    Couldn’t sleep last night while Typhoon Soudelor blew over (funny thing about living in a rooftop apartment is that the wind and rain from a Cat3 typhoon are very, very loud and in no small way intimidating), so I played Space Hulk Ascension. Woke up after a few hours uneasy sleep, and after making a brief visit to 7-11 to get something to eat and look at the damage in my neighbourhood, I played more Space Hulk Ascension. Tomorrow, once the winds have died down a bit, I’ll probably have to do some cleaning and tidying.

    • csbear says:

      Good you are safe!

      • Vacuity729 says:

        Thank you, yes! Taipei City, where I live, had something over 4,000 trees blown down and quite a lot of fairly minor damage. Fortunately, there were very few deaths across the island, though the ones that did happen were all pretty tragic.

  22. Gilead says:

    A week ago I picked up Anno 1404 Gold for about £2.50 in a sale, because I fancied playing a nice, gentle building and trading game for an hour or two.

    It’s eaten the last week of my life and I have no regrets.

    • J. Cosmo Cohen says:

      I can’t seem to find the US version for purchase, unless Dawn of Discovery on Gamersgate is the same game with a different name. That’s what came up with a quick Google search, anyway.

  23. Kitsunin says:

    I always feel like visual novels when the weather is dismal, so I decided at last to give Katawa Shoujo a shot. Not usually a fan of boring anime school life nonsense, but it’s written really well. I guess because I decided to take exercise seriously I’m on Emi’s route. Which is cool, I appreciate it when that comes as a natural result from your choices, rather than being pick-a-waifu.

    • Kitsunin says:

      And I’m done. That was probably the best romance story I’ve read! I’m so used to visual novels which, while they have great stories, feel horribly stilted in the boy/girl department, this was wonderful.

      Can’t wait to get started on the next route.

  24. dbl4k says:

    Rodina. Still in early access but it’s so beautiful.

    Whether you’re scooting around the known universe, taking on orbital enemy patrols, trying not to crash land onto planets in order to steal loot & upgrades from the surface, jetpacking over mountains, or just running around your spaceship trying to put out fires with an extinguisher.

    Discovered this gem a few days ago, been playing it constantly since.

    • J. Cosmo Cohen says:

      I played an early build or a demo (can’t recall) of this and liked it. I’ve since forgotten about it but it sounds like it has quite a few added features. I’ll probably wishlist it for later.

  25. slerbal says:

    Card Hunter, Broforce and the excellent boardgame Shadows of Brimstone by Flying Frog Productions.

  26. melnificent says:

    Among the Sleep with my younger (five year old) daughter. She is doing all the movement, etc and is enjoying the creepy atmosphere.. go figure. We’re figuring the puzzles out between us.

    Eldest is coming back so I’m going to be dragged into some minecraft over LAN too.

  27. zarnywoop says:

    I’m still getting through my first playthrough of Just Cause 2. It’s one of those games I seem to just pick up and cause some chaos for a while, collecting items, and then leave for a few months. Rinse and repeat. Hopefully I will finish it in time for Just Cause 3.

  28. Arona Daal says:

    A bit Modular Combat
    A bit Awesomenauts
    A Block of Dominions 4
    And in the Evening when the Servers fill : Project Reality

    • Arona Daal says:

      And Dragonfall if i can find the Time
      (btw : bring back the Edit Button plzplzplz? )

    • J. Cosmo Cohen says:

      I had my friend pop over to give me a tutorial on Dominions 4. Two hours later and we had barely started playing.

      • Immobile Piper says:

        He tried front loading you with everything?

        Could just be my style of teaching, but I would’ve just started playing and explained things as I went along. Maybe not the most efficient way, but certainly one of the more engaging ones I’d wager.

        • J. Cosmo Cohen says:

          He basically went through every option available before starting a game and explained each thing separately. Then once we started he explained everything before taking a turn. He knew what he was talking about obviously, and I learned a lot about the game, but yeah, I’m more of a learn-by-playing kind of person. Or, in this case, ask questions as someone else is playing. Overall it was helpful.

    • Immobile Piper says:

      Ooh! Single- or multiplayer?

      Haven’t played Dominions since I got a kid. 3 months old soon, I’m feeling like I could maybe get back in the PBEM saddle soon.

