Watch Hearthstone Stream Reveal New Cards In 1 Hour

Hearthstone’s latest expansion The Grand Tournament [official site] is just around the corner, with a confirmed release date of some time this month. There isn’t a whole lot of month left, so a livestream tonight will reveal a heap of new cards and probably a release date. Were I a guessing man with a platform to turn that guess into news, I’d bet the coming downtime on Tuesday/Wednesday is patch-day. Watch the stream below live at 6pm Brit-Time, 10am PDT and we’ll update this post with any news that comes to light.

  • Every card from the expansion will be revealed today between the stream and the Facebook page afterwards.
  • There are a number of new tribal cards in the expansion, including Dragons, Pirates and Murlocs.
  • No release date was revealed, that’s me shown. To make another gamble I can’t cash, that would suggest it isn’t next week as they would probably know by now if it was.


  1. Xzi says:

    Eleven days isn’t just around the corner to me, but to each their own I guess. I’m not really sure what the hold up is TBH, all the cards are clearly done being designed and coded in.

    • SuperCoolDude says:

      To farm as much cash as they can with that $50 pre-order deal.

      Whens the release date? Nooobooody knoooows, so you better buy/double-dip on that sale while you can because it could be gone ANY SECOND WITHOUT NOTICE YOU GUYS.

      • Xzi says:

        Pretty stupid of them if true, because most people will have upward of 3000 gold to spend on boosters by the time this expansion slowly rolls around. The more time they give everyone, the less likely it is they’ll need to spend real money to get most of what they want out of TGT.

        • kevsondeck says:

          i really doubt most players have 3000 gold, especially if they add TGT cards to arena a week early like they did for GVG. the average rank is like 16-18, as a whole it’s a pretty casual playerbase.

          • AngoraFish says:

            For what it’s worth, I’ve been doing dailies and hording gold since the expansion announcment and have just cracked 1400.

            But yeah, they can drag the release date out as long as they like so I have enough gold to get a semi-competitive selection on release day, at least for the commons.

          • DiiGiiTAL says:

            Nearly got 5k saved now. I can’t say I’ve made a conscious effort to save it for this expac, I just haven’t really needed to spend it.

  2. OmNomNom says:

    Still not sure how people aren’t a little tired of this game yet. It’s great for a while but so simplistic and money grabbing in surprised it is still so popular.

  3. hennedo says:

    I’m fine with the “simplistic” part. The gameplay is fun and snappy for me. It’s the money part that gets me. There just doesn’t seem to be an end to how much money I’m gonna have to spend to keep playing this game. :(

  4. Premium User Badge

    Ben Barrett says:

    I play it completely for free (bought a single pack in beta for the exclusive card) and have about 17 arena runs stocked and reach rank 5 every season. It’s the freest F2P game I’ve ever seen.

    • AngoraFish says:

      I’m more or less the same, but one would have to acknowledge that the entry level for someone who hasn’t been playing for the last 18 months straight, and collecting gold and cards the entire time, is pretty high. (Not that this gap could now be overcome with any kind of reasonable cash investment – $100 of packs would barely dent the card deficit). The number of gold avatars (500 wins) and Dr Booms (everyone’s favoourite legendary) playing Level 20 (entry rank) is just scary.