Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Is The Star Wars Original Trilogy Of Game Ceilings

Deus Ex: Human Revolution had the best ceilings of any game ever made. I’m not kidding. I’ve had screenshots of that game’s ceilings as desktop wallpapers and I know others who have done the same. Each one was a sculptural work designed to communicate the cyber renaissance setting. I spoke to gameplay director Patrick Fortier about this at Gamescom and unfortunately it sounds as if sequel Deus Ex: Mankind Divided [official site] won’t carry on the game’s ceiling-based legacy in quite the same way. “That dream is dying,” he said.

Mankind Divided is set two years after Human Revolution, in the aftermath of that game’s finale, and therefore takes place in a world suspicious of those with augmentations. There’s less idealism in the world, and therefore less desire to spend money on lavish ceiling art. I asked Fortier directly whether the ceilings would be as good in Mankind Divded as in Human Revolution.

“It depends,” he said. “[In] Human Revolution, it was the golden age of the cyber renaissance. The dream was there: augmentations are going to be everywhere, everybody’s going to get them, and they have that palette and those colours. Now that dream is dying, and Mankind Divided is much more about corporate feudalism coming back and kind of killing that. So you’re going to get different kinds of ceilings. There are still, you know, the cyber renaissance is still out there, and you can still see glimpses of it, but it’s been pushed into the corners a little bit, so that’s going to affect the ceilings as well.

When I suggest that this makes Mankind Divided the Star Wars: The Original Trilogy of ceilings – replacing the gleaming metal of the prequels with the sand and rust of the Millenium Falcon – Fortier laughs and says, “Right, right.”

Then I was escorted out of the interview.

In fairness, the game still has a pretty rad tree sculpture.

The screenshot that heads this post was taken by Nic Clapper and posted on our forum in 2012. The full version makes a great desktop wallpaper. Here are some more great Human Revolution ceiling images:

Both from dahappybanana’s Imgur album of Human Revolution ceilings.

From Dead End Thrills general selection of Human Revolution screenshots.


  1. Gap Gen says:

    That top one is like someone glued all the old PC towers they had lying around to the ceiling

    • Llewyn says:

      If my office had a slightly higher ceiling I would be so tempted by that.

    • Harlander says:

      I wanted to make that observation, damn it! All that remains is for me to say that it’s better than just throwing them in landfill.

      Other DX:MD screenshots do seem to indicate that the asymmetrical, vertically-staggered lighting fixture remains popular, at least.

      • nearly says:

        There’s no more landfill in DX:HR, it’s cityfill now. Don’t you remember that alleyway in Hengsha that’s filled with air conditioners?

    • Tacroy says:

      I was actually thinking “why is there a picture of the floor of the IT room” and then I read the title

  2. gbrading says:

    David Sarif’s office is lovely, the ceiling included. I’m sure there will still be some gorgeous visuals and the ceiling will play into the general aesthetic.

    P.S. Mirror’s Edge had some great ceilings.

  3. JimThePea says:

    Human Revolution’s ceilings: Beautiful to look at, nightmare to dust.

    • Premium User Badge

      distantlurker says:

      ‘sok, they have flying roomba’s in the 2020’s.

    • Llewyn says:

      If you’re dusting your ceilings you either have too much time on your hands or need to stop your house performing barrel rolls.

      • Dilapinated says:

        No, those baubles & the wavy-stripes would gather so much dust on their upper surfaces.

        • c-Row says:

          But who would ever notice?

          • Cinek says:

            But… but… but I would KNOW!!!

          • Llewyn says:

            They have a point with the baubles, you’d notice that. As for the wavy things, “they’re not dusty, I just painted them grey on top”.

        • Gap Gen says:

          Maybe the message is that they have a ton of money so don’t really care about impractical architecture. There’s a great article that I can’t remember enough details to look up again, but it mocks the kind of building where the architect is like “this shape would be cool, build this” and the engineer is going “noooooo this is gonna require so much steel just to stop it falling down”

  4. James says:

    A piece on ceilings. Nice. Could you do a piece on doors next?

    Actually, I’d probably read that too.

  5. chuckieegg says:

    My new favourite word is Greeble, and that is most definitely a Greebled ceiling.

    link to


  6. Rymosrac says:

    Wouldn’t the original Deus Ex be the Original Triology of Deus Ex Ceilings?

  7. Scott Constantine says:

    Almost on par with…

    link to

  8. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Thanks to alien isolation and this article I want to stick that puffy leather cushioning all over my walls

  9. lglethal says:

    Ok i can pick the locations for the other pics, but where in Human Revolution is the Top Pic. And how the heck did I miss it??? :/

  10. alms says:

    Stop making me want to play again games I’ve already played!

    Anyway it sounds kind of silly to me that two years have passed and people threw away their existing ceilings to replace them with ones that looks less cyberpunk renaissance. Oh well.

    • Premium User Badge

      keithzg says:

      It also seems increasingly weird to be running this as a prequel when it seems to be squishing in a ton of backstory that seems to somewhat contradict what is alluded to in the original. In that respect these new games are the Prequel Trilogy of Deus Ex.

  11. Pizzacheeks McFroogleburgher says: my deleted comment.. What I obviously MEANT to say was deus ex hr doesn’t need fancy ceilings to make it stand out as one of the finest games of the last few years, and I shall return to it once more to reaffirm my fondness for this thoroughly well produced game. You shits.

  12. Play2603 says:

    My favorite is the ceiling at the LIMB clinic in Detroit. Looks like metal bars hanging from a wire.