  29. Kala says:

    “Oh God I Need To Clear Out My Old Flat By Sunday And It’s Full Of So Much Garbage I Don’t Want But Throwing It Away Is Wasteful Help Who Wants My Stuff?”

    In a similar situation. Freecycle is your friend.

  30. shrieki says:

    playing “Empyrion Galactic Survival” lol another early access survival added to my collection i just could not resist.
    it is pretty cool so far – it has a solid science fiction vibe. better then “Planet Explorers” and the odd “Grav” …

    and my finger is hovering over the purchase button for cities skylines.

  31. aoanla says:

    Late to the party as always, a bit of Invisible, Inc.
    My perfectionist nature does mean I’ve spent the first hour and a half replaying the first mission until I actually fully understood the whole thing, though. (Some of that is because the game is pretty hard, even on Easy, some is because I’m naturally cautious, and some is that some of the mechanics aren’t well explained in the tutorial – limited carrying capacity, Daemons, drones, etc)

    Also hoping to make a bit more progress in TIS-100 and Steredenn still.

    • J. Cosmo Cohen says:

      Invisible, Inc. is a great game. There’s so much tension and critical choices to be made. It is very difficult; wait until you try a harder difficulty! Don’t want to spoil much, but you will eventually want to play a harder difficulty.

  32. Premium User Badge

    zigguratvertigo says:

    Ultima 7 Part 2 Serpent Isle. It still stands up and I’ve forgotten a lot of what I had to do to win it twenty something years ago.

    • TheAngriestHobo says:

      God, that game is good. I hope you’re doing a full playthrough of Black Gate + Forge of Virtue + Serpent Isle + Silver Seed for the true experience.

      Oh, and Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Orgy & Cheat room FTW. Single best easter egg in all of gaming.

  33. yan spaceman says:

    Back to Banished with a population birth/reproduce/death mod, the dairyman mod and some other mod that I have forgot what it was. Oh, it was unlimited quarries and mines.

    I’m really into Particle Mace as well.

  34. J. Cosmo Cohen says:

    Galak-Z: The Dimensional and The Last of Us Remastered. Yes, it’s a console weekend for me. Oh! and I’m sure I’ll find time for a match or three of Rocket League.

  35. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    Nuclear Throne. This might be the best twin-stick shooter I ever played. I don’t even like that sub-genre that much, but something about NT motivates me to keep playing. I’ve been to the Throne several times now and the fight there always got me, but I’ll keep trying!

    Also, I might play some Invisible Inc.

  36. Josh W says:

    Also, I think you have the wrong smith, Harvey Smith is the Dishonoured/Deus Ex guy, Randy Smith is the Thief guy.

  37. ExitDose says:

    Ultimate Space Commander – Picked this up on sale a week ago, but haven’t gotten around to trying it.
    Lord Of The Rings LCG – Time to head to Moria.

  38. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    Can’t……help……the…….foot…….to…….ball……..urge. It’s FIFA 15 with radio 5 on in the background, I feel so dirty. It will pass, it will pass.

  39. Monggerel says:

    Way of the Samurai 4. I want the best Dojo in the world, so I achieve this goal by going around town, assaulting random people, beating the living shit out of them, and telling them they are now officially my students.

    It’s all good.

    • J. Cosmo Cohen says:

      I will have to play this at some point. I’m afraid I might like the idea of it more than the execution, though, which is preventing me from jumping in straight away. That, and I missed the new release discount. Whoops!

  40. Minglefingler says:

    I was intending to get an Archwing in Warframe. That was until I realised that the blueprints you need to build one drop randomly. This is in a mission that the game gives you. After playing the mission repeatedly and getting the same two blueprints over and over I’ve realised that it’s too much grind for me, which is a pity because I was quite taken with the running, gunning and melee. I think I’ll give Cosmonautica a go instead as I’ve been neglecting it since I bought it in favour of shooting space bastards.

    • Blackcompany says:

      That’s Warframe – fun moment to moment game play, rendered largely pointless and unrewarding by grind and free to play mechanics. I love the game itself. But the systems that occlude it have begun to turn me off from it.

      • Minglefingler says:

        Yup. I suppose they’ve looked into the economics of it to see what gives them the best return but the thing is I’ve paid money into the game and would have done so again if I hadn’t ran into this today. Mechanics like this are obnoxious, partly because they clearly exist as an incentive for the player to spend real money in a fit of impatient pique and partly because they’re contributing to my descent toward being a joyless husk of middle aged huffing and puffing.

