Stasis Comes Out Of Stasis On August 31st

Alec has been fascinated by isometric adventure-horror Stasis [official site] for a few years now with its bleak, foreboding atmosphere. A Kickstarter success story, it’s about a man coming out of the titular time-pause to discover the space station he’s on is broken in about seventeen different ways. Naturally it was being used for illicit research by an evil mega-conglomerate but it’s also now falling out of the sky in a decaying orbit. Around Neptune. Plus, of course, the various gribblies the facility has created are loose. Fun. All that and more in the launch trailer for the just-announced August 31st release date.

That’s not great at explaining what you actually do, so here’s the skinny: it’s an old-fashioned point and click, right down to gruesome deaths for the wrong actions. John Maracheck, as your avatar is called, needs to find his daughter, wife and an exit from the plummeting Groomlake before everything gets a bit gassy in Neptune’s upper atmosphere. He’s also nearly dying after all that time in stasis and his route is plagued by fiendish puzzles.

What the trailer shows off rather well is how pretty the game is. 2D games in the modern era can now have such extraordinarily detailed environments as the resolutions they’re rendered at skyrocket. Solo dev Christopher Bischoff has spent five years crafting it and those who backed at a beta-receiving level on Kickstarter should be getting keys soon as a preview of the full game, according to this update post.


  1. finnigan says:

    Holy fuck batman,
    Now that is how you do a trailer.

  2. montorsi says:

    Wow, fantastic trailer. I first heard about this game some years ago when the dev posted on a forum rather politely about this game he was working on. The artwork he posted was phenomenal and I’m super happy to see that it’s worked out for him.

  3. tomimt says:

    I’m glad I backed this in KS. Everything about it looked great during the campaign and is looking even more so now that the release is so close.

    • stele says:

      Another KS backer here. So looking forward to this!!!

      • Jekhar says:

        Another one here. Though i avoided most status updates, i wanted to go in as fresh as possible. I backed in on premise and theme alone. ;-)

        • CaidKean says:

          A fourth one here. I had almost forgotten about this title because there’s been so many interesting games recently but I am really looking forward to getting my hands on it! I’m always happy when a Kickstarter project I backed comes to completion!

          • PancakeWizard says:

            #5 here! It’s been nose-to-the-grindstone since the goal was reached from the regular emails I’ve been getting and while I hope it turns out good, I’m really pleased for the guy getting this far.

  4. T.Tarkas says:

    Just downloaded the alpha demo and the intro just screamed Alien I in a disturbing voice all over. Looking forward! Intro is on YT as ‘STASIS Alpha Demo Intro’

    • ratshiat says:

      I’m on the Beta at the moment (Beta KS backer FTW!) and it is mindblowingly good.

  5. Nexus6 says:

    Anyone else getting a Sanitarium vibe from this?

    • Ubik2000 says:

      First thing I thought of! I’ll definitely play this. I’m not a fan of first person horror games, but that’s because I hate jump scares. This sort of thing, all atmosphere and story, I’m all over it.

    • Fontan says:

      Exactly what I thought. Hadn’t heard about this before, but just from looking similar to Sanitarium I’m definitely interested.

  6. jonahcutter says:

    More scifi, body-horror-survival, goodness? Yes.

    Never even heard of this. Thanks

  7. Andy_Panthro says:

    That looks incredible. Kinda Sanitarium-esque.

  8. syllopsium says:

    Blimey, I’m going to disagree here with the trailer etc. It’s nice to see parts of the actual game, and there appears to be precious little of that.

    Waiting on an actual review..

  9. Synesthesia says:

    ooh! I’d forgotten about this one. Definitely getting it, thanks for the heads up.

  10. Deccan says:

    Nice subtle nod to Aliens.

    “‘Subject: Maracheck, John J. Died during the procedure.’ They killed him taking it off”

  11. Frosty Grin says:

    Looks great – but a little too much like Dead Space. Even a little more so, compared to the alpha.

  12. Maxheadroom says:

    Last time RPS covered this I made a very flippant comment about my interest level for Stasis being somewhere between Shroud of the Avatar and Elite Dangerous.

    It wasn’t till Christopher Bischoff replied to my comment himself humbly saying how amazing it was to even be mentioned in the same sentence as Elite that I realised how currish it was of me to compare one unreleased game I hadn’t played, against two other unreleased games I hadn’t played.

    So for that I’d like to apologise.

    Trailer looks awesome by the way. Very reminiscent of System Shock by way of the Giger inspired ‘Dark Seed’ and Ben Croshaws 7 Days a Sceptic

    PS I do realise I’ve just compared it to 3 more games but they all handled atmosphere equally well :)

  13. Cassius Clayman says:

    WELL! Consider my interest piqued and my pants soiled(due to spookiness).

  14. Cooltrane says:

    Looks great. Non-native speaker here, can someone please transcribe what is said around 01:03? Thanks!