Evolve Update Adds New Hunter And New Maps

Fresh out of the Evolve [official site] employment program for shooty dudes and aliens is Turtle Rock Studio’s new Trapper class hunter, a term that in Evolve-speak refers to one of the four characters whose aim it is to slaughter the monster baddie. Meet Jack, a guy who refers to himself as The Jackal and likewise looks like he’s just slipped out from Mad Max casting. It’s some really neat character design.

Jack is available individually or as part of the $24.99 “Hunting Season 2″ season pass, which includes the Assault class Hunter Lennox, one new Monster, and two additional Hunter characters. His expertise is tracking. He uses a hacked survey satellite to locate enemies, duel wields pistols and can stop monsters in their tracks using repulsor gloves.

Also currently available is a free Arena Mode map known as Murder Pits – a kind of Roman-esque fighting stadium made up of a number of challenges. Jail houses will randomly free dangerous wildlife into the pit. Outhouse has players fight to control the high ground. Quarry carves out a tall, narrow enviromnet stacked with rooms. Saloom is made up of a series of rooms surrounding a deadly Tyrant pool. Laughter House contains two chambers that are separated by a wall that can only be opened by the Monster player.

The studio has also announced Hunt 2.0, which is an update to the game’s hunt Mode and improves matchmaking and leaderboards.

You can check out Jack in action below.


  1. Freud says:

    The game was released six months ago and they’re already trying to squeeze money out of people with Season 2 passes.

    Since the game is not even on Steam’s top 100 games, I guess the player base have drawn the reasonable conclusion that the only winning move is to not play.

    • Asurmen says:

      I don’t think the DLC is why it isn’t played, just that it lacked replayability and with a low skill ceiling.

      • welverin says:

        You have that backwards.

        • Asurmen says:

          How so? Enough people still bought it regardless of the DLC. The lack of people still playing it either says no one was buying it on PC and only really on console, or the game didn’t offer enough to keep them coming back.

        • ironhorse says:

          He does not. He was very much on point. Time how long it takes for the so called “monster” to actually *kill* a single human. The Time To Kill is asinine compared to any other FPS, or even L4D…

          Also once you get good with a monster you realize that all that you need to do besides constant hit and run tactics (which are not hard at all) is to strafe > juggle 1-3 keys. The human side isn’t much more either, with frustrating searches at best.

          It’s a very low skill ceiling, and the actual gameplay mechanics get repetitive fast.

    • CaesarNZ says:

      Now and then I try and jump on to find a game.
      Think I can find one? nope.
      I don’t know what their match maker does but it does it very poorly.

    • Xzi says:

      I was about to ask: this game isn’t entirely dead yet? Genuinely surprised.

  2. SMGreer says:

    As someone who really enjoys the game (though admittedly only after picking it up cheap..) I am still pretty turned off by all this. It’s not even the extent of the DLC, it’s the price of it. If a season pass was a tenner instead of twenty, it’d be a bit easier to stomach but when it costs the same price that you paid for the game it can’t help feeling like a rip off.

    A shame as there’s a really great game underneath all this nonsense.

    • MadTinkerer says:

      In one sense it’s a shame, in another sense it sends a loud and clear message to marketing executives (who might not hear the message, but at least it was sent) that thoughtless DLC policies can ruin an otherwise good game.

      My brother has been keeping track of the ever-shrinking Evolve player base and it’s a double shame that the developers are actually fulfilling their content obligations. They’re doing the honorable thing, but the situation is already unwinnable thanks to short-sighted nitwits who thought it was inconceivable that slicing up the game content into so many pieces would be a problem. A less honorable studio or publisher would have pulled the plug on the season passes the minute the player base dwindled that low.

      It’s a real tragedy this happened to Turtle Rock, and I hope they survive it. This should have happened to a crappier company instead. But at least the message was sent.

      • fenghuang says:

        The problem was never the DLC or anything else.
        The problem was the upfront cost of buying the game. If this was the method of delivery in 2005, it could have worked. But its 2015 and people are not willing to pay upfront of $50 for a new unknown game brand with no single-player campaign.
        Had this game approached with a Dota 2 “free and sell only cosmetics” method, the game could be very much alive and kicking in the top 30s in Steam Stats.

        • Ham Solo says:

          I disagree, the day 1 DLC store in combination with the relatively few maps and characters in the release version turned many people, including me, off. The game was advertised plentyful.

          • fenghuang says:

            When you attach a hefty price to a product, people expect more from the product. If the game was free, the reviews would have been better received.

          • KDR_11k says:

            Most of the people who left complained about the gameplay itself, not the DLC which was mostly cosmetic at that point.

  3. ZIGS says:

    I like how they disabled posting on the steam community hub’s forum

    • welverin says:

      No, they haven’t.

      • DeusExMachina says:

        Yes, they did:
        “Only group moderators and officers are allowed to post in this forum.” Go to the discussions forum and you will see. A dickmove and censorship, that’s what it is.

        • RobF says:

          That’s in announcements, not general discussion. General discussion is owners only.

        • Beefenstein says:

          Extremely successful censorship it would’ve been too, if only the entirety of the rest of the internet did not allow you to moan about Evolve to your heart’s content.

          It’s like 1984, but this time there’s a band of people shouting ‘free speech’ when someone isn’t allowed to post pornographic pictures in a nunnery, so we’re saved! Yay, and down with censorship, a word I don’t fully understand but it’s bad!


  4. killias2 says:

    Remember all the complaints about Left 4 Dead 2 and how it was too soon for a sequel and that it was a greedy money grab.

    Boy does that seem like a long, long time ago now.

    • Senethro says:

      Did Turtle Rock make L4D2? (This is not a trick question)

      • Koshelkin says:


        • Distec says:

          Eh, they worked on some of the updates, but L4D2 was pretty much a Valve product.

        • ANeM says:

          No. After L4D1 released Valve started winding down production at “Valve South” aka Turtle Rock. They didn’t like the satellite studio structure, so they gave everyone there the option to move up to Washington, or stop working with Valve. The current incarnation of Turtle Rock are the people who stopped working at Valve.

          L4D2 on the other hand was made mostly by Valve folk who were excited by the L4D project, but got frustrated that they couldn’t make any meaningful contributions since most of the team was thousands of miles away. So they said fuck it and made their own L4D once the studio was once again consolidated in a single location.

  5. Koshelkin says:

    843 24 hour player peak, about 400 average player count the last 30 days, 27,403 all-time peak.
    link to steamcharts.com

    It’s good to see that the absolutely abusive monetization of the game led to this feedback. I didn’t pick it up, even though I was looking forward to it greatly. I was a big fan of L4D, including the sequel.

    L4D2 btw, has a 21,946 24 hour peak and a 161,590 concurrent player peak.
    link to steamcharts.com

    • Aetylus says:

      Yup, 2K has been horrific at milking their customer base… seems they finally went a step too far on this one. The only problem is they’re likely to be a bit more subtle about it in future. I must say RPS’s coverage of Evolve has been odd… they’ve said far less than most about the exploitative commercial model and run a number of features that seemed like infomercials.

  6. WhiteHawke says:

    I love this character! He has one of the coolest personalities in the game yet, and using force powers is a lot of fun.

    • TheAngriestHobo says:

      I dunno. His name is Jack and he insists people call him “The Jackal”. Sounds like a lot of douchey frat boys I’ve met.

      • Beefenstein says:

        I suspect you’re meeting a bunch of clones, or even simply the same douche over and over again.

  7. goettel says:

    I hate Evolve.
    And stairs.

  8. Oridan says:

    His helmet reminds me of the goblins in FFXIV: link to i.imgur.com

  9. Beefenstein says:

    Bold prediction*: this will be Humble-Bundled in 6-12 months with tiers so Turtle Rock make money from the DLC, and the player base will boom.

    (I did not use bold because that pun would be beneath me)