  41. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Alien Isolation. Its pretty good but kind of outstays its welcome a bit. I’m on mission 7, and trying to find a way, any way possible, of avoiding the creeping, unrelenting, terrifying threat of… QTE’S. I’m hiding under tables from now on, no more sniffing lockers for acutely asthmatic women who die from 5 seconds of breath holding for you, Mr Alien. Oddly am finding the working joes more scary than old acid dribble mc pointy fingers.

    • J. Cosmo Cohen says:

      I play it about once a month, slowly progressing until I get stuck and give up for another month. I really like it, I just seem to lack the patience to plow through it.

    • csbear says:

      I really enjoyed Alien Isolation and managed to finish it although it was a little longer than it should have been. Without spoiling too much, the parts near the end are breathtaking even though unnecessarily prolonged.

      However, I found that CA did a wonderful job of creating the Alien setting, and this game really went beyond my expectations.

  42. Gibster says:

    Civ V, TF2, and World of Warships.

  43. werbliben says:

    A bit late to the party, but I’m playing Rocket League and I must say, it’s such a relief after my first couple of months of Dota 2 experience! I’m being terrible at both games, but Rocket League is just so much fun regardless of your own and your team’s performance that I suddenly realized I’m not sure Dota is a game designed to have fun in (though surely one fun to watch other people play). I mean I’ve fallen in love with it, but the constant pressure for 40+ minutes and the urge to immediately play another match to exit the client with satisfaction of a recent victory and not taste of failure have been eating at me without my noticing.

    Rocket League, on the other hand, is a wonderful fusion of competitiveness and light-heartedness: it has a high skill cap, but doesn’t really punish you for not quite reaching it. Same goes for Dota custom games – having not played much of anything but the devilish time-sink that this MOBA is, I couldn’t be happier to simply HAVE FUN and not care about the score too much for a change.

    Playing Dota also means I’m off my healthy diet of story-based games and I feel I’m going to starve to death in this narrative vacuum soon enough. Is there a Life Is Strange custom game in the Reborn client yet? I thought as much =(

    • J. Cosmo Cohen says:

      My friend got to that point with League of Legends. I’m glad he realized it and stopped playing. I’m glad you also realize it for yourself. There are some games that can be enjoyable without being fun, but for me personally, not a competitive multiplayer game.

  44. jonahcutter says:

    The Swindle has grabbed me. The dev has made some balance tweaks that have leveled out early progression curve a bit, along with continued tweaking of the platforming, and I’ve been digging it. It’s still got some quirks that could use addressing, but it’s really ticked the boxes for me. Reminds me a bit of Stealth Bastard, and of course Mark of the Ninja.

    And Subterrain. I don’t even remember how I picked it up. I think I may have just stumbled across it on Steam and said wtf. It’s yet another top-down, scifi, zombie, survival horror. It may even seem at first glance like it is going to be another shallow, cash-in knock-off. But it’s surprisingly well developed.

    There are a lot of systems already in place. Even to manipulating the power, air filtration, and temp of the underground Mars base your stuck in. Along with the normal food, drink, meds, sleep, weapons, armor, etc. (even occasionally needing to going to the bathroom). Crafting through a 3D printer, and you have to do research on the various zed parts to come up with counters to your own increasing infection.

    It’s does a really good job on the claustrophobic, poorly lit, post-apoc sci-fi base as well. The aesthetic is well-done and consistent throughout. The base is big, and there’s even a tram to take around to different areas. It trends toward the weirder, gorier side of horror. Rather Dead Space-ian.

    It’s quite a bit of the pleasant surprise for having as much going for it as it does. I’d recommend it for top-down, survival-horror fans.

    • J. Cosmo Cohen says:

      Subterrain sounds like my sort of thing. Thanks for alerting me to it!

      Also, I so wish there was a demo for The Swindle. I think I might like it, but I’ve seen people go swiftly to loving or hating it I’d hate to waste money on it.

      • jonahcutter says:

        I should of mentioned it’s still in early access, so develoment is ongoing.

        If you do pick it up, you can access the latest, newer builds by using the “abyss” versions in the beta tab. They’ve been getting updates every few days. The base game is still plenty good imo, but there are adjustments and balance ongoing that are more evident in the “abyss” version.

        Play the base version first maybe, as the tutorial is working in that, but not yet updated and working in abyss.

        • J. Cosmo Cohen says:

          I noticed when I went searching for it but I appreciate the info. It isn’t a deal breaker for me, but it means I’ll probably wait for a sale.

  45. kirby_freak says:

    I saw the MGSV preview trailer that showed how the invasion multiplayer works, freaked out, and preordered the game, which is not something normally do… Only reason I preordered was so I could get Ground Zeroes for free, so I’ve been working through that and have been really enjoying it, even though I have no clue what is going on since I’ve never played a MGS game before… I’m debating buying the collection for the PS3 to fill in the gaps. Aside from that, probably more League and CS:GO with friends (because playing those games by myself sucks).

  46. geldonyetich says:

    5/6 RPS writers playing nothing this weekend? What doom upon this platform doth this portent speaketh?!

    I didn’t get a weekend. Instead, I was tasked with entertaining the nephew. We played Nom Nom Galaxy and Minecraft. Primarily reanimating Necromancy mod monsters in Minecraft because the nephew is endlessly fascinated with that for some reason.

  47. Laurentius says:

    Swimming, sunbathing, cold beer. Oh and video games, Witcher 3, GTA5:Online, FTL, man, I am stuck with these games like forever.

  48. malkav11 says:

    Today I expect to get further stuck into The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II with a friend – he’s running a tanky melee Hunter and I’m a Thaumaturge drawing Fire Walls all over the place. Good times. The multiplayer’s a bit buggy still and we got desynced at one point and had a later encounter where I couldn’t see the monsters that were coming up on elevators, but we still got close to two solid hours of fun out of the experience so unless things get dramatically worse I expect we’ll muddle through.

    I also want to catch up with my episodic story games (Life is Strange, Tales from the Borderlands) and complete Chapter 3 of the Jedi Knight storyline in SWTOR – just got started on it on Thursday. I may end up watching a lot of Let’s Plays and stuff instead.

    Also! Cooking. Red beans and rice stew in the slow cooker today, maybe a bit of chicken divan in the slow cooker tomorrow depending on how ambitious I feel. I wholeheartedly recommend America’s Test Kitchen’s Slow Cooker Revolution book. Every recipe’s been accessible and delicious so far – a little more prep work than some slow cooker recipes, but the flavor payout is immense and really it usually isn’t any more than a bit of microwave or stovework to “bloom” the onions and spices. Usually microwave, stovetop if they need to brown meat, cook up mushrooms, or mix in flour, that sort of thing. But mostly they skip browning meat in favor of tricks like mixing in some soy sauce to achieve a similar effect.

    • Lars Westergren says:

      Nice, I’ll probably buy that, thanks for the tip. I have a slow cooker, but only use it once every 3 months or so.

      • malkav11 says:

        My slow cooker sat on the shelf for years. I broke it out a few times to try stuff – I had some luck with a blackeyed pea thing I found online and did a Morrocan-style stew once, also online, but most stuff was bland and/or burned. Then I picked up Slow Cooker Revolution on a recommendation from Something Awful’s cooking subforum (which is largely above my head as it’s for actual cooks), and my slow cooker has ended up with a more or less permanent spot on the counter ever since. It’s virtually all I use to cook right now. I do a recipe or two on the weekend and then reheat leftovers for the rest of the week.

        • TheAngriestHobo says:

          Slow cookers are awesome. Zero effort, there’s always leftovers, and if you set it up in the morning, your whole house smells amazing by the time you get home from work.

        • Lars Westergren says:

          Btw malkav, got an email or something so I can contact you? Got something for you. I have the same name in the forums.

  49. fish99 says:

    Dunno, probably some Bloodborne, if I have the patience for it.

    Also some Rocket League which I picked up on PC after seeing the framerates on PS4. Fun game and addictive, but I’m pretty bad at it so far.

  50. Llewyn says:

    My usual mindless stuff at the moment. JC2 (recently bought the PC version), Morrowind (recently bought the Steam version), some FM2014 to distract me from how the real season’s going to play out and bits of Hexcells Infinite and World of Guns to fill in occasional brief gaps.