Do A Bodacious Grind In OlliOlli2, Out Today

I have never felt a greater urge to put on a pair of reading glasses and start smoking a pipe in a dressing gown than writing this. It's like I'm aging in real time. Imagine every word read out by that old blind guy from Game of Thrones.

Because I know what a rad bunch of dudes, dudettes and dudeys you are, I bring news of the release of OlliOlli 2 [official site] on PC. Fully titled ‘Welcome to Olliwood’ it’s the follow-up to 2014’s hottest PC skateboarding sim that let you kick-flip on a dinosaur’s back. This one features just as many mad locations and odd places to grind, with a bunch of new modes, options and variations as well. They’re all laid out in the below launch trailer which my decidedly uncool brain understands roughly 20% of. At most.

A handily delivered press release informs me that these so-called “Manuals” allow you to combo more effectively through a level, in fact making it technically possible to never drop it for the entire time. Just in case you thought you were ever going to actually top those leaderboards, mortal. Those split routes and secret lines will have to be found for 100% completion and experimenting with which banks the most OlliDollah, as I’ve decided the points shall now be called, will be necessary for making the climb.

Multiplayer is a concept I’m thankfully familiar with and it arrives here in the form of split-screen. There’s four game modes available which include a standard race and a hi-score competition. There’s a whole bunch of new tricks and mechanics to master, so don’t assume previous Ollisperience (I am on a word-inventing hot streak today) will be all it takes to beat your friends.

Despite being the world’s least skateboarding man, this actually looks right up my street. I dodged the first one due to its lateness to the mother platform, but I’m all about the simple-to-learn, impossible-to-master platforming challenges OlliOlli made its name with. Likely one for the ol’ 360 controller, mind.

Game’s £8.24 on Steam at a 25% launch discount for the next week. RPS euro-friends Eurogamer reviewed the Playstation Vita version and gave it their Recommended “this is pretty good” stamp.


  1. wyrm4701 says:

    I’m playing it now, and my initial impression is not complimentary. They’ve changed something that just murdered the control responsiveness. I don’t know if it’s the change in art style (also, not good) or if the engine got changed, but it’s really frustrating, and not in the excellent way the first one was. I’ve yet to achieve a ‘Perfect Launch’ after a half-hour at the tutorial for it. I’d hold off buying this until there’s a patch or something…

    The first OlliOlli is awesome, btw. Buy that instead, if you haven’t.

    • ElVaquero says:

      Weird, I have had the exact opposite experience. Control actually seems better than the first (though I am playing on PS Vita) and the level designs are VASTLY better than the first one. I also really dig the art upgrade, it’s so much cleaner now and the level art is a lot more attractive and interesting.

      The first one was tasty but often just frustrating, this one feels like the main event.

    • J. Cosmo Cohen says:

      I have it on PS4 and I agree with pretty much everything you said. The art style, although different, isn’t necessarily better to me. It isn’t terrible, though. And the controls…yeah, I had a heck of a time doing things, whereas the first game I always knew if it was me that messed up; I never felt like I was fighting the controls.

    • trjp says:

      Many people have complained that the PC Olli Olli controls are worse than the Vita ones – lacking the sharpness you really need to play it properly – most of those people seem OK with OO2 tho

    • Kitsunin says:

      I never played OlliOlli, but I was able to get perfect launches (and perfect everything else) consistently and pretty much from the very first attempt. Seems pretty good to me…

  2. Darth Gangrel says:

    I don’t know what “dudey” is supposed to be, but the way I think it’s pronounced makes me think of doody, i.e. feces.

  3. SomeDuder says:

    This LOOKS like it should be fun, but this is exactly the type of game that needs good controls and style for me to be able to enjoy it. Seems like there’s no demo, so it will have to be on a very big discount before I even think about buying it