Brigador Robo-Stomps Onto Early Access October 20th

Brigador [official site] is a sort’ve mech-based Syndicate, giving you contracts to carry out on isometric maps that involve a bit of stealth and then a lot of blowing things up in your selected vehicle. Graham has spent a lot of time calling it cool since mid-2014 and it’s finally getting into a playable state on October 20th. That will be an Early Access release with a full version coming in early 2016 according to the announcement post. Most importantly there’s a new trailer showing off more robot explodey-bangs.

Cor. I’m a human being between the age of eight and sixty, so giant robots and floating tanks blowing each other and their surroundings up is basically what I live for. You select between them in three categories: mechs, tanks and anti-grav vehicles, which fit broadly into offense, defense and speed. Within each of those are three sub-classes that change the way you play. One version of the mech can extend to look over buildings, for example, or has a more powerful stomp and weapons but is bigger and easier to hit. On top of that are three factions, bringing the total number of battlesuits and treaded death machines to 45.

Once you’re on-map, everything is fully destructible and mayhem is encouraged by rewarding you with money any time you successfully demolish a structure or enemy. That money is used between missions to upgrade your various abilities and unlock new playgrounds. Each of your kill-machines has two weapons and a defensive ability to manage, so there’s plenty of variety.

Loads more details and some quite pretty gifs in this NeoGAF thread. You can also directly pre-order from Stellar Jockeys’ (the developers) website for $15. It’ll bag you a Steam key for when the time comes.

For some reason, Brigador really reminded me of Fire Fight, a mid-90s blaster with sometimes non-linear levels where you fly a ship around various planets bringing them back under control of your tyrannical bosses. Here’s someone playing the first couple of missions. Obviously there’s the similar perspective, but the semi-FMV detailed art style and destructible environments were what linked the neurons in my brain. While we’re on this nostalgia train, I found Fire Fight via the Windows 95 Game Sampler 2 disc – essentially a demo for what DirectX could do which, for some reason, had its own intro cinematic and playable menu. Let’s never go back to the 90s, people.


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  1. wake says:

    Until about halfway through development, none of us had played or even heard of Bedlam, Desert Strike, or Future Cop: LAPD, so you can imaging our surprise when these games got mentioned after our first trailer release (another one that gets mentioned in Mechwarrior 3050). It's cool that these touchstones exist for players coming into the game.
  1. karnak says:

    Honestly this strongly reminds me of the “Bedlam” series.

    • wake says:

      Until about halfway through development, none of us had played or even heard of Bedlam, Desert Strike, or Future Cop: LAPD, so you can imaging our surprise when these games got mentioned after our first trailer release (another one that gets mentioned in Mechwarrior 3050). It’s cool that these touchstones exist for players coming into the game.

    • Bfox says:

      Mhaaan reaally wanted to replay that game for years but could never get it to work with any system

  2. mynicksaretaken says:

    Looks like a hybrid of Syndicate and Future Cop LAPD. Nice!

  3. wcq says:

    The music is great and I’m really digging the aesthetic. Looking forward to this game.

    But… there’s something weird about those explosions, man. They’re big ‘n all, but something’s missing. When large explosions are this central to the gameplay, they’d better make sure they’re just right.

    Hopefully it’s just one of the kinks of the early access version.

    • Jekhar says:

      Yep, needs more screenshake, plain and simple. One of the Vlambeer guys had a presentation on this, it’s great. “The Art of Screenshake”, available on Youtube.

    • Weremoo says:

      If my memory serves, the music is being composed by a lot called ‘Makeup and Vanity Set’, who do all kinds of fantastic 80s synth! Some of their stuff be here: link to

    • wake says:

      Currently impacts and explosions are unlit elements; we’re looking into adding brief light flashes to help place them in the game environment.

      With regards to screenshake, many players find it nauseating and it also hampers precision aiming, so that not something we’ll add. There are other, less obtrusive ways to flesh out ‘game feel’.

      • Phasma Felis says:

        You might just make it optional, then. For many of us, it really adds a lot to a game.

    • Neutrino says:

      The problem with the explosions isn’t the lack of screen shake. It’s that they all look like a repetition of the some really poor sprites. Each explosion is nothing more than a short fountain of circular fire sprites. There are no pools of burning liquid, no bit’s flying off, no wrecks left behind, just a handful of fire sprites and then the unit model vanishes.

      Ideally each unit you destroy wouldn’t immediately be vaporised in a fireball, firstly it should be incapacitated in a variety of explosion effects to leave a smoking wreck, which could then optionally be obliterated with the application of additional violence.

      Sorry to say but it this just looks really weak to me.

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    Oakreef says:

    A Steam page shows up when I Google the name but it redirects me to the Steam front page when I try to go to it.

  5. Spiralling says:

    The devs recently posted they had to take the page down briefly to rework it.

    • wake says:

      The steam page was up before because the game was originally slated as ‘coming soon’; originally we weren’t going to take the Early Access route but things change, and as part of making that transition from the development side the store page had to be taken down. I’m looking into getting it back up prior to the actual EA release Oct. 20th, but I’m not 100% sure I’ll be able to do so. In the mean time I’ll make sure to update our Greenlight page.

  6. CannedLizard says:


  7. Wonderboy2402 says:

    Reminds me of a cool blend of Battletech (SEGA Genesis) with Mechcommander. Will pick this up!

  8. Bugamn says:

    I miss FireFight. I remember playing the demo for that for a long time. Does anyone have recommendations for good games with similar gameplay, i.e. third-person view, turret combat, that are available?

    • tonicer says:

      I have the CD but i can’t install it. I may need to install win98 on a virtualbox. But you can vote for it on gog link to

      • Bugamn says:

        I had already done that, but thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately it seems very few people on GoG remember that game. I don’t think there would be many legal problems to bring it to GoG, it seems it was published by EA and they have many old games on GoG.

  9. heretic says:

    Wow it looks much enhanced since the early trailers, looks great!

    The addition of the little men running around is great, though hope you can run them over :P in the trailer I couldn’t quite catch it but looks like the vehicle just clipped through, damn!