Story Time: Nero Makes The Move to PC Next Year

Nero [official site] first launched on Xbox One a few months ago as an exclusive for our console brethren. But O those developers can’t get enough of that sweet and sultry PC stank. Game studio Storm in a Teacup is going for the full-on magic trifecta and bringing their game to PS4 and PC sometime next year.

It’s worth mentioning that Nero got middling reviews when it first came out on console, which in part was down to the game’s focus on story over interaction. It’s a narrative-centric first-person puzzle game where the environments relate to the protagonist’s past in some way – in the words of the studio, Nero is about love and faith and “a world of incredible beauty where a child is the key to unlocking new possibilities.” ┬áSo the aim is to explore and pick up pieces of narrative that pulls it all together. It’s that sort of thing.

No word just yet on whether it’ll be a straight port of the Xbone release or not, but as you await an answer you can watch the game in action:


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    Gosh, that looks pretty.

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    Am I the only one to see a sun-filled dick at 1:20? I can’t unsee it now. :-p

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