Falling Down: Rise Of The Tomb Raider

Just as Dark Knight Rises was mostly a tale of falling down in order to get back up again, Rise of the Tomb Raider [official site] will require Lara Croft to hit the ground hard before she even considers doing any sort of upward movement. A new 13 minute video from Gamescom sees her Jonesing around, talking about her dad’s research, stumbling, crashing, dodging bullets and – SHOCK OF SHOCKS – raiding a tomb.

I enjoyed the previous game until I reached a village that kept exploding and I’m slightly dismayed by the helicopters and constantly collapsing scenery, but it’s a very handsome video, and if there are tricksy tombs to balance out the angry militia, I’m willing to endure the latter.

Ignore the XBOX logo in the corner. The PC release was recently confirmed – it’s coming early 2016.

The end of the trailer, which features an extremely angry tomb, is the worst of it, I think. Noisy running and jumping with slightly disjointed animations. Here’s hoping for more of the quiet spectacle seen in the reveal shot earlier in the trailer. Tombs don’t have to be the loudest places in the world, packed with angry men, even if that is true to life.


  1. Andy_Panthro says:

    Is it just me, or is there a big gap where the video should be?

    • mashkeyboardgetusername says:

      Yep, for me too. (I actually watched it on mumblemumblepcgamermumble, but thought I’d come here to waffle about it.)

      • Andy_Panthro says:

        And now it’s there! Can’t say I’m very impressed with it though. I think I’ll be giving this a pass (haven’t played the first one of this new series either, although I did pick it up very cheap in a sale a little while ago).

  2. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    I suppose the baddies are baddies because they wanted to blow up the temple or something, but at the rate Lara was knocking over masonry and generally wrecking things I’m not sure the place would last that much longer anyway.

    But still, first one was pretty entertaining for the price I paid, and this looks like more of the same, so should be fun too (once on sale).

    • Xocrates says:

      One thing I find interesting on Crystal Dynamic’s Tomb Raider games is that they more or less imply (and in the case of Temple of Osiris, almost explicitly) that Lara is, if not a bad person, then at least does a lot of highly illegal and dubious shit.

      • fish99 says:

        Well she spent the original Tomb Raider slaughtering wildlife, including endangered species.

        • XhomeB says:

          Which I found much more acceptable and believable than embarking on a genocide mission in the 2013 reboot. The amount of bodies she left behind would make Stalin or Hitler jealous.

        • Xocrates says:

          Her actions have always been pretty questionable, my point is more along the lines that the newest games seem to acknowledge that.

  3. int says:

    Very contrived and stupid, this “timed exclusive” business.

    “constantly collapsing scenery” Many games do take this up to 11. For example in Black Ops 2 (which I recently played), when you and Michael Rooker are climbing with nanogloves. As you reach the ledge you are meant to reach, lightning strikes a tree and it crashes between you and Rooker dragging you off. I mean it’s not impossible lighting will strike a tree in a thunderstorm but the exact one above you and Rooker? A little peace in my action games please.

    • Freud says:

      This trailer reminded me a lot of CoD games. Linear and too busy showing us stuff with no concern that the player would like to, you know, play the game.

  4. jack4cc says:

    Oh no! There, at 11:47! A quick time event!
    I was actually hoping to get around that this time because it made the last game a bit.. shit.

    • MisterFurious says:

      Yeah, really. The most common complaint about the first game was the QTE’s. They were almost (maybe not even almost) universally despised. You’d think they’d listen, but, nope! Game developers these days are funny that way.

    • XhomeB says:

      Well, this thing could be a considered a “gameplay mechanic”. Like in the previous game, if Lara just barely grabs a ledge, you need to react quickly to make her pull up. I know it looks like a QTE, but it’s a bit better than that.
      TR2013 featured plenty of AWFUL QTEs, though – especially in hand-to-hand combat. Press “X” to insta-kill a guy sucked.

  5. Geebs says:

    Lara Croft: Tomb Wrecker

  6. Freud says:

    I think they are so focused on making things cinematic, it sucks something out of the game.

    • golem09 says:

      Yes, the “game” part. it’s so boring to master the bombastic action pieces…. by pressing the analog stick forward.
      The bit of good gameplay that first one had in it was mostly made void by boring enemy placement.

      • XhomeB says:

        They saw people loved such “gameplay” in Uncharted, so they decided to jump on the cinematic bandwagon.
        To their credit, the hubs in TR2013 were much more open and fun to explore than anything in Uncharted, so it’s not like they didn’t try to bring something of their own to the table.

        • Geebs says:

          I’m irritated that they didn’t learn the lesson that people can sustain disbelief though really improbable escapes, but if you actually show a character getting injured in a way that should kill them outright, it looks ridiculous. This goes double if they then make a big fuss about falling about for a few seconds before suddenly straightening up and launching into parkour moves that most people couldn’t do even if perfectly healthy.

          This trailer also indicates that Crystal Dynamics haven’t got the Lara torture porn out of there systems yet.

  7. Pich says:

    I still don’t get why the reboot focused on the worst part of Tomb Raider: the combat.

  8. Ross Angus says:

    I’m glad Squeenix sent Lara to look for some profit.

  9. heretic says:

    That is a terrible opening, an helicopter shoots at them, her driver gets shot and all she says is a “oh no.” and not “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WE GONNA DIEEEEE”

    • XhomeB says:

      What that proves is the writing team behind TR2013 haven’t learnt diddly squat.
      The plot, characters, writing in general in the reboot were all bloody terrible, serviceable at their absolute best. We’re in for another “treat”, it seems.

  10. Kirrus says:

    Hrm. I wouldn’t put it past MS to push for Windows 10 exclusive to force more people onto Windows 10. I really quite enjoyed the last game, so tentatively looking forward to this.

  11. XhomeB says:

    Apart from the perfectly legitimate “too cinematic, insultingly simple puzzle and so on” complaints… Graphically, it looks REALLY nice. Beautiful environments, great physics (scripted probably, but still great looking).

  12. Pizzacheeks McFroogleburgher says:

    Her hair dances like it comes from another dimension. I bet in the Japanese version they’ll swap it out for dancing titters. I won’t be buying this as I’m not interested. Good arse modelling tho.

  13. fenriz says:

    it all looks very lovely.
    too bad there’s no interaction, it’s just show.

    Not a trace of puzzle, no added bonus for, i don’t know, finding a secret inscription or mural (god forbid not to be added in some sort of “historic achievements”)

  14. fenriz says:

    in the end it’s all a park tunnel ride, very typical console product.

    I bet not even Sir Don Bluth knew that his love-child game would have influenced future gaming so much.

  15. 10min says:

    This video is vomitive.
    Half the time is full of cutscenes. They interrupt the game like a dozen times in a dozen minute video.

    The rest of it is a rail, where all you can do is to advance forward inside a minuscule road/tunnel, so restrictive that you can’t even move even a centimeter to any side. It is another cutscene which stops progressing if you stop pressing the forward keys.

    Then it has the hell of gaming: Quick Time Events, and “press Y to not pause the game”.

    The designers -they don’t deserve the title of game designers- don’t let you take the control at any moment. They want to play the game instead of you, and all they let you do is press a key to observe how they advance the movie.

    They don’t release games, They puke trash at you and expect you to pay for it.

    Then they present you a place which you can only see from a single point, they point you can’t choose.

  16. Robert Post's Child says:

    Just so long as they don’t spend the whole game going on about ‘doing what you have to do to SURVIVE. Because you’re a SURVIVOR. A CROFT. A CROFTVIVER’ and then everybody dies again.