O Misery! Lisa: The Joyful Expansion Coming This Month

John’s away today, so I can do things like: while John got frustrated and gave up on Lisa: The Painful RPG [official site], I’ve heard good things about the side-scrolling RPG from people with more patience. Bleak, terrible things, but good things. Don’t confuse this Lisa with the charming quiet adventure game I wrote about, no, this is the post-apocalyptic one which starts off bleak and only get worse, with addiction, murder, mutilation, and terrible choices that can literally cost you blood – or an arm.

Good news, misery fans: Lisa’s expansion, named The Joyful, is coming on August 25th. This news comes with a new trailer showing a little of what to expect:

Lisa: The Joyful follows on from events of The Painful RPG, focusing on the character Buddy. I don’t know much about the story and will only look foolish if I pretend to, so that’s all you’re getting.

The Painful RPG, as this spoiler-filled Destructoid community blog is a game with terrible sacrifices, where at times you’ll choose whether you want to lose something yourself (from cash to flesh) or have bloody things happen to other characters. All this in a game inspired heavily by Earthbound. The apocalypse changes everyone.

Creator Austin Jorgensen says a price isn’t settled quite yet, but The Joyful will cost “$5 or lower.”


  1. Kefren says:

    I loved the atmosphere, sounds and music. But the clunky battle and inventory systems made me dread having to fight. In the end I gave up.

    You know what I’d have loved? This game, but with the interface, movement and fighting of Bio Menace (maybe a combo of ranged weapons and melee). Then I could have enjoyed the fascinating story and atmosphere, and also enjoyed the mechanics used to tell the story.

    • Shakes999 says:

      Same here. I liked the story but the actual game play got tedious a little over half way through. I saw a lot of people blaze through the battles on YouTube but I was using the same tactics and getting destroyed. I don’t know I got sick of all my guys getting one shot. Not to mention, nearly 3/4 of my guys got killed at the Russian roulette portion.

      A lot of those things seemed a lot more novel before I actually played the game.

  2. sdfv says:

    I really, really loved this game. But unless you are the sort of person who beat Dark Souls, it’s probably too punishing.

  3. bonuswavepilot says:

    “The Painful RPG, as this spoiler-filled Destructoid community blog is a game…”
    Seems to be a word missing here after ‘blog’… ‘Shows’? ‘Reveals’? ‘Argues’? ‘Spoils’?