Duff Up And Derobe Otaku Vampires In Akiba’s Trip Demo


You probably already know whether you want to buy an RPG where a boy runs around Tokyo’s otaku zone Akihabara killing vampires by beating them up until their clothes fall off and they evaporate. Ask yourself: “Do I want buy an RPG where a boy runs around Tokyo’s otaku zone Akihabara killing vampires by beating them up until their clothes fall off and they evaporate?”

For me, the answer is “Nnno probably not? But… maybe I would like to at least see it.” Good news, Alice: Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed [official site] now has a demo on PC.

The game’s Windows port came out in May, but the demo only arrived on Steam on Friday.

Yes, obviously it’s skeezy. As a lady of taste and distinction, the only pants I delight in seeing are Rik Mayall’s grotesque giant y-fronts in Bottom. However, I do dig the idea of roaming around a virtual Akihabara, enjoying both the idea of recreating a place at a specific time (between autumn 2012 and summer 2013, they say) and the place they’re recreating. Akihabara is weird and I may never visit it, so I’ll have a gander in this here demo.

Might beat up a few otaku with my wrestling moves and my keyboard, if I’m already there anyway.

Here, have a trailer from the original console release:


  1. geldonyetich says:

    Where has this game been all my life?

    How can I send it back there?

  2. mechabuddha says:

    Finally, I can enact my voyeuristic and sadistic fantasies in a safe and anonymous environment.

    • Koshelkin says:

      You need to play Senran Kagura to scratch that itch… believe me. Great brawler, really, but I can’t really play it in public, it would be too embarrassing.

      • anHorse says:

        It’s grating as a beat em up fan that the genre’s become saturated with ridiculous levels of boobs and screeching, especially on the handhelds where the best games in the genre are part of the problem.

        I just want to hit stuff, if I wanted to have a wank I wouldn’t load up a game (and a difficult fighting game at that) to do it

        • Koshelkin says:

          That’s true and I kinda see this as a japanese “problem”. They tend to oversexualize stuff nowadays. It’s not just Beat em Ups but RPG’s as well… everything tbh. Japanese and their fetishes… Senran Kagura sees itself with a healthy dose of Humour at least.

          • SomeDuder says:

            Sex sells. Something the jap publishers have long known, but nerdculture is looked down upon there (and should be here as well, but hey) so there’s a limited market. The solution? Oversexualize EVERYTHING, from animals to actual pre-schoolers, so that people will spend more money on it.

            Same goes for their dumb cartoons, where you can expect to play several hundred Euros for a few blu-ray boxset that features the same cartoon that was aired 6 months earlier, but now with uncensored tits

  3. Dominic Tarason says:

    One nice little detail: For the english-language release of the game, they went and produced pinup ‘victory’ art for all of the male bosses, too. Gender equality in vampire stripping is important, y’know.

    • pepperfez says:

      That’s actually kind of surprising. Typically Japan is more accepting of sexualized men than Anglostan, so it’s nice to see it spread.

      • Premium User Badge

        keithzg says:

        I’ve always gotten the impression it’s an either-or. That is to say, they sometimes oversexualize women, sometimes men, but generally not in the same product.

  4. Freud says:

    I’m not reallly a fan of jRPG style turn based combat.

    • mechabuddha says:

      I just tried it out. It plays more like a beat ’em up.

  5. Baines says:

    The game itself is supposed to be pretty decent.

    The problem with the PC port is that it is a typical Japanese console to PC port, which can make even an outsourced slapdash Western port look like high quality in comparison. The PC version needed a demo just so people could see if the game would even run in a playable state on their machine.


    Yep, Steam forum for the game is starting to get threads about the demo not running, to go along with all the threads complaining about the full game not working (and the threads about fixes that work for a limited number of people.)

    • Premium User Badge

      keithzg says:

      The Japanese games industry’s complete disregard for the PC continues to be one of its greatest issues (definitely not as big as its disregard for the actual programmers and artists, though).

  6. aircool says:

    I don’t understand these games at all… Steam seems to be full of Japanese style games that involve Lolita fantasies, but with weird shit like cat ears or Bejewelled.

  7. Wedge says:

    Maybe I’ll see how it runs, but I’ve already been sold on it as a light fix until Yakuza 5 is out… just not at the $30 price. When it breaks to $15 I’m down.

  8. Benratha says:

    Ummm Alice? That game title might be slightly different – at least in the trailer video, I read it as “Akiba Strip” (subtitle: Undead & Undressed). That might at least fit the plotline :-)

    • Punning Pundit says:

      She has the title right. The game is… Subtle is the wrong word. But it’s more burlesque than pornographic.

    • Kitsunin says:

      I don’t really get why it’s “Akiba’s Trip” anyway. It makes no sense. On the other hand Akiba Strip is a nice double-entendre, since it takes place in the Akiba strip, and you’re stripping folks in Akiba…well, that much was obvious.

      • Kitsunin says:

        Although if I had to guess, it’s probably so it doesn’t scare people off. It’s a pretty classy game, really, only using not at all explicit nudity as a gag.

      • Premium User Badge

        Phasma Felis says:

        Japanese devs (and writers and animators) really love to use English words, despite not actually understanding what any of them mean.

  9. Punning Pundit says:

    My wife saw this game for the PS3 and demanded that we get it. I watched her play it, then I had a go myself.

    I was shocked that I didn’t hate it. In fact, I actually kind of loved it.

    Early in the game, right after the main character is told that they* are a vampire and can thus no longer be exposed to sunlight, there’s dialogue choice, to say “you mean I can no longer photosynthesize?” I was kind of hooked from there.

    The game seems to have been started from a conversation like “let’s make a brawler with light RPG elements that involves stripping people for their clothes- but not being icky about it”. It’s ludicrous, knows it, and is aware that it is a joke. It also seems to know where the line is, and _does not cross it_.

    As I said to someone else above: Akiba’s Trip is a burlesque show. It knows better than to be pornography. Burlesque may not be your bag, that’s fair. But if that sort of thing can amuse you, this game is actually pretty solid.

    *first play through is male, NG+ gives gender options.

  10. Skandranon says:

    Eh, this game honestly isn’t really skeezy, at least comparatively.

    Anyone playing it for fanservice reasons is likely to be massively disappointed. They honestly don’t go anywhere past the making people clothes explode, which leads to nothing further than bad in-game models of regular people in tame underwear.

    There’s no, for instance, Neptunia style fanservice scenes of people being tied up in provocative ways, or anything on the level of Senran Kagura.
    The concept is mostly played for humor rather than sexytimes. Honestly, I feel they didn’t go far enough with the concept – a lot of the game takes itself oddly seriously for something where I can uppercut a guy out of his pants.

    • Zankman says:

      That doesn’t sound too bad – as you said, compared to shit like Neptunia and Senran Kagura (hadn’t heard about that one).

      It’s rare that you find a game/thing like this from Japan that is *actually played for laughs* as opposed to *pretending* that it is being played for laughs but is actually just what you think it is.

  11. commentingaccount says:

    Too bad the demo is so fucking short you can’t actually get an idea as to whether or not you like the game.

    Imagine a demo of Fallout 3 that ended just after you left the vault. That is basically this demo.

    • Bluestormzion says:

      But a Demo of Fallout 3 that ended when you leave the vault could still be 3 hours long…

  12. Mordaedil says:

    The game title on the screen is actually written as “AKIBA’STRIP”. So it’s both.

  13. bill says:

    A Japanese game that is skeezy???? Well I